15 Best Travel Tips That Aren’t on Every List

Gabby Reeder

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Traveling lists overlap. Frequent travelers know to arrive in a foreign country with a slight comprehension of the language, a handful of local currency, a safeguard for personal belongings to avoid pickpocketing, and how to navigate or avoid debt and international fees.

What about those bonus tips surface-level lists don't include? We combed through a discussion in a popular travel forum to discuss these noteworthy travel tips.

1. Charcoal Pills

When I visited Peru in 2018, my friend ate a dish that did not agree with her stomach. Charcoal pills would have subdued many of her food poisoning symptoms. Instead, she suffered a week-long bout of food poisoning.

2. Compression Socks

Compression socks benefit anyone on a long flight, circulating blood flow and preventing clots and pain. Compression socks last up to six months.

3. Post on Social Media After the Trip

I know the excitement of throwing up some new photos on Instagram for your friends and family to revel in your picturesque vacation. However, living in the moment lets you experience more. Thinking of a caption and editing a portrait to perfection takes away from the holiday and causes unneeded and unwanted stress.

4. Bring a Reusable Bag

Reusable bags are great for grocery stores and carrying around souvenirs. Instead of lugging around heavy plastic bags, cut down on waste and bring a cute reusable tote.

5. Waterproof Bandaids

Injuries are unpredictable. My friend stepped on a glass bottle on a beach in Greece, while my dad did the same thing in Tennessee. Of course, bandaids won't fix injuries requiring stitches; the adhesive provides temporary relief.

6. Be Mindful of Photos

Everyone who visits Niagara Falls has a picture of Niagara Falls. The monstrous waterfalls are delightful to witness in person, and capturing the mist spewing off the top of the natural landmark through a lens is pleasing, yet everyone has that picture.

Your mom, your grandma, and your favorite stock photography company. One user said being mindful of photos saves time and energy and lets them explore more attractions.

7. Data Roaming

Don't forget about data roaming for those who use their phones in other countries. While traveling internationally, toggle data roaming on to access the internet and other phone functions. If you leave data roaming off, you won't have access to calls, the internet, or texts.

8. Bring a Backup Phone

A few travelers say bringing a backup phone is the best travel hack. One uses an older phone to take photos; another suggests carrying a backup phone in case of theft or loss.

9. eSim Cards

eSim cards let phone carriers operate a cellular device in a foreign country. You don't need to buy a physical sim card, and eSim cards work with two numbers simultaneously.

10. Tide Pods or Laundry Detergent

This tip isn't for laundry but rather for reducing odor in lodging. I did not have access to a washer during a London trip last year, and my shoes evoked a noxious odor.

To combat the stench disturbing others in my Airbnb, I bought a few tide pods from a local store. I placed one tide pod in each shoe, and the smell decreased within 24 hours.

11. Vaseline and Chapstick

Are you prone to dry skin? If so, bring some vaseline or chapstick on your flight. Rub it on your lips, nose, and mouth during the flight and before landing. Trust me.

12. Alter Your Sleep Schedule Before the Trip

Jetlag is no joke. Time changes won't hit until you've spent a few hours in a different country, but to avoid whiplash, adjust your sleep schedule to the new time zone if you can.

13. No Tourist Traps

Here's a controversial tip. Avoid tourist trap destinations. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world. Do you know what else it is? Overcrowded and unenjoyable.

Tourists crossed the mandatory safety barrier and cartwheeled near the canyon's edge while others held their children over the gate, replicating The Lion King. Tourists swarmed every inch of the pathway, and the heat didn't help. Many users advised against visiting tourist traps. They aren't worth the hype!

14. Loose Schedule

Traveling requires an equal amount of patience and curiosity. Planning every minute of an adventure makes you miss out on great experiences. Write a tentative schedule, but don't be afraid to stray from the plans.

15. Don't Be Afraid To Rest

This tactic is one I struggle with. When visiting a new place, you have limited time and an endless to-do list, but undergoing an itinerary while exhausted isn't enjoyable. Make sure you have at least a few hours or a day to decompress and reset.

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