Month: September 2023

12 Night Jobs That Pay Well and Won’t Make You Want to Scream

Steve Cummings

Night jobs have a bad reputation for being low-paying and unfulfilling. They are considered tiring, exhausting, and thankless. Even some ...

Aerial cityscape with Medieval Old Town, St. Olaf Baptist Church and Tallinn City Wall in the morning, Tallinn, Estonia

The 16 Cheapest Cities in Europe to Visit for Frugal Travelers!

Steve Cummings

Traveling to Europe is usually more expensive for frugal travelers. The cities have higher costs than those countries in South ...

These are The 10 Best US Cities to Retire in 2023 

Steve Cummings

Are you looking for the perfect place to retire? You're not alone. Millions of Americans are planning their retirement, and ...

14 of the Biggest Wastes of Money According to an Online Forum

Steve Cummings

People all around the world waste money. It happens to us, maybe we have buyer’s remorse on an item, but ...


The 10 Most Livable Cities in the U.S. That Will Change Your Life (For the Better!)

Steve Cummings

Do you know where the happiest people in America live? It's not in New York City or Los Angeles. It's ...


SPY vs VOO: Which S&P 500 ETF is The Better Buy.

Steve Cummings

Where is a good place to put my money? People may be asking. What is a good investment strategy? Usually, ...

10 Seemingly Expensive Purchases That Are Actually the Smart Frugal Options in the Long Run

Maya Capasso

Making a big purchase is anxiety-inducing, especially if you're not sure it's worth the investment. A user on a popular ...

Excited beautiful girl wearing dress and sunglasses

10 Helpful Tricks to Ditch the Guilt While Investing in Yourself

Louisa Eunice

You’ve heard the phrase “invest in yourself” a lot. After all, we all want to do and own things that ...

10 Jobs People Have Completely Romanticized but Honestly Suck

Ben Rice

Investing years and thousands of dollars into a career is arguably life's biggest decision, influencing much of what follows. However, ...

Geneva, Switzerland

Discover the Top 15 Safest Countries in the World

Steve Cummings

A safer world is a priority for many people, such as travelers, those with families, and all sorts of others. ...

12 Common Scams People Keep Falling For

Steve Cummings

Scams are not new – from the dawn of time, criminals have been looking for new ways to take advantage ...

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