16 Fantastic Things to Do in Limassol, Cyprus on Your Trip

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Limassol Cyprus

Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus (after the capital, Nicosia), with a population of 185,000. It's popular with tourists every year, with some staying there and others just popping in for a day trip.

It hosts several events throughout the year, the most popular being the wine event in August. However, one of the best things to do is to turn up, wander about, get lost in the old town, and find a Greek taverna to enjoy food in and watch the world go by.

Let’s look at some fantastic things you do during your time here.

1. Walk Down The Promenade

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The promenade, known as the Molos, is a great place to walk, especially in the evening after a nice meal. There is plenty of seating to sit down and watch the world go by, and if you have kids, there is plenty for them to do along the promenade.

Over the years, the promenade has improved and has been designed for people to take in the views and look at the ever-growing skyline of Limassol. From here, it's easy to reach the beaches, restaurants, and bars along the front, which can become very popular during the evenings. It's one of the best promenades in Europe, with separate bike and walking lanes and piers.

2. Limassol Castle

Kyrenia Cyprus
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Limassol Castle can be found in the city center and is just behind the Old Port. Inside is an archaeological museum full of interesting artifacts offering superb city views from the battlements.

The entrance fee is only 4 euros, making it an excellent frugal activity.

Inside, it's not that big. But children will love exploring it, and history fans will enjoy reading about the castle's history and what happened there.

Expect to spend between 45 minutes and an hour here.

3. Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum

If you are a petrolhead, you must visit the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum, which has a fantastic collection of classic cars.

The museum has a mix of everyday cars and some you will likely never have seen. The owners and staff are always on hand to answer any questions you might have or to tell you stories about certain cars.

The entrance fee is well worth it; you even get a free drink when you enter. The museum is moving premises soon to a larger space.

Overall, it's an excellent way to spend a few hours out of the sun or when it's raining outside. And the kids will love it as well.

4. Malcolm Cat Sanctuary

Malcolm Cat Sanctuary is home to around 160 cats. Most have found themselves here through no fault but usually, because their owners cannot afford the medical bills or have left the island.

Donations are very much appreciated as the food bills and upkeep add up. You can also take your food to give to the cats; just make sure you throw it around and spread it out, or it may cause the cats to fight.

You might think it's weird that we added this to the list, but it has become some people's favorite place to visit in the city. The cats love the visitors, and the staff are also very helpful in telling you about the cats—some even know most of them by name.

5. Limassol Zoo

This won’t be the best zoo you will ever visit, but it's on our list because it's in the city center and costs just 5 euros to enter, which we think is an absolute bargain.

Highlights here are the flamingos, playful meerkats, and white pelicans. It is somewhere that the whole family will enjoy without breaking the bank, and it's an excellent way to entertain the kids for a few hours.

6. The Old Port and Limassol Marina

Limassol, Cyprus
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If you love boats, head to The Old Port and Limassol Marina. You can easily walk between the two and notice how different they are. The Old Town Port is where the local fishermen keep their boats and has a lovely rustic charm. Boat trips are also available from here, and it's an excellent place to watch the boats going in and out.

On the other side is Limassol Marina, where the money is. This was rebuilt in 2014, and it houses all the superyachts, luxury villas, and fancy apartments.

7. Fasouri Watermania Water Park

Fasouri Watermania Water Park is an excellent place for the whole family. Even young children aged 2-8 can enjoy attractions suited to their age, as there's an entire section dedicated to the more minor children. 

There are clean facilities, plenty of sunbeds with shades, friendly staff, and a good selection of reasonably priced food and drinks. And you won’t find long queues! The kids will have fun rides, and adults can relax and enjoy the day.

The best time to arrive is when the park opens at 10 a.m., so find a nice shady spot and enjoy a full day of fun. It’s a great place to create wonderful memories.

8. Kolossi Castle

Kolossi Castle
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Kolossi Castle is a beautiful and well-preserved medieval fortress in Cyprus. The castle is not very large but offers an engaging visit of about 30 to 45 minutes. Information boards around the site provide insights into its past, including its origins in the remains of an earlier castle destroyed by Arab invaders.

It is located in lovely surroundings with extensive grounds where visitors can explore what it might have been like to have lived there hundreds of years ago.

It's a frugally €2.50, which seems to be the theme of many of Cyprus's historic sites.

With a large free car park nearby and an affordable entry fee, Kolossi Castle is an excellent stop for travelers through Cyprus. 

9. MyMall Limassol

Sometimes, you just need a break from the heat (the AC here is lovely) and some retail therapy. If that is the case, head over to MyMall. It's a modern shopping center with many famous fashion brands, including Zara and Sports Direct. You will even find a Marks and Spencer here, a nice surprise for UK residents. (Cyprus was under British rule until the 1960s).

