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It Takes Two to FIRE

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Welcome to It Takes Two to FIRE. This interview series has been developed in collaboration with my friend Cristian Ferrier from the Financial Alien.

Both of us are quite excited about this opportunity to learn from FIRE couples and see how their journey has been as they have tried to achieve their FIRE lifestyle.

If you are new to FIRE, it stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. In 2008, around the financial crisis, a new trend started to pop up. It was a trend about retiring early and being financially independent.

To learn more about the FIRE movement in general, head over to this article: Retire Early and Experience Freedom by Reaching Financial Independence.

This interview series is going to go and explore the ins and outs of people's FIRE journey. We are focusing on couples and see how they have achieved or working towards their own FIRE journey while working as a team.

It is going to involve learning some of their tips and tricks, plus there are many different ways to achieve FIRE. Personal finance is personal and so we are able to learn from various types of ways to achieve our dreams.

We will learn their strategies, tips and secrets to achieving these milestones in their life. There will be things that work and some that do not. So come and join us, learn from these couples and let's be a part of this new series.

Whether you are a couple at the beginning of your journey or have already achieved FIRE, we know you will find great valuable information that will help you and get you closer to your final goal.

Series Information

Interviews will be conducted on an ongoing basis, with new interviews being published bi-weekly on Wednesdays. This page, along with this one from Financial Alien, will serve as the series main hubs.

Here you will find all information about the interview series, answers to common questions, and of course, links to the interviews themselves.


  • How to be part of the series?
    • To take part in the It Takes Two To FIRE series, you can reach us using the Contact form or directly messaging us on Twitter.
  • Are there any requirements?
    • To participate, you need to be a couple (not necessarily married) who is actively working or has already reached FIRE.
  • What if we are working towards FI but not RE? Can we still participate?
    • Yes. You don’t necessarily need to be planning to retire early to participate. Your knowledge and experience working towards FI are still applicable for this interview.

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Steve and Sarah (The Frugal Expat)

  • Published: 6/8/2021
  • Age: 34 & 33

As Expats living in Taiwan, they save close to 60% of their income to travel and save for financial independence.

Cristian & Elizabeth (Financial Alien)

  • Published: 6/2/2021
  • Age: 34 & 33

Cristian and Elizabeth 5 years ago were in $80,000 worth of debt, and now they have changed it around to having a net worth of $600,000. 

Check out how this couple has learned about FIRE and changed their life. 

Scarlett & J (ThirtyEight Investing)

  • Published: 6/21/2021
  • Age: 26 & 28

Scarlett & J are two people in their 20s working hard to hit financial independence. Their hope is to hit by the age of 38.

Dan & Partner (Bear Money)

  • Published: 6/30/2021
  • Age: 30 & 28

Dan is an Irish ex-pat living in Canada with his Canadian partner. 

They are making some progress with their goals. He and his partner are a great example of people coming together on similar goals. As we plan for our FIRE lifestyle you need to remember that these goals and plans need to be communicated with your partner.

Mr. and Mrs. Dreamer (Vibrant Dreamer)

  • Published: 7/23/2021
  • Age: 

Mr. and Mrs. Dreamer, a couple in their mid-30s who started their dreaming journey over a decade ago in Iraq.

Learn this couple’s journey, who immigrated to Canada in 2010 to start from zero and are now on the path to retire early in their mid-40s. And they are doing it all on one income!

Clint and Lesley Murphy

  • Published: 7/28/2021
  • Age: 

Clint and Lesley Murphy from Vancouver. Clint hosts the Pursuit of Learning Podcast, and his wife Leslie is the integral part that pushed this couple towards FIRE. 

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