10 Lifestyle Changes To Save Significant Money in the UK

Zobia Shazi

Saving money is a universal goal that many people strive for, regardless of where they live. In the U.K., one can make various lifestyle changes to help save significant money. So we took to a platform to hear directly from people who've adjusted their daily routines and are reaping the financial benefits.

1. Job Search for Better Pay

The first user mentioned that they are actively searching for a job that pays more, as they don't expect their current company to match inflation in its pay cycle next April. Therefore, they feel it's their responsibility to find a new job offering better pay.

2. Efficient Meal Planning on a Budget

To economize, another individual revealed their attempt to scrutinize their meals and adopt a more efficient approach to shopping.

Although they already have a meal plan, they are now trying to incorporate cheaper, in-season vegetables and fillers like beans and lentils into their cooking. They are also buying more oversized bags of vegetables that can be used for multiple meals throughout the week.

3. Small Meal Hack for Dining Out

According to one savvy spender, they save money on eating out by eating a small meal at home before going out. It allows them to order a starter or side dish and drink tap water while feeling full. Although their family and friends may think they are cheap, this method has proven effective.

4. Strategic Shopping for Savings

A frugal user divulged that a simple shift in their weekly shopping venue significantly impacted their financial status, resulting in weekly savings of approximately $7 to $15.

By taking the time to compare prices between different stores and being strategic about where they buy their groceries, they were able to significantly cut down on their expenses without sacrificing the quality of their purchases.

5. Efficient Heating Tactics

A Londoner stopped using the radiator in their living room in the evenings and started lighting their fire instead. They learned to light the fire more efficiently, using less kindling and lasting longer. Additionally, they mentioned putting their wet laundry in the room while the fire is on to dry it more quickly.

6. Saying Goodbye to Takeaways

A thrifty Brit decided to break up with their beloved takeaways. With a heavy heart, they bid farewell to the convenience of door-to-door delivery, knowing it would end their monthly spending of $120.

7. Cost-Saving Blanket Strategy

Additionally, they have been frugal with their heating by using a heated blanket and other methods, which has resulted in a profit on their energy and a $70 refund from the government. Despite these changes, the user reports feeling happy with their lifestyle adjustments.

Another disclosed that they procured a heated under-blanket as a novel tactic to economize their expenses. They use it instead of putting the heating on before going to sleep.

The under-blanket costs about 5p to heat for an hour, which they do right before bed, then turn off when they sleep. This change has allegedly resulted in significant savings for them.

8. Moving to Save Money

Another individual imparted that they managed to curtail their expenses by relocating from Oxfordshire to Wales, a distance of 150 miles. Formerly, they dwelt with their ex in a tiny two-bedroom abode in Banbury, which set them back by $1000 each month and still caused them financial difficulties.

However, they now luxuriate in a three-bedroom domicile with a garden and stunning vistas in South Wales, which costs them a mere $720. They possess it entirely, enabling them to amass more significant savings.

9. Dehumidifier for Quicker Drying

Somebody shared that they purchased a low-power dehumidifier to reduce the time clothes take to dry on the clothes horse without keeping the heating on. They also mentioned that the heating is more effective when it's on, and using the dehumidifier helps.

10. Secondhand Coffee Machine for Savings

Finally, one confessed to purchasing a used coffee machine off the Facebook marketplace for only $25. They explained that this allowed them and their partner to stop paying $5 for coffee at a local cafe. They could save much money over time by making their coffee at home.

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  1. Sometimes the appetizers are all you need at a restaurant. My favourite item on the Montana’s menu is the antojitos. They are plenty filling for a light meal.

    • One way I also like to save money is going to eat with a bunch of friends and picking a couple of appetizers to share. You can have a taste of everything and it can be much cheaper.


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