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Left hand itching

It is incredible to hear what people do about different superstitions. One interesting superstition is that you would receive money if you're left hand itching. People pick a penny with heads up because it gives good luck. In Taiwan, people knock on the doors of hotel rooms before entering to ward off ghosts. 

Money superstitions are a strange thing to think about. Many cultures and people have their superstitions going from rubbing a lucky rabbit's foot to giving out red envelopes with money in them. 

When researching some of these, I still found that the left hand itching and right-hand itching was a different and unique superstition I had not heard of before, but I want to dive deep into it and where the thoughts came from. 

Does My Left Hand Itching Tell Me Something About Money?

Suppose you have heard of this superstition, then you may know how this affects money. If your left hand is itching, that could mean that money is coming to you or other people like Budgetsaresexy, J. Money refers to the right hand as lucky. 

In 2010, Mary Shammas from Brooklyn had a massive itch on her left hand. She rushed out to buy a lottery ticket with her favorite numbers. She had heard that it was a sign of good luck. 

She spent $5, hoping that the itch would at least be worth $10, but soon she found out that she had won a 64 million dollar jackpot. 

If you believe in superstitions like the left or right-hand itching, this could be something you may do. It could be a weird coincidence, but that lady won $64 million. 

What about the Right Hand itching?

What does that mean about right hand itching? According to the superstition, if your right hand itches, you will be giving out money. 

Different cultures, like the Hindu culture of India, find the right hand to be the more prosperous hand; therefore, if it itches, you will receive great riches. If you are a woman in the Hindu culture, then it is the Left hand that gives you the money. A man, on the other hand, would be the right hand. 

As many of these superstitions are passed down, they are passed down by word of mouth to other people. 

Believing in such superstitions does take away from sound financial planning and success. It is said, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Suppose you are looking for signs that money will come to you, instead start looking at a way to prepare a budget, save money, and invest your money. Making these things happen will enhance your chances of money coming to you. Staying out of debt will improve the chances of cash not leaving your pocket. 

Mary Shammas talked about going out, trying her luck again at Atlantic City, and playing the lottery even more. 

You cannot expect to buy a lottery ticket because itchiness causes money to come into your life. There can be numerous reasons why your palms are itchy. 

Why Are Palms Itchy?

Palms can get itchy, much like the rest of our bodies. We may see that superstitions like left hand itching and right hand itching mean that we will gain or lose money, but there are medical reasons we may have itchy palms. 

According to Medical News Today, there are six likely reasons you have itchy palms:

  • Eczema
  • Allergic reactions
  • Diabetes
  • Reactions to Medicine
  • Cirrhosis
  • Nerve Disorders

Itchiness can come from all different things. If you live in a tropical environment full of mosquitoes or bugs that bite, you could also have itchy hands. 

For those that believe in superstition, that can be one part of it, but there are many scientific reasons why your skin could be itchy besides the possibility of money coming to you or leaving you. 

7 Other Money Superstitions

There are so many more money superstitions around the world. Here are just a couple more to add to the list of the left hand itching. 

1. Get a Money Tree

The legend of the money tree is much like any of these great stories. Back in ancient China, a poor farmer prayed to the gods for wealth and found a beautiful tree growing the next day. He decided to cultivate and sell it, making him one of the wealthiest people. 

Truthfully, the money tree was created by a Taiwanese farmer in 1986 when he took some smaller trees and intertwined them into a pot. It has become trendy in Asia. 

The money tree represents wealth, good luck, and Feng Shui. So if your father or other parents claims that “money doesn't grow on trees,”… it does on the money tree. 

2. Bird Pooping On You

If a bird poops no you, do not think it is a bad luck omen. The Russians believe that it is a good luck symbol that you will have money coming to you. 

They see it as the odds that a bird poops on you. Thankfully for me, the last time a bird pooped on me, I was wearing a hat. Does that mean I will have good luck? Who knows? I thought it was good luck to wear a hat that day. 

3. Pick Up Pennies

You may know the famous phrase, “See a penny, pick it up … all day long, you'll have good luck!”

People have speculated that it is good luck to pick up face-up pennies. It has been my experience that finding a penny on the ground is good luck to me. So I pick up all pennies I see on the floor. 

If you believe in the face-up penny, leave the face-down pennies for others. People also claim that face-down pennies cause bad luck. 

4. Don't Put Your Purse on The Floor.

There is a great Chinese saying, “A purse on the floor is money out the door.”

They say this because if you put your purse on the floor, you disregard your money, credit cards, and financial awareness. 

As you think about it, they want people to take care of their things. The floor can be dirty, a place where germs are collected. It is much cleaner to allow your bag or purse to be in your lap or hanging up. 

Keep things clean and in order, and do not put that purse or bag on the floor. 

5. Cash In Your Hand on New Year

Some Latino cultures say if you have money in your hand when the clock hits the new year, then the next year will be full of money. 

This superstition is a new one that I had not heard of, but if it works, then I guess you try it out. As for me, working hard, saving, and investing are my tools for financial success. 

6. Pocket Money Spider

The superstition is that if a spider crawls into your pocket, you will have luck and money. 

Those of you with phobias of spiders may want to avoid this one. Yes, we may all be lucky if a spider crawled out of our pocket and did not bite us in the process. 

7. Black Eyed Beans, Collard Greens, and Pigs Fat On New Year

A millionaire once told me, “If you eat black eyed beans, collared greens, and pigs fat on New Years Day, then the new year will be full of change, green money, and fat on your back.”

Even wealthy people have their superstitions. Eating certain foods will bring them wealth. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you are looking for some luck with money, it is best to go with some financial basics. There is a story of Mary Shammas winning the lottery after feeling her left hand itching, but that does not mean that the superstition is true. If your left hand itching is causing you discomfort, seek out some medical help to get to the bottom of it. 

If you want to succeed with money, remember to make a budget, invest in simple index funds, stay out of debt, and save your money. Saving and investing can be powerful tools to bring you wealth. 

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