10 Frugal Insights for People Who Use Apps Like Door Dash and Uber Eats

Delivery services such as Door Dash and Uber Eats present a convenient service, albeit high price tag. Added delivery fees, tips, service charges, and over-market prices for food all contribute to increased delivery service prices.

Yet, these services continue rolling out. It seems like every week. A new delivery app asks millions of users to overpay for a service. Recently, a frugal online community warned against individuals using money-grab services like Door Dash or Uber Eats. Here are ten of their opinions.

1. You Save Money Dining In

Delivery services overprice their items to pay drivers, restaurants, and the company. As a result, delivery services continue to increase, regardless of the restaurants or market price.

A former app user shared they compared an Uber Eats receipt to dining at the same restaurant. They paid twice as much for cold delivery than a hot meal, where the bill benefited the restaurant directly.

2. Food is Cold

Most people that drive for delivery services pick up other orders along the way. That means your food sits in a car and gathers dust while the driver collects other orders and makes several stops. Once the driver drops off your food, your food is cold and tastes subpar.

3. Takes Longer to Deliver Than Pick Up

Ordering delivery takes anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. Depending on the driver's location and traffic, you might order your dinner at 7 p.m. and receive the delivery at 9 p.m.

Someone noted their refusal to use delivery services comes down to the time it takes. Calling a restaurant, placing an order, and driving to pick it up wastes less time, money, and effort than delivery services.

4. Driver Stole Food

One of the worst parts of food delivery services is the unpredictability of your driver. An anonymous person drives for x amount of time with a meal.

According to one user, their driver never delivered their food. Another user wrote that their driver sat outside their house, ate most of their food, and then dropped off the remnants.

5. Missing Items

Miscommunication frequently occurs in a kitchen, but when you order delivery, you don't have the chance to ask the waitstaff for your missing fries or to switch out the mayonnaise on your burger for mustard. Many foodies shared their annoyance toward delivery services leaving out items on their order.

6. Wrong Order

Sometimes a driver picks up the incorrect order, like delivering a Philly cheesesteak instead of sushi. Somebody explained they favor Door Dash pick up instead of delivery to double-check their correct order.

7. Food Smelled of Smoke

Since delivery drivers work from their vehicles, the odor of their car sticks to the bag. Whether they douse their car in vanilla air fresheners or chain smoke cigarettes, scents latch onto paper bags.

8. High Fees, Low Pay For Workers

Many individuals in this thread commented that their dislike for delivery service doubles as a moral issue. They know that the high fees go directly to the companies that overwork laborers for little pay.

9. Only Option Due to Disability

Someone commented that they would prefer not to use delivery services due to high costs, but they have a disability, and this is the only accessible and reliable way they can eat.

10. Doesn't Support Local Restaurants

The best way to support a local restaurant is dining in or taking out through the restaurant directly. Delivery services are third-party sources that give the company most of the money back. Dining in or ordering from the restaurant pays the workers, puts money back into the restaurant, and helps small businesses stay open.

This thread inspired this post.

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