June Net Worth: Summer is here and hot

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June 2020 Net Worth update: 72,120.72

It is that time of the month that I look at my Net Worth. Looking at spending, incomes, and any side hustles I was working, it seems like Mrs. FE and myself did pretty well this month. 

This month, I was able to make a little bit of extra income doing some teaching for a Financial Course. It was a lot of hard work, but in the end the students walked away with some knowledge and ideas on how to tackle the financial world.

A Little Vacation

In the month of June, Mrs. FE and myself took a little vacation. Shockingly, we took a trip in this big Covid-19 pandemic world. Thankfully, we live in Taiwan, which is probably one of the safest places in all of the world. We only had 447 cases of Covid-19, and people are living life as if there was no world pandemic. I guess you can say we are quite lucky.

For this vacation, we had a holiday in Taiwan, which was the Dragon Boat Festival. So I came into work the Saturday before to give ourselves the opportunity to have a longer weekend. Then we took two annual leave days for Monday and Tuesday, so we took off from June 25-June 30th. 

We went down south to Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Xiao Liu Qiu for some snorkeling, adventuring, and eating some great food. It was a great time, and we kept our budget low by camping, staying with friends, and borrowing a friend’s scooter. We could have been cheaper, but we spent some money seeing some cool sights, and eating food.

Side Hustling Income

It looks like I made an extra $100 for my side hustle of teaching that financial class , and we also gained another $200 from doing some tutoring.

This month we did spend $330 on our six day vacation, which is not so bad at all. It has been a great month of June, but it is starting to get hot.

Net Worth Breakdown

Our new Net Worth is $72,120.72. We have increased the Net Worth by $3,184.85. Not so bad. Even with the stock market going up and down constantly. It is always fun to watch and hope. As I have seen some dips, I have increased some of my holdings into VXUS. 

This month was also the month that Vanguard gave its quarterly dividends to the shareholders. So VXUS got around $25, and VTI got about $221. Not so bad at gaining wealth. 

Let’s Break Everything down.

Here is the breakdown of the month:

Cash Savings: ($216.88)

This month we added some cash from tutoring and my side hustle of a financial class. We were able to get paid once again.(it happens every month). We did some good saving, but also took a vacation down to the southern part of Taiwan for a six day adventure. That cost us some extra money, but not bad on the month.

Brokerage: ($2,217.14)

The market has been quite volatile these last couple of months. As soon as fear comes the market goes down. With optimism of some new stimulus checks the market is back up. I feel this will be a monthly occurrence until a vaccine is here. We shall see the stocks go up and down. Good news this month it has been up and we got some dividends.

Roth IRA: ($67.29)

The Roth IRA is slowly but surely going back up. With dividends it will grow slowly. If I lived in the States, I could contribute much more. As an expat, that is not possible since I do not make enough money. For now, I will take what I can get.

Liabilities ($514.05)

We did not use our credit cards that much this month. Our expenditures dropped by $683.54. That is pretty awesome.

Around this time of the year, we would have a bit more due to prepping and booking accommodations for our trip in August, but due to Covid-19 we will not be traveling outside of Taiwan in August. It will be more of a week or two traveling around the country.

Some Cool Highlights

Mrs. FE started to track how much per meal we were spending on food. For the month of June we spent around $1.40 per meal per person. Yes, we are killing it. I was pretty excited about that as well. We also brought in $4,350 for the month in income. So not a bad month at all.

If you have ever thought about tracking your net worth let me know. It is exciting and motivating to see how you progress towards your goals. 

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