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Here is every single Net Worth that I have done since May of 2020. It was time to put my goals on paper, and this Net Worth statement is a way to see my progress towards Financial Independence.

If you are wondering why I am doing this, well that is a great question.

  1.  It holds me accountable.
  2.  It keeps me motivated every single month. I want to reach my FI number, and it is better to see the numbers in action.
  3.  It reminds me of where I was and how far I have come to reach my financial goals.

I highly encourage others to try to and track their Net Worth's as well. It is great to see how you are doing financially, and it can help you reach your goals much quicker.

There are serveral ways to track it. You could use a net worth spreadsheet, which I use as a method. I update it manually just to check on things, and where I can improve.

There is also Personal Capital. It is a free software that allows you to connect accounts and help you track your spendings and investments as well. It is a great tool to use for tracking spending and investments over time.

How to Calculate Net Worth

How do you calculate a Net Worth? Simply  take your Assets and minus your Liabilities from them.

Basically the Assets are anything that is worth something like a house, cash, stock portfolio.

Then the Liablities are things that cost money every month such as mortage debt, credit card debt, car loans, etc…

You can include and exclude what ever you want.

Once you are done with your net worth, you can even figure out your liquid net worth as well.

We have cash, a stock portfolio, and have bit of credit card expenditures. Everything is quite simple for us, but you too can keep track of your Net Worth.

Here is a list of all of our  Net Worth posts:

2021 Net Worth:

2020 Net Worth:

  • December 2020: $155,800 (+$10,050)
  • November 2020: $145, 830 (+$17,094) The Market Soared
  • October 2020: $128,736 (+$535) The Market is down.
  • Septmber 2020: $128,201 (+$33,298) My Wife's Super added.
  • August 2020: $94,903 (+$14,180) Market up, plus bonuses from work
  • July 2020: $80,723.16  (+$9,070.98) The Market is up.
  • June 2020: $72,120.72 (+$3,184.85)
  • May 2020: $68,935.87 (+$5650.92) first time posting online

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