The basement is the perfect place to keep the kids entertained, as there's ice skating, bowling, a game room, and a 6D cinema. If you are hungry, head up to the top floor, where an extensive food court has plenty of choices to suit everyone.

Getting here is easy as plenty of buses run regularly.

10. Explore Limassol Old Town

Limassol Old Town
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We love a good old town at the Frugal Expat, and Limassol will not disappoint you. It's precisely what you would expect, with narrow streets from the harbor full of architecture, monuments, the old market, and traditional shops.

It's a nice place to spend the afternoon as plenty of lively cafes, bars, and restaurants are popular with visitors and locals.

After walking around the old town, we recommend you check out the marina we discussed earlier.

11. Limassol Agora

Limassol Agora is a fantastic destination in the center of Limassol. It offers an excellent atmosphere, delicious food, and a variety of activities. It’s perfect for families, featuring a fantastic play area, a great rooftop bar, and the fun Kesh Club.

As Cyprus' most enormous indoor food hall, Limassol AGORA has 35 spacious shops and attracts around 100,000 monthly visitors. 

Opened in early 2020, Agora brings Cyprus's history back to life by combining traditional culture with modern food, entertainment, and shopping.

Most people come here for the food, with Tylixto being one of the most popular places. It serves up a mix of Greek and Cypriot cuisine after you’ve had some food, head to Beer Guru's beer bar to wash it all down, as they usually have over 50 beers on tap!

12. Pissouri Village & Bay

Pissouri Village & Bay
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Pissouri Village is located just outside Limassol and is a great place to head if you want to escape the crowds and visit a different part of Limassol. The main Pissouri village is about 3 kilometers from the sea on the Cape Aspro ridge and about 500 feet above sea level. The stretch is a gorgeous spot where the waves softly lap up against a pebbled and sandy shoreline, partly cradled by the rocky cliffs that drop down to the sea, making the whole setting the perfect place for an Instagram picture. 

There are plenty of taverns, coffee shops, entertainment facilities, several chapels, and an imposing, historical Gothic church. The area is quite popular with locals and tourists in the summer, but there’s always a quiet spot to be found, and the crowds don’t even come close to what you would come across in the main areas of Limassol.

13. Wine Tasting at Zambartas Winery

Wine Tasting
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Cyprus is known for its amazing-tasting wine, with Zambartas Winery being one of the best. The wines are excellent, and the accompanying bites, such as the meat and cheese board, are a treat.

The winery also stands out for its corporate social responsibility efforts in Cyprus, making it a worthwhile visit beyond just the tasting.

The setting, often on a lovely terrace (weather permitting), adds to the experience, history, and passion of the family behind the winery. You may choose a quick tasting or a more extended session.

14. Take A Boat Trip

Woman sailing in boat
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There are many options for taking a boat trip from Limassol Old Harbour. You could walk down and see what's on offer or book online. We recommend walking down, where you can see all the different boats and pick the one that best suits your needs.

There are options for private trips for just you and your friends, which will cost quite a bit. Or you can jump on one of the larger boats, which offer everything from a half-day to a full-day adventure. These usually include a few stops where you can get out and swim in lagoons in crystal clear seas and have BBQ or another food option.

15. Join A Walking Tour

sunset walk
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One of the best things to do in Limassol is to take a walking tour of the city. Limassol is a big place with many different areas to explore, and it's easy to miss things if you're unfamiliar with the city.

A local tour is the best way to explore, learn about the best attractions, and get to know the different areas. Local guides provide the best information and experience.

A whole host of walking tours are available in different languages. Some last an hour, and others last a lot longer. Find one that suits you!

16. Relax On The Beach

beautiful beaches
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Relaxing on the beach is one of the best things to do in Cyprus, and Limassol offers some great options. The city beaches stretch all along Limassol, providing plenty of places to chill out with a book.

These well-maintained, clean beaches are easy to access. They have dark sandy beaches and warm, clear water. Locals often refer to the beaches by nearby landmarks, like Debenhams Beach.

Armonia Beach is one of the best. Its lovely beachfront cafe is the perfect place to get an iced coffee when you need a break from the heat.

If you want a busier beach with more atmosphere, head to Colombia Beach. It is a bar and a beach area where you can rent a lounger by the pool. It also serves some delicious food.

Final Thoughts

Limassol is worth putting on your list of the best places to visit in Cyprus; it's a good mix of old and new Cyprus.

Please let us know in the comments below if we have missed anything from your list that you think we should add.

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