10 Handy Tools and Gadgets People Love, That Save Money and Reduce Waste

Vuk Jovanovic

Tools that aren't just handy and cheap but they also save money by reducing waste are available to everyone is a win-win situation. People would never guess how small things could change and make everyday life easier.

1. Mayo Knife and Rubber Spatula

The first user explained how a small and handy tool like the mayo knife and rubber spatula makes their lives easier. They cost nothing and greatly help with baking and reducing waste; having the power to empty the jar of Nutella is a gift.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Another handy tool that saves money and protects the environment is the reusable water bottle. Reusable bottles reduce waste by avoiding their plastic counterparts.

3. Empty Metal Coffee Cans

Is there any need to throw away the empty metal coffee cans when they can be used for practical purposes? The third user claimed that they present a great way to store and compose kitchen scraps and leftovers. As they pointed out, their almost air-tight lids make the smell of any leftovers completely bearable.

4. Vacuum Sealer

Managing and storing food is essential; according to many users, a great handy and cheap tool is the vacuum sealer. It helps make food last longer, which automatically makes fewer leftovers and waste. Besides that, one wrote: “it also can be used to reseal snack bags to keep the goods crunchy and fresh.”

5. Compost Bin

One of the best ways to reduce food waste to a minimum, according to one individual. They shared their experience by explaining how the compost bin helps reduce methane emissions by reducing food waste, creating rich soil for the garden, and saving much money from fertilizer.

6. Instant-Pot and Air-Fryer

The energy-efficient tools make the work in the kitchen easier ten times. Preparing fast meals without the need to cock and fry something for hours is a big money saver, according to many people in the thread. They save money and time and are an excellent tool for reducing food leftovers, as food preparation is simpler.

7. High Sierra Showerhead

Saving money and reducing the amount of water is excellent for the environment and also the bills. Someone suggested that the High Sierra showerhead presents one of the best tools for reducing the bill and waste of water. The reduction of spent water equals up to 40%.

8. Oil Bottle Spout

The size of this tool is small, but its effect on reducing oil waste is enormous. Buying them gives the option to have a nice and clean pour of oil every time, reducing the oil waste and, of course, the money spent for buying it. One person also noted that after the bottle empties, the spout is removable and reusable for the next.

9. Reusable Coffee Filter

Great and handy tool for all coffee lovers. One user wrote that the eco-friendly filters could help by saving money and reducing waste.

10. Smart Power Strip

A final user shared their thoughts about the smart power strip explaining how they save money by lowering the electricity bill. In addition, the handy tool automatically turns off devices that aren't in use.


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