9 Things Society Considers to be Bad But Really Isn’t

Steve Cummings

Things Society Considers to be Bad

Society creates rules and regulations on how people should live, but only some things we do are as bad as it seems. There are many things that society may deem incorrect, wrong, or even taboo, and we should correct ourselves. These items are better than they seem. 

1. Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is okay; choosing not to learn from them is a mistake people may make. We learn from our mistakes and strive to get better. Society should allow us to make mistakes and get better from them. 

2. Admitting You Don't Know Something.

“I'm a gen X and I have always been under the mantra if I don't know the answer I will find it.” -anonymous-

Many people fear that they may not know something and could make a mistake or fail. It has been seen in the workplace, where some people are expected to know all. It is okay only to know some things if you can go and find the answer. 

3. Failing

“Trying is the first step towards failure” – Homer Simpson.

Trying is the best thing to do to learn something. You must try to learn from your actions. So do not let the naysayers put doubt in if you fail. Try, try, and try again.

4. Having Disagreements.

Totally normal to disagree with people. It's even more normal to disagree with your friends and remain friends. Disagreements help create good communication, learn various viewpoints, and enhance a relationship. People do not want to live in an echo chamber. It is better to learn from others. 

5. Doing Things Alone

“Enjoying a meal on my own time, people watching, reading while I eat. That's part of why I enjoy Paris; they seem to embrace this mentality more than in the U.S.,” said an anonymous poster. 

Doing things alone is cool. It shows independence, and sometimes people need alone time. It is good for the soul and learning from doing things by yourself. 

6. Politicians Changing Their Minds When Presented With New Information.

Most people accept that we live in a quickly changing world where new information always becomes available. We all hold a small computer in the palm of our hand. The world constantly evolves, so we should expect our leaders to grow. We should expect our leaders to have different opinions and thoughts than they did 5, 10, or even 20 years ago.

7. Admitting You Were Wrong

It is hard to admit you are wrong, but sometimes new information is available to us; therefore, we can see that we made a mistake or were wrong. Many of us must let our pride go and admit it and move on. It is not harmful to realize you are wrong. It takes a stronger person to admit they were wrong instead of holding on to something for too long.

8. Sticking Around Through Hard Times

“A problem that is fixable should be worked on because it might lead to something truly good.” by an anonymous poster. Hard times can test our limits. If something is fixable, work hard to make it work, and the good will come out afterward. Those that quit too early may miss out on something special.

9. Not Working 24/7 or Participating in the “Hustle Culture”

The only thing that matters is what you do with the time you're working. People can be successful by working their 9-5 job. You do not have to be hustling all the time to show pure success. So work hard at what you can and make the most out of it. 

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