The 15 Cheapest Countries to Travel in Asia For Tourists on a Budget

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Asia is renowned for being the ideal budget travel destination, offering beautiful experiences, a fascinating history, and delicious food for a meager cost.

Nobody can deny that they love a good trip. A break from routine can be rejuvenating. But, it does not need to be expensive. In such a case, Asia may be an ideal destination for travelers on a budget. With so many countries to discover, it is a fascinating continent. Let's uncover the cheapest countries to travel in Asia that won't break the bank, and every destination would be worth visiting.

15 of the Cheapest Countries to Travel in Asia

Asia is everyone's favorite. Below are the names of the surprisingly beautiful and budget-friendly places you can visit here.

1.    Cambodia


You can start your backpacker tour of Asia by going to Cambodia first. It is the most convenient and affordable spot to begin your adventure in Southeast Asia. For a day in Cambodia, you need between $10.00 to $20.00.

Although this country is economical, you will still see appreciable sights here. It has so much to offer to its visitors. The most popular and cost-effective destination in Cambodia is Siem Reap. Likewise, Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, the Royal Palace, and numerous other attractions of Cambodia are featured with appealing visions and are budget-friendly at the same time.

2.   Indonesia

Since Bali is known for luxury and is not a place for those on a budget, Indonesia might not come to mind when you think of inexpensive Asia trips. But Java and Sumatra, in particular, are far more reasonably priced and great to visit.

Indonesia is easily accessible from all corners of the globe. It holds from natural to man-made surprising places to showcase to tourists, including stunning beaches for tanning, wildlife, ecotourism, and surfing.

3.   Vietnam

Well, Vietnam has always been admired as one of the top travel destinations in Asia. This country is renowned for its delectable cuisine, captivating landscapes, vibrant culture, and some of the world's most stunning caverns. It's home to breathtaking views like Ha Long Bay, Ban Gioc Waterfall, the province of Hà Giang with its highlands, and countless others.

Regarding a reasonably priced location, Vietnam is the ideal destination with various sites. So if you are seeking the least expensive country to visit, map out your plans for Vietnam.

4.   The Philippines

El Nido The Philippines
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No one ever gets to see the Philippines because there are more than 7,000 islands.

The Philippines can be at the top of your list of places to visit if snorkeling, diving, and island hopping seem like your idea for a good vacation. Although this country is a little more expensive than other Southeast Asian vacation spots, it is still quite reasonable compared to Western countries.

5.   Bangladesh

Bangladesh falls in the category of the best destination if you're budget conscious but want to explore a unique cultural hub. An immense mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans is located in Bangladesh. Another highlight is Cox's Bazar, the world's longest uninterrupted sandy beach.

You can indulge and occasionally enjoy first-rate hotel rooms and upscale dining establishments in Bangladesh with a daily budget of 4,000 takas (about £34). However, a meal in a budget restaurant costs about 150 Bangladeshi takas, or about £1.27. You can learn about historical temples in Puthia, Barisal's river life, ancient remains in Gaur, and more.

6.   Laos

Laos is occasionally disregarded as a travel destination, yet anyone who has been there will testify to its great value. It's a feast for the eyes, filled with Buddhist temples, rice farms, and stunning extended forests. There are many things to explore, including French colonial architecture, former royal palaces, and Southeast Asia's largest waterfall.

Prices here are similar to those in nearby countries. On average, hostel beds cost $10 per night. Even cheaper are dorm rooms, which can sometimes cost as little as $2 for a larger dorm.

7.   Thailand

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Thailand probably comes to mind when considering an affordable Asian destination. Beyond bucket cocktails and full moon parties, this vast country provides remarkable adventures.

Of course, we are not overlooking the meal. Thailand offers unique experiences at a very reasonable cost, such as diving at world-famous spots, elephant trekking through the Thai jungle, and strolling around the turquoise lakes. It is one of Asia's most well-liked inexpensive travel destinations for food because local delicacies like Pad Thai, Mango Sticky Rice, and Beef Panang Curry can be purchased from street vendors for as low as $1.

8.   Malaysia

Tourists can find countless treasures in Malaysia. Your trip to Asia would be incomplete without visiting Malaysia's historical, cultural, and natural splendor. Kuala Lumpur, the state's capital, is coupled with historical sites and notable buildings worth exploring.

