The 14 Best and Cheapest Places to Visit in Europe This Summer Vacation

Steve Cummings

Tallin, Estonia

Traveling to Europe can be costly, but if you're resourceful and steer clear of popular tourist destinations like London and Paris, you might be able to escape exorbitant prices and score some savings.

The continent, which offers a tempting blend of culture, history, and landscape, can be a money-snatching hound even in the best times. However, if you go at the correct time and stay away from the expensive cities, you'll be able to break your terrible spending habit and appreciate the location a little bit more. So, open your notepad and start listing the names of affordable places that can make your Europe trip memorable.

Cheapest Places to Visit in Europe

We have uncovered the names of the gems in Europe. Be sure to explore them.

1.   Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic
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Prague is a charming city that combines excitement, history, and a variety of indulgent (and delightfully fried) cuisine. Compared to other European cities, you can anticipate paying relatively little for hotel nights and dining out, whether you're on a tight budget and opt for a hostel or have a little extra to spend on an Airbnb.

The city is split up into old and new parts, and you can hire a tour guide or save money by exploring on your own. It is also easy to get around on foot and has a reasonably priced metro system.

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2.   Andalucía, Spain

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This lovely region of southern Spain has it all: tapas, cheap beer, stunning cities, and scenery for days. You don't need to travel to other European nations because it's everything here, including Seville, Jerez, Córdoba, Granada, and Málaga.

You may sample Iberian flavors for pennies thanks to the great tradition of free tapas, and if you want to keep your budget adventure going, take the ferry to Morocco. Spanish hospitality eagerly welcomes you with enchanted pasts, wonderful museums, and the sweetest people.

3.   Romania

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Particularly if you want to walk in the Carpathian Mountains or are solely interested in viewing the countryside, Romania is one of Europe's least expensive holiday destinations. If you join up for a sightseeing day tour or don't mind taking a sluggish train out of Bucharest, even a trip to Brasov, where Dracula's Bran Castle is located, may be very inexpensive.

 Romanian trains are safe and affordable, albeit not always in the best condition. The Old Town from the fifteenth century, Revolution Square, and Romania's Arch of Triumph are just a few of Bucharest's most stunning landmarks. They are all either free to enter or very reasonably priced.

4.   Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain
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Valencia is aesthetically attractive and economical. The Jard del Tria's green tones contrast the beaches' glistening golden sand and glistening cerulean seas. Additionally, the oranges' hue is as rich as their flavor. Those who claim that this Spanish seaside city lacks charm may not have ever strolled beneath the citrus trees that drop blossoms into the cobblestone streets or heard the hum of the Valencian dialect among the product stalls of the Mercado Central.

Valencia today provides a blend of Madrid's history and Barcelona's modern ambiance for a fraction of the price of larger cities, despite having spent years hidden in their shadows.

5.   Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia
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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is undoubtedly the most expensive city in the country. Still, even here, you can keep your vacation affordable by utilizing the many free amenities the city offers.

Bratislava is home to many street sculptures, including life-size Napoleon's soldiers leaning against benches and bronze laborers emerging from sewage holes, and several tiny galleries dispersed across the entire city. Most of the top attractions and things to do are concentrated in and around the Old Town center of Bratislava, the country's capital. Trains and buses are inexpensive and comfortable if you're traveling outside the city.

6.   Kraków, Poland

Krakow, Poland
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Kraków is the second-largest city in Poland and one of the least expensive in Europe. Despite being comparable to Prague's historical splendor, it is less crowded. This is one of the affordable places to travel because there are so many inexpensive hostels here.

The Wawel Castle, a 14th-century castle and cathedral constructed in the Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque styles, is one of the notable landmarks in the city. The Wawel Castle has the wow factor thanks to its unusual blend of architectural styles and sheer scale.

7.   Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin, Estonia
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Tallinn, which has a view of the Baltic Sea, attracts tourists to Estonia with its lovely ambiance and historical sites. Start by strolling through the capital's Old Town, which has cobblestone streets, vintage structures, and various medieval attractions. Then, peruse the city's many museums, which exhibit anything from KGB history to maritime history.

If you intend to visit various museums, think about getting a Tallinn Card. The cards come in various lengths and prices; the 72-hour card costs approximately $65 and offers access to public transportation and discounts at stores, restaurants, and museums.

8.   Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
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Germany isn't the most affordable place in Europe to go to, but there are a few exceptions to the rule and ways to cut costs.

When you visit the city, you will witness artifacts from many centuries ago that depict the conflicts it has seen and the contemporary re-creation of hope found in various street art and galleries. Some of the most visited attractions in Berlin are the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and the graffiti written on it.

9.   Zagreb, Croatia

zagreb, croatia
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Most of Zagreb's major sites can be reached on foot, making it an alluring and affordable travel destination. The Zagreb Cathedral, Lotrak Tower, and the Stone Gate, which served as Zagreb's eastern entry until the 13th century, are three of the city's most well-known landmarks and are situated about half a mile apart.

Dolac Market, a sizable market in the city's heart, is where you can find inexpensive cuisine. The Museum of Broken Relationships, which honors and records breakups from around the world, is worth seeing if you appreciate exploring odd sights. Only roughly $7 is required to enter the museum.

10. Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Bulgaria is listed as one of the most affordable countries in Europe. To begin with, Bulgaria is still mainly unknown to tourists, except those who come during the summer for a budget getaway by the Black Sea. Even then, you'll only have to pay a fraction of what you would in Western Europe for lodging, transportation, and entertainment.

Prices drop significantly during the off-season, and you can travel, eat, and go skiing for a tenth of what it would cost in the West. The Central Balkan National Park tops the list for excellent hikes and breathtaking views.

11. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
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Lisbon, which its well-known European neighbors frequently overshadow, is skilled at lulling visitors into its laid-back appeal. Its passageways weave through vibrant, centuries-old structures as it sits on seven hills. Village life continues to thrive despite the new, sleek structures steadily sprouting throughout the metropolis.

Portugal's coastal capital offers a wealth of opportunities, from discovering the Fado clubs to admiring the view from the top of the Santa Justa Elevator, from lounging on the beaches in Cascais to looking for treasure at the historic Feira da Ladra flea market.

12. Italy

Venice, Italy
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Italy is one of the least expensive Western European countries. There is no reason to take a taxi in Italy because the country's public transit system is so amazing.

If you must visit Rome and Venice in one trip, use the slower, local trains, which will take three times as long but cost you only a quarter. The bigger attractions, like the Colosseum or the Vatican, all have expensive entrance fees, so choose just a few of your favorites and spend the rest of your trip at inexpensive or free attractions, like strolling through the Villa Borghese Gardens or throwing money into the Trevi Fountain.

13. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia
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The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, ranks highly among the best budget destinations in Europe. In this city, there is always something to do, thanks to its rich history and exciting nightlife. The fact