10 Best Examples of Spending Money To Save Money in Australia

Dolores Quintana

How do you get ahead in life? Generally, the best way to start doing that is to get ahead of problems before they happen. For example, spending money to save money can be painful at first but undoubtedly can give you huge benefits in the long run.

Australian users on a widely known internet forum have some advice. They wanted to help others who might not have learned some of life's lessons the hard way, to spare them the pain.

1. Skip Starbucks

Who doesn't love a good Starbucks coffee drink and a nice pastry or breakfast sandwich to go with it? Stopping by the coffee chain can be a soothing ritual, but it can become costly if repeated daily.

One average order at Starbucks can range from $10.00 to $15.00. So the first suggestion in the forum was to buy a home espresso machine to cut down on the money spent at coffee shops but not sacrifice the quality of the coffee you drink.

A thrifty coffee lover said, “We got a Breville Barista Express to make coffee at home last year, and I think it's probably already paid for itself. Cost $650 but well worth it.”

2. Educate, Graduate

This idea might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed how many people still need to attend higher education as a cost-saving measure.

This user admitted, “I have done several courses that have increased pay and opportunity while decreasing fatigue and hours worked.” In addition, classes and other forms of education led to teaching jobs and more satisfying work.

3. Deliver Your Own Pizza To Your Mouth

But doesn't my regular oven work for making pizza? Yes, it does, but pizza ovens make you a pizza that tastes like the one you can order from the best pizzeria in town because they are much hotter than a regular oven.

A pizza oven gives your homemade pizza the crispiest crust without burning the toppings. Our friend in the forum said, “my Ooni pizza oven has baked 250 pizzas in 18 months. Cost me $1000 plus ingredients, but I have probably saved about $8k we would have spent on pizzerias.”

4. Print In 3-D

3-D printing technology is relatively new, and the advantages might be obscure. Still, as an astute person noted in this forum, “I have lost track of the number of spare parts/replacement parts I've printed using it.

Fixed the aircon ducting clips that can't be bought, new net holders for the trampoline, and replacement clip for the center console for the car. ” It only cost them $300 for an inexpensive 3-D printer, but they said that the printer has “Easily paid for itself many times over.”

5. Buy Clothing Built To Last

These days so-called fast fashion makes the most sense, or does it? While fashionable items might be cheap, they don't last as long as classic, more durable clothing.

One commenter gave a top-notch suggestion stating with brevity, “Buying clothing with the idea of it lasting 5+ years.” Several other like-minded people agreed this was the way to go, and you avoid the constant need to buy new clothes after cheap clothing has quickly given up the ghost.

6. A Bicycle Built for Savings

How can fresh air and exercise save you cash after an initial investment? The answer is to buy yourself a bike and commute to work differently. With gas prices skyrocketing and horrible traffic returning to the streets and highways, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a sturdy bike for your work commute.

A biking enthusiast in the forum said they traded in a bicycle from the 1980s for an e-bike and saved between $8 to $10 each workday. They reckoned that the e-bike, powered by an electric motor and safer than regular bicycles in traffic, paid for itself in about a year.

7. Prepay And Save

Paying a more significant amount upfront is an action that can seem intimidating or impossible, but if you can manage it, paying upfront can lead to saving lots of money.

A savings fan stated, “Prepay everything – insurance, subscriptions, etc. You'll either lock in today's price or get a discount for doing so. Painful initially but beneficial long term.”

8. Pass by the Gas Station

Costco is a warehouse store with many benefits, but one of the most incredible benefits of a Costco membership, besides the food court, is its cheap gas. For $60 a year, a Costco membership entitles you to fuel up at the store's gas tanks.

The Costco member said the store's gas is generally .20 to .25 cents less than your average low-priced station and estimated that the savings would pay for the membership in a few months.

9. Treat Your Feet

Like the phenomena of fast fashion, cheap shoes have taken over most of the market, but take note that a more expensive pair can save you money over the years, keep your feet more comfortable, and avoid physical problems in the future.

For example, a mindful person said, “My good shoes cost a few hundred but last for years and don't give me foot pain requiring podiatrist visits.”

10. Save Your Teeth

When your dentist advises avoiding painful and expensive dental procedures in the future, it pays to listen. For example, a commenter with a great smile noted, “High-quality electric toothbrush and RX fluoride toothpaste—a couple of hundred bucks a year.

Saved my teeth, saves thousands of dollars in dental bills. I went from constant painful dental issues to Nothing but routine cleanings and x-rays.”

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