16 Items We Splurge on While Financially Struggling

Stephanie Allen

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Many people have experienced a time when they were financially strapped. During these times, they typically adjust their budgets to make sure they have enough money to pay for basics and necessities. Despite the good intentions for budgeting, giving in to the temptation to splurge often happens. 

In some instances, the purchase is justifiable; in other cases, it's something nice to have but not necessary for survival. Spending money on niceties like these when they're least affordable is more common than people may realize. 

1. Shoes

Man buying shoes
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There's a big difference between buying bargain shoes and quality footwear. A bargain pair of shoes may be easier on the wallet, but subpar quality, fit, and longevity make them a bad deal. 

High-quality footwear has an improved fit, and its durability is much improved over cheaper shoes. Purchasing well-made shoes is a worthwhile investment in oneself.  

2. Handbags

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Just like purchasing quality shoes is a wise investment, the same goes for handbags. Buying an inexpensive handbag is accessible to save money, but the quality isn't there.

Purses take a beating, especially for those with active lifestyles. Having a more expensive purse often means the quality is superior to its lesser-priced counterparts and shows less wear and tear over time.

If you are strapped for cash, it is better to hold off on buying handbags in the first place. It will be better to start buying them once you can more financially stable.

3. Jeans

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Not all denim jeans are made equal. Some jeans made by fast-fashion companies receive positive reviews from buyers, while others swear by jeans that cost more than $100 a pair. 

While it's a matter of personal preference, some more expensive jean labels make clothing that fits like a glove and lasts for a long time without showing signs of wear and tear. Clothing like this is worth splurging on.

4. Underclothes 

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If you wear something under your clothes nearly around the clock, it should at least be comfortable. Underclothes from a big-box discount retailer may serve their purpose, but they can't compete with those from more upscale retailers.

Ask a woman who's purchased a bra from a discount store and then purchased one from a department store. The feel and durability are like night and day. Quality underclothes are something people should feel free to buy. 

5. Outerwear  

Woman wearing Winter Coat
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Few things in life generate a sense of instant regret than having a winter coat, gloves, scarf, and hat that are inadequate for freezing temperatures. Wearing quality winter gear is not only a matter of comfort; it's also a matter of personal safety.

Exposure to the cold without the proper outerwear can make a person vulnerable to frostbite and hypothermia. Cheaper outerwear typically doesn't provide the proper insulation, but higher-quality winter gear offers more protection. 

If you are going to splurge on outerwear, make sure that it is something that is made for quality. You do not want to end up continuing to spend money on more winter coats.

6. Cosmetics 

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Cosmetics are sold at different price points, targeting specific buyers and budgets. There are dollar store cosmetics, popular brands sold in drugstores and supermarkets, and luxury ones. 

Buying higher-end cosmetics makes sense for several reasons. They're generally less harsh on the skin, more effective, last longer, and have more accurate coloring. These attributes are especially important for people with sensitive skin. 

7. Professional Nails 

nails done
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Getting one's nails done professionally feels and looks great. While professional nail care isn't a life or death necessity, it still holds a lot of appeal for various reasons, like boosting mood, self-image, and self-confidence. 

Spending money on professional nail care may seem like the most frivolous purchase, but the benefits it provides to individuals are worth the money. It serves as a ray of positivity during difficult times. 

If you are thinking about how to save on your nails, then have a bit of a party at your house. Invite your lady friends over and do a nail party. You can then learn how to do nails and save at the same time.

8. Cell Phones

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If you know someone who complains about being broke but carries the newest iPhone while carrying a smartphone from four years ago, you're not alone. It's a fairly common phenomenon.

On the surface, it seems strange that people in a financial bind have the newest phones. However, they likely received those new phones through a promotion or upgrade from their wireless carrier and are making small monthly payments on their latest devices.

It may be better to find some used iPhones on Facebook marketplace or somewhere else. It will help save on the costs.

9. Cable Television and Streaming

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The average consumer doesn't relish the high cost of cable television. Subscribing to streaming services was intended to cut the cord, but those costs are also rapidly increasing. For those who are already struggling, this situation isn't helpful. 

Consumers of cable television and streaming services may fume at the price they pay to watch their favorite programs, but are they willing to give them up altogether? It's a tough choice, but who wants to sit and stare at a blank screen?

If you are strapped for cash, it may be wise to share an account or make a deal with a relative or friend to help save on these costs.   

10. High-Speed Internet

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High-speed internet service is like cable television: consumers love it but hate the monthly bill. Users find it indispensable for working from home, gaming, and streaming. 

High-speed internet service may not be a utility like water, heat, and electricity, but it's close. Try going without it for a few hours, and it's plain to see why people willingly pay for this expense, even when money is tight.

11. Cookware 

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Making meals with inexpensive pots and pans is a lot like rolling the dice. You never know what the outcome will be. Cheaper cookware is often made with low-grade materials, which can lead to uneven heating or even burning of food. 

Using high-quality cookware makes all the difference in the world regarding meal preparation. High-end cookware lasts longer, cooks more evenly, and is more durable. It's a worthwhile investment that pays off for years to come. 

If you splurge just once on the cookware, you may be saving a ton in the long run. Quality always beats quantity.

12. Kitchen Knives

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If owning good kitchen cookware is an investment, so are premium kitchen knives. Cheaper kitchen knives dull faster and fall apart more quickly because they're made from lesser-quality materials.

A premium set of kitchen knives cuts food better, stays sharper longer, and is less likely to fall apart the way bargain knives are prone to do. Good kitchen knives are worth buying, no matter how much or little money you have.

13. Pillows 

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A good night's sleep dramatically depends on the mattress, but it also depends on the quality of the pillows. Inexpensive foam pillows start as a full, comfortable size but quickly become flat and essentially useless.

Conversely, more expensive pillows contour to the shape of the user's head and neck, improving sleep quality. Sleep impacts every element of the day and night, so this is a forgivable expenditure.

14. Coffee 

woman buying coffee in Starbucks
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Grabbing a coffee before starting the workday has become a regular part of many workers' daily routines. They may have a coffee maker at home, but there's something about a barista making their coffee that's an irresistible siren call. 

A coffee from a favorite shop or restaurant isn't necessary, but it feels like one. It's a much-desired jolt of energy and helps drinkers face the day, but preparing it at home amounts to considerable savings. 

If you are looking for a barista style coffee without the price, make an investment in a good expresso machine. Expresso machine makers like Breville, sell great machines that will grind your coffee, make the expresso, and have a milk frother. These may be an investment, but it can save you big in the long run.

15. Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate
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Comfort foods give people a sense of well-being and even nostalgia for a happier life. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, especially when you're struggling with financial difficulties. 

Chocolate ranges from convenience store candy bars to bakery cakes to gourmet candy. It's not a dietary staple required for daily living but a sweet indulgence.

16. Fast Food 

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Fast food is just that: fast food. It's also relatively cheap, easily accessible, and tastes good, which explains why fast-food restaurants are popular and profitable. 

Going out for expensive meals is a bad option when you're financially struggling, and cooking at home takes time, so buying fast food is a happy medium for some consumers, but the costs can add up.  

Splurging While On a Budget

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Many of these items are splurges that many people may make while on a budget. People indulge in things like coffee or a nice meal, but it can be hard to justify the price as we become cash-strapped. So either you cut the items from your budget or adjust to making barista coffee at home.

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