10 Hidden Money-Saving Hacks That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

As costs of gone up, many of us are looking for ways to save money. It can be challenging to find things that save money. Eating at home, cutting the cable, and driving less are things we may already be doing, but here is a list of some surprising ways to save money. Some of these you may have never heard about. 

1. Drinking Lots of Water

drink more water
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Not only is drinking lots of water suitable for your health, but it also reduces your bills. Before going anywhere, drink a glass of water or more. It can help you feel less hungry when going to the grocery store. You will only need to eat a little at restaurants and can take home leftovers. 

2. Taking Fewer Showers

fewer showers
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Did you know that showers can take up one-fifth of your water consumption? Most people need to think about how long showers can cost them. Fewer showers and shorter ones can help save you money. Turning off the shower when soaping up or using shampoo can help reduce your water bills.

3. Turn Off Your Powerstrip

power strip
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If you are not using something, unplug it, but better yet, turn off the powerstrip. Many things get plugged into power strips, like TVs, wifi, and other electronics. If you go to bed at night and do not need those turn off that powerstrip to save money. If you aren't using it, make it easy by turning it all off. 

4. Use Youtube For Fitness

youtube fitness
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Do you like to exercise? Do you want to save money on exercise? Youtube has made it easy to do those things for free. Many fitness people online have fitness videos for men, women, pregnant women, and even postpartum women. These videos are free and can help you get into shape without going to a gym. 

5. Use The Library For Books

The library
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Reading is a great thing to help you learn, but the hard part is that books can be costly. The public library has plenty of books for free. All you need is a library card, and you can start checking out books. If you need the internet, the library also has the internet for free for specific time limits.

6. Share Netflix With a Friend or Relative

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Do you love to stream TV and movies? Netflix is not the cheapest option, but you can always share with friends and relatives to reduce the price of streaming. You may like two or three streaming options. You can find a whole bunch of people and share the cost. It makes streaming affordable. 

7. Take Your Own Coffee or Drink on The Go

travel coffee
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Save on coffee and drinks and take them with you. Coffee and drinks can be pricey when you go out. If you brew your coffee or have a water bottle, you can save by taking these drinks with you. Aeropress is also a unique gift for coffee lovers who like to make coffee on the go.

8. Get Your Haircut For Free

Cutting own hair
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Haircuts can cost a lot of money. Cut your hair for free, or find a beauty school near you. Many hair schools offer cuts for discounts or free cuts because they need to practice. Plus, if you are willing to learn how to cut your hair, that will save you time and money in the long run. 

9. Eating Less Meat

fruits and vegetables
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Meat can be costly. Vegan people often save a lot of money by not buying meat products. All you would buy would be vegetables, fruit, and grain products. That can save you a good bit of money and help reduce fat levels. 

10. Asking Other People At Restaurants For Leftovers

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This one is bizarre, but leftovers are great for saving money on your next meal. Suppose you are at a restaurant and see others who do not want their leftovers; you can offer to take them. A free next meal is a great way to save money. Also, take a leftover dish with you wherever you may go. You never know if you are at an event that gives away leftovers. 

11. Fun Things With Friends For Free

Fun things to do with friends

Instead of always going out with friends, find some free things to do with friends instead. You can have a board game night at home. The friends can be invited over for a potluck dinner. There could be events in the park like a movie, concert, or other things you could attend. There are so many things you can do that are free, so there is no need to spend money while with friends. 

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