12 Things Frugal People Spend More To Save More Money On


It's always great to save money in the long run. Especially now, with financial times being challenging and more uncertain for many. Sometimes purchasing more products or costlier items can, in fact, save you money. From everyday home purchases to footwear, here are some purchases to save money.

1. LED Lights

LED bulbs, instead of incandescent bulbs, save money on two fronts. A few people listed this as essential. First, like many large appliances, they are more energy efficient and consume less electricity. Second, they last longer. So you save money over time since you will purchase fewer LED lightbulbs during your life.

One user even recommended U.S. residents check if their local utility has “energy efficiency boxes” that might include these cost-effective bulbs.

2. Insulation

Another vital money saver that does cost is home insulation. One user pointed out that a home they showed interest in had no insulation. Though only 700 square feet, the electric bill during summer rises to around 200 dollars.

Insulation prevents cold air from leaving in the summer, ensuring the air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard or run so long. It also prevents heat from escaping during arctic winter months.

3. Toyota

Money savers can be a car too. And for that, Toyota is popular. One user bragged that his 2003 Toyota lasted ten years and had 300k miles. What did they do at that point? They purchased a 2004 model of the same car. It's best to stick with what works.

Additionally, they sold their 2003 Toyota for 4500 dollars. Since they only paid 7k when they purchased it ten years ago, Toyota sounds like a brand that never expires.

4. Dash and Rear Camera

Cameras for your car can be a lifesaver. A user pointed out that they paid 100 dollars for a dash and rear camera. After getting rear-ended a few years prior, they forwarded the footage to the police. The 6k in damages came from the other driver's insurance.

Though one person pointed out drivers who hit the back of cars get blamed, the recording accessory is still essential. Another individual got rear-ended, but the other driver took off. With no camera, they cannot track down the driver.

5. Footwear

Footwear can save money in the long run. Someone pointed out they alternate between their two pairs of Hoka running shoes, allowing each a break so the foam can “bounce back to shape.” Someone else has a pair of waterproof snow boots that's lasted twenty years.

A painful pair of shoes cost you as you keep replacing them, and depending on your job, poor footwear can lead to physical aches that end up with you at the doctor's office facing a hefty bill.

6. Mattress

Again this comes down to paying for quality to avoid future health issues. “Sleep is so important,” one user stresses. Sleep affects physical health, but also mental health and overall energy.

I can attest that when I had a painful mattress and constantly woke up with a sore neck and back, describing me as cranky would be an understatement. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for a mattress that is environmentally friendly and satisfies your needs.

7. Electric Toothbrush

Another product that helps avoid later expenses is an electric toothbrush. A few users suggest investing in this. But one user recommends the Sonic toothbrush, stating it “can last a lifetime.” Though, as one user notes, “you can't fix genetics,” taking steps to save money by not having to be a new brush constantly and staving off a larger bill is a win-win.

8. Reusable Containers

Most people store their food in Ziploc bags or aluminum foil. That's where reusable containers save the day. Food and spices are more secure in these containers. They come in various materials, including silicone, glass, and bamboo. Not only do you save money, but you cut down on environmental wastes like plastic. One user raved, “I love my glass set.”

9. Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealer helps food last longer, a couple of users explained. One user states it works with cheeses and meats, even cookie dough. You portion out what you'll use and seal the rest. With this, you can buy meats in bulk because you no longer have to worry about freezer burn. So now you don't have to fret when you find that meat hidden in the corner of your freezer.

10. Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

In summer, depending on where you live, heat can climb to dangerous levels. That is moreso the case now as temperatures rise everywhere. So air conditioners are essential to keep cool and avoid heatstroke. But an energy-efficient A/C can prevent a hefty electricity bill.

One user paid $800 more for one. That investment lowered their electricity consumption by 40%, saving them $500 over their last summer. So during the next summer, their new A/C will have paid for itself.

11. Healthy Foods

Though other factors do play a role, eating a balanced meal with quality foods is another lifesaver as well as a cost saver. If you can, buying healthier foods prevents future health problems. As one commenter says, it “saves on medical bills and improves the quality of life.”

12. Water Filter

Few people drink water from the tap anymore. Oftentimes, unfiltered tap water can be unsafe. So many opt for purchasing bottled water in bulk. A way around this is using a water filter attached to your faucet, like Brita, to filter the water. I use a Brita pitcher and haven't purchased bottled water for the home in years.

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