Discover the Top 11 Budget-Friendly Countries in Asia for Frugal Travelers!

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Bali, Indonesia

People often try to save money as they travel when looking for places to visit. That means they can travel longer and have their money go farther in lower-cost destinations. Asia has many different sites and locations that offer affordable travel opportunities. 

1. Malaysia

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With an average price of $25 a day, you can travel to Malaysia and enjoy most of the great things. Famous for the beautiful beaches, hiking, fishing villages, and many national parks, there is just so much to do in Malaysia, and you can travel there cheaper than in Thailand. Take a trip to this modern affordable South East Asian country of Malaysia. 

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest countries on this list, offering so much to everyone. It has some of the best tea in the world. The beaches, mountains, and food are fantastic to see and enjoy. You can get by spending $25 a day in Sri Lanka with dorm rooms costing $8-15 and transportation very cheap; you can make an adventure visiting Sri Lanka. 

3. Nepal

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Another great country to visit in Asia is Nepal. Sitting at the edge of the Himalayas, you can find this incredibly cheap country with rooms going for $4-7 that are clean and private. What a deal! Come to Kathmandu and go hiking, eat some fantastic Nepalese dumplings, and enjoy the atmosphere. You can get it by spending as low as $25 a day. 

4. Thailand

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Thailand is the holy grail of cheap countries for backpackers and tourists. You can spend as low as $25 a day buying street food for $1.50 or more, and the transportation is super affordable. If you want a country with incredible beaches, great food, and mountains, check out Thailand. 

5. Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
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Vietnam is on many people’s lists as one of the cheapest countries in the world. It has fantastic beaches and great adventures like seeing Halong Bay and traveling there. Food can be affordable and fabulous as you eat Pho, spring rolls, and Vietnamese Bahn (sandwiches). If dorm and private rooms are cheap, like $7-20, you can live and travel in Vietnam for $30 a day. 

6. Laos

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Southeast Asia has been one of the hot spots for cheap backpacking destinations. Most people visit Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand but disregard Laos. Laos is filled with Buddhist temples, gorgeous landscapes, and cheap accommodations. Some rooms can be found for as low as $2. So don’t forget to visit Laos.

7. Kyrgyzstan

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If you are looking for an off the beaten-path country, you must visit Kyrgyzstan. It is part of those Central Asian countries that tourists less often visit. You can visit here and spend as low as $30 a day. You could spend less but not enjoy the country as much. In the capital, Bishkek, you can find cafes, markets, and even an adventure hike in the beautiful mountains. So take a chance and visit Kyrgyzstan.

8. Cambodia


Siem Reap, the capital of Cambodia, is considered the Backpackers capital of the world. It does not get its reputation for being expensive; it is affordable and cheap. If you want to start a journey through Asia, you can begin in Cambodia, which is centrally located, inexpensive, and one of the best places to visit. It is known for Angkor Wat, and you can find hostels and guesthouses that cost as low as $3 a night. Start your adventure off right by saving in Cambodia. 

9. The Philippines

El Nido The Philippines, one of the cheapest countries to travel in Asia
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The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in Asia. At about $35 per day, you can travel to this wonderful country with great food, easy-going people, and a relaxing adventure amongst all the islands. Check out Palawan Island and visit the beautiful El Nido. 

10. Indonesia

Padar Island, Indonesia
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Everyone knows about Bali when they think about Indonesia. The country is full of other beautiful islands and beach locations. You can visit the Komodo area and find cheap Scuba Diving, cheap food, and accommodations. You see many different islands and have a blast in this cheap country. 

11. India

India, bucket list ideas

India is one of the cheapest countries in Asia to visit, especially with all it offers. You can see places like the Taj Mahal, go to Goa, and visit Mumbai. The food is incredibly cheap and can cost a few dollars a day, and a hostel room costs $5-7.

Time To Travel:

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Travel can be enjoyable and cheap; it doesn’t have to be only in Europe. You can find many cheap countries in Asia and travel for a very long time. Take a chance and see the world on a budget. 

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