Budget-friendly Malaysia is less expensive than Thailand, which is its neighbor. In fact, you can survive on less than $25.00 per day. Additionally, several unique states and cities have several undiscovered gems, like Selangor, Pahang, Perak, Putrajaya, Melaka, and many others.

9.   Nepal

The actual prices of visiting Nepal are overly reasonable- however, expensive activities like multi-day hikes in the Himalayas and sightseeing flights over Mount Everest can drive up costs dramatically.

An inexpensive meal in a restaurant will cost you about 200 Nepalese rupees (or roughly £1.20), and you can find a cheap double room in a Kathmandu guest house for as little as 650 rupees (or nearly £4) each night. With that said, If you're on a trip to Nepal with friends, this can keep the costs relatively cheap.

10. India

India is among Asia's cheapest travel destinations for people seeking a place rich in diversity, one-of-a-kind attractions, and well-known sites.

India has a long list of cities worth staying in and exploring, such as Goa, Delhi, and Mumbai. Of course, arranging a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, the nation's most popular attraction, is equally essential. Some other crucial Indian landmarks that can be added to your itinerary are Red Fort, Lotus Temple, and Mysore Palace, only to name a few.

11. Mongolia

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With an elevation of 5280 feet, Mongolia is the highest country in the world. Its fascinating landscape ranges from the Gobi Desert to the Altai Mountains. Mongolia tucked away between China and Russia, should be at the top of your list if you're looking for inexpensive Asian destinations.

In this magnificent country, there are few hotels near Ulaanbaatar. Instead, yurts (covered and insulated portable round-shaped tents), also known as gers, are preferred by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia because they are easy to erect, lightweight, and windproof. If you intend to limit your spending on food, keep in mind that Mongolian street food culture is still very famous.

12. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another excellent option to travel if you're looking for a place with gorgeous beaches, divine cultural food, and fantastic wildlife. To fully experience Sri Lanka, you should stay there for at least ten days. And don't worry; this country won't cost you an arm or leg. 

Colombo, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, and Mirissa are cities you should include in your itinerary to Sri Lanka. You can see a lot of well-known sites when you are here. Plan a vacation to Yala National Park to go on a safari and experience seeing wild creatures like elephants and leopards. It is a not to be missed “Eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.”

13. Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is abundant in natural beauty, Buddhist art, architecture, culture, and whatnot. Although there are many historical sites to see, tourists visit Burma more for the welcoming people than tourist attractions.

The only reason to travel to Myanmar could be to see the ancient city of Bagan, which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It continues to be a stunning country with numerous attractions, including stunning temples and palaces, spectacular landscapes, and, most importantly, its incredibly kind people. Most Burmese cuisines are spicy but also extensively popular. 

14. China

China is a large country with significant disparities between contemporary cities and rural villages, but it also offers major attractions that never fail to dazzle. It is one of the world's most diversified countries, including attractions like the Great Wall of China, The Bund in Shanghai, the Terracotta Warriors, and Pandas in Chengdu.

Travel along the Yangtze River, experience a spiritual awakening in the semi-autonomous region of Tibet and explore Suzhou's breathtaking gardens. Regarding the affordability factor, smaller cities offer cheap lodging, with dorm beds starting at around 30 Chinese renminbi (around £3.30). Nevertheless, you should expect to pay about 90 renminbi (or about £9.90) each night in bigger cities.

15. Iran

Iran is an affordable travel option for those who independently explore this old-age religious-centric country. Still, some nationals, such as those from the USA and the UK, can only go to Iran as part of a group trip. Additionally, remember that since Iran is not a part of the global financial system, you must bring enough cash with you to last the duration of your trip because it is tough to receive backup funds.

Highlights nevertheless include Tehran's brilliant Golestan Palace, Shiraz's magnificent “Pink Mosque,” the Persepolis archaeological ruins, and the Varzaneh Desert. Furthermore, bus travel is a reasonably priced form of transportation.

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Final Thoughts:

Asia is considered a continent famous for its diversified culture, upscale hotels and eateries, fantastic local food, and beautiful places to visit. A trip here is inexpensive, but the top-listed destinations will be manageable for your pockets. So, consider visiting here when planning a trip on a low budget. It can't get any better seeing beautiful places that are considered affordable and cheap.

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