From Castles to Cafes: A Tour of the 16 Best Things to do in Prague

Steve Cummings

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, and we suggest you visit it at least once in a lifetime. Its elegance will transport you to the Middle Ages, its stunning architecture will leave you speechless, and its cuisine will leave you drooling over the flavors of the Old Continent. It is a year-round destination with warm summers and chilly winters. We have combined the names of the most interesting things to do in Prague.

16 Best things to do in Prague

For a vacation, all of us love exploring destinations worth the money. Prague is undoubtedly one of them. Here is a list of the best things in Prague you will never regret experiencing!

1.    Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle
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Prague Castle is a beautiful tourist spot that you should not miss exploring. It serves as a significant symbol of the Czech Republic. The castle, one of the biggest complexes in the world, consists of historical palaces, offices, churches, fortification buildings, gardens, and beautiful places. The viewpoint of Prague Castle is the most astonishing in the world. You can visit the St. Vitus church, the Basilica of St. George, and Golden Lane with a single entrance fee.

2.   Soak up the Vibes on the Charles Bridge.

The 650-year-old Charles Bridge may be one of Prague's most recognizable sights. Take in the beautiful and spectacular views of the Vltava river on both sides and stroll down the cobblestones while admiring the baroque statues and armies of buckets. You will see the stall sellers of Caricature artists, photographs, and jewelry showing and selling their products to tourists streaming past.

3.   Explore St. Vitus Cathedral

Admire the beautiful view of St. Cathedral Castle, located on the grounds of Prague castle, from around the city. Explore the tomb of St John of Nepomunk, the glorious Chapel of St Wenceslas, and the marvelous art nouveau stained glass. It is known as the pearl of Gothic architecture because it is designed in Gothic and neo-Gothic styles. As the resting place of numerous patron saints and archbishops, it is of great religious significance and immense worldly importance.

4.   Tour David Černý's Public Artworks

David Ern is the undisputed king of controversial modern sculpture in Prague. The artist is arguably best known for his creation Entropa, a massive sculpture that shows EU countries as crude clichés (such as France on strike and Romania as a Dracula theme park), but which is no longer on exhibit after sparking a little bit of controversy. On the other hand, many of the artist's other pieces are scattered around Prague's streets and, to make consequences even better, can be viewed for free.

5.   Watch a Puppet Show

The locals of Prague are in love with puppets. Twenty specialized puppet shops in the city, 30 puppet makers, and a puppet museum prove it. Puppets were first used as entertainment at royal feasts and festivities in the 12th century when the Czechs first became fascinated with them. Prague's National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbl & Hurvinek, both of which present well-liked productions, are the ideal sites to catch a puppet show.

6.   Visit Old Town Tower Bridge for the Best Views.

Old Town Bridge Tower.001
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If you love Prague and want to see the whole of it, visit the old town tower bridge. The iconic bridge was constructed under the rule of Emperor Charles IV. The Old Town Bridge Tower, situated at the entrance to Old Town from Charles Bridge, features 138 stairs leading up to the viewing gallery above the Old Town Square. Look up to the extraordinary views of the Vltava River and the Old Town.

7.   Experience the Prague Segway Tour.

A Segway tour of Prague is the best way to explore the city in the shortest period. The 2-hour tour starts with a brief introduction to the electric Segway before departing from Central Prague to experience medieval Prague Old Town, which includes the Old Town Square and Small Town Square from picture books, the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and more.

8.   Climb Petřín Hill for Fantastic City Views.

Petrin Hill
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Petn Hill is one of Prague's best-known playgrounds. Take advantage of the Hunger Wall, a structure built in 1362 that gets its name from the claim that it was built not for strategic value but rather as a means of providing income to Prague's starving population following a famine. Come for the woodland walkways, blooming rose gardens, and stunning views of the city below. If you have a valid one- or three-day travel pass, you can use the 19th-century funicular to travel up and down Petn for free. It is a part of the public transportation system.

9.   Try Traditional Czech Cuisine.

The King on the menu is Port Knuckle which you must take advantage of. Skip your breakfast and appreciate the tastes and aromas of delectable and filling Czech cuisine. Other famous local foods you should try if you are a foodie are Beef Steak Tartare, Kulajda, Wiener Sausages, Gulash and Dumplings, and Svickova. Various fine-dining restaurants reimagine traditional Czech dishes into exquisite dishes that are difficult to remember.

10. Capture a Picture in Front of the Lennon Wall.

Lennon Wall
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Lennon Wall is one of Prague's more interesting attractions. Just after John Lennon's murder in 1980, a picture of him was painted on the wall next to the French Embassy. Since then, the area has been covered in graffiti with Beatles-related themes. The wall was a popular place for Prague's youth to express their complaints against the government even though the city was still under communist administration.

The officials tried to clean the wall and repaint it before giving up. Until 2019, it was used to call for action on climate change and racial unrest. Graffiti is now prohibited, and there are CCTV cameras and police officers on patrol. However, as it is now recognized as an outdoor gallery, a visit is still worthwhile.

11. Gaze at the Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is another popular thing to do in Prague. The two clock faces are not just elaborately lovely and full of symbolism but also fonts of information. They include information such as the current moon phase, the time (where the golden hand and Roman numerals meet), the day and month of the year, the zodiac sign, the hours of sunset and sunrise, and much more. Visit in between the showtimes to explore it closely.

12. Have a World-Famous Beer

The Czechs are famous for having the best beer. Famous Czech lagers like Budvar, Pilsner Urquell, and Staropramen are available in the city's vast bars, along with craft brews from the best microbreweries in the country.

The majority of Czech beers are light beers made with freshly selected hops. If you are an authentic beer lover, visiting Prague Beer Museum will be the most interesting thing to do for you. of the best parts is that the beer costs like two Euros a pint.

13. Walk the Backstreets of Mala Strana.

Wander around the baroque backstreets of Mala Strana across the river from the Old Town. Baroque Square, located in the center, offers small shops, traditional Czech pubs, and eateries to enjoy good food with river views. On top of the Renaissance mansions, their Protestant ancestors had built, Catholic clerics and noblemen built the streets in the 17th and 18th centuries.

14. Learn the Communist History in Prague.

If you are interested in learning about Prague and Czechoslovakia's history during the Communist era, several walking tours are offered to Prague museums. Some common ways are exploring the Museum of Communism, Prague Communism, and Nuclear Bunker tour and visiting The KGB Museum.

15. Engage Yourself in Prague Nightlife.

There is a lot to do at night in Prague. Many live music venues may offer a fun evening of entertainment in Prague, a well-known city for its jazz and classical music. Stroll down the waterfront to get to JazzDock, where some of the best local jazz musicians perform. The Cross Club is, in every sense, an industrial nightclub for serious clubbers. The interior is a must-see collection of devices, shafts, and cranks, many of which move in time to the music and are situated in an industrial atmosphere.

16. Take a Cruise on the Vltava

It is an incomparable experience to view Prague from the Vltava river, which offers a different vantage point from which to view the city's numerous historical structures and landmarks. According to the time of day you choose to embark, cruises within the city are reasonably priced and frequently include lunch or dinner.

To ensure that you have enough time on board to escape the bustle of Prague's city center and enjoy the peace of some of the Vltava river's more tranquil riverbanks, choose a cruise with a duration of two hours or more. It is among the things to do and experience you will always remember.

Final Thoughts

Still trying to sort out where to go? We tell you will never regret visiting Prague! Its beauty, exquisiteness, cuisine, interesting things to do, and tourist destination will never fail to amaze you. Not so expensive and easier to travel, it is an extraordinary place to go. If you want to know some great travel tips, check this out!

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