15 Amazing Things to do in Bolivia in 2023!

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Flamingos in Laguna Colorada

Bolivia is a landlocked nation that offers travelers exceptional travel experiences despite its harsh exterior. Although the variety of choices can be overwhelming, those seeking genuine adventure will appreciate the variety. 

Bolivia is the ideal location for mixing adventure with a culture boost since, in addition to its outrageous antics, it has world-class natural treasures, like otherworldly rock formations, vast salt flats, desolate desert plains, and uncommon wildlife sightings.

Let's list some of the amazing things to do in Bolivia in 2023. 

Some interesting things to do in Bolivia

Get to know what you can enjoy in this landlocked yet amazing destination. 

1. Taking the Cable Car in La Paz

Let us tell you that taking the cable car in La Paz is among the greatest things to do in Bolivia. The capital's metro system, known as Mi Teleférico, is ideal for a city that is not only very tall but also has a lot of hills. 

The incredibly innovative system initially only had three lines, but there are six running at most times, while there may be even more depending on the time you visit.

2. Bike Down the World’s Most Dangerous Road.

Death Road
credit: Steve Cummings

The famous “Camino de la Muerte,” sometimes called the Death Road or the world’s most hazardous road, is one of Bolivia's most visited tourist destinations. 

Riding a mountain bike down is the greatest way to experience this insane trip. Mountain biking down the Death Road is something that several tour companies offer. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you must include this activity on your list.

3. Experience Bolivia’s Beauty at the World’s Largest Salt Flat

Bolivian Salt Flats
credit: Steve Cummings

The Salar de Uyuni is undoubtedly among Bolivia's best-known locations and is a breathtaking sight. Go on a trip and see the salt flats, deserts, and lagoons nearby. 

Take your camera so you can capture some incredible reflection and perspective shots. You'll also have the chance to admire Laguna Colorado's breathtaking scenery and flamingo population.

4. Explore Bolivia’s Dinosaur Park.

The small Parque Nacional Torotoro is jam-packed with exhilarating experiences. You can touch the tracks showing where the large dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period roamed 145 million years ago. Torotoro, a village fully obsessed with dinosaurs, offers excursions to the largest dinosaur footprint locations in the park that are open to visitors of all ages. 

Take advantage of the ancient scenery and explore more, from Ciudad de Itas' towering views and sunlight-drenched rock cathedral to the perilous mirador perched over Caon de Torotoro's depths. Visit the close-by Huayra Kasa to explore the extremely damp and deep Caverna de Umajalanta. 

5. Visit Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, which spans the border between Bolivia and Peru, is home to around 530 aquatic species, including the rare giant frog. It is also rich in ancient Inca settlements and underwater ruins. Freshly caught smoked trout served with ripe papaya juice is a local delicacy. 

Isla Del Sol is accessible by boat, and you may enjoy the tranquil island lifestyle and watch the sunrise there. With marked trails that take you to sacred ruins in some of the island's most secluded areas, getting around this gorgeous island couldn't be simpler.

6. Mountain Trek in the Andes

You can find some of the world's most spectacular peaks in the Andean mountain range, including Mount Aconcagua, the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the Seven Summits. Yet, you don't have to be extremely fit to climb some of the peaks that tower over 5,000 meters. No matter how inexperienced you are as a hiker, there is a mountain for you. 

Huayna Potosi is among the most popular climbs because of its simple accessibility and seductive 6,000-meter height. Illimani's striking contour is seen in the distance from La Paz and is equally enticing to climb.

7. Go Underground in Potosí.

Although Potosi is one of the highest towns in the nation at 4,090 meters above sea level, the real draw of this area, abundant in natural resources, is what may be found beneath. Thanks to the silver mines, which are mined using a series of hydraulic mills propelled by a complex network of aqueducts and artificial lakes. The industry has played a significant role in Potosí since the 16th century. 

Visitors can take a guided tour down into the running mines to understand the procedure and interact with the miners.

8. See Flamingos in Laguna Colorada Bolivia

Flamingos in Laguna Colorada
credit: Depositphotos

Laguna Colorada, popularly called the Red Lagoon, is another enthralling natural landmark that needs to be explored while traveling in Bolivia. 

Three different species of flamingo reside in the wetland close to the Chilean border; they are drawn to the plankton in the lake that gives it its distinctive color. This is one of the most memorable sites to visit in Bolivia because of the surreal terrain. 

9. Wander Around Museo del Tesoro

Meaning “Treasure Museum,” this unusual museum in Sucre is ideal if the weather turns bad. The Museo del Tesoro is a massive collection of Bolivian metals and precious stones housed in one of the city's oldest mansions. There are regions specifically devoted to mining, jewelry, architecture, and geology; there is even a place where you can buy high-end jewelry. 

If you're looking for a stunning gift, it's one of Bolivia's coolest places to visit.

10. Get a Downhill Adrenaline Rush in Sorata.

The Jacha Avalancha Internacional is an annual downhill bike race in Sorata, Peru, beneath the snow-capped mountain Illampu. It attracts fearless cyclists worldwide to this peaceful, forested valley town each October for a tense weekend of gravity-defying, mud-covered adrenaline. By tackling Bolivia's top off-road riding tracks, you can feel the rush for yourself. 

More experienced cyclists can ride the Loma Loma, Eden, and Chilquani trails. Still, the road-heavy Camino Millipaya is becoming increasingly well-liked as a more beginner-friendly – some may even say rational – way to get a rush while admiring the beauty as nearby towns pass by. The Gruta de San Pedro, a cave at the base of a route with the same name, is Soraya's crowning achievement. Here, you can paddle your way around the underground lagoon while exploring the depths of this mysterious cave. 

11. Visit the UNESCO Jesuit Missions

Six of the ten missions that the Jesuits constructed in the Santa Cruz area in the 16th century were designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites in the 1990s, making them some of Bolivia's most fascinating historical sites. 

Several companies provide excursions to these significant sites in Bolivia, which exhibit a stunning fusion of New and Old-World architectural styles. These missions' artwork and architecture provide an intriguing example of the diverse cultural influences that currently make up Bolivia.

12. Explore the Cerro Rico Mine

Cerro Rico Mine
credit: depositphotos

Because of the Cerro Rico silver mine, Potosi was once one of the biggest and richest cities in the western hemisphere. Although the colonial richness and elegance of the city have somewhat diminished now, seeing Potosi's still-operating mine is an exciting chance to get a firsthand look at this significant aspect of Bolivia's history and economy. 

Many Bolivians skip this tourist attraction, but those who do gain a sober perspective of the struggles people face daily there.

13. Go Caving in Uma Jalanta

Toro Toro National Park is a small yet fantastic park located about four hours outside of Cochabamba. There is a lot to see and do inside the park, but the Uma Jalanta cavern—a sizable cave you may explore—is one of the best features. 

You will be given a headlamp and helmet when you arrive, and park rangers will act as your guides. There are numerous stalactites and stalagmites along the path inside, and some blind fish deep in the cavern.

14. Visit the Moon

valley of the moon la paz
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One of Bolivia's best day trips, again from La Paz, is to Valle De La Luna for some hiking and photography, which is less famous than cycling the Death Road. The landscape of Valle De La Luna, or Valley of the Moon in English, is incredibly surreal and features astonishing sandstone spires and rock formations. 

This beautiful area is a great place to wander and has 2 marked trails that take you to good lookout points. It was formed by erosion in an arid area.

15. Visit Bolivia’s Coffee Country.

The center of Bolivia's coffee country, Caranavi, is a little town with a big city vibe. The best outdoor activities in the area, such as hiking, swimming, ziplining, and rafting, are enjoyed by visitors. Little, family-run “cafe tables” scramble up the hillsides, and the numerous coffee shops in the town have open doors that emit the aroma of roasting and brewing coffee. 

One of the most genuine tours available is offered by Café Aventura, a coffee establishment in the peaceful southwest corner of the plaza. Visitors to rural farms get a chance to help with bean harvesting and processing. 


Bolivia is a beautiful place to visit on vacation. Enjoy the greatest things there in the amazing destination. Those mentioned above are the top things you can enjoy there. So remember to add these to your list. 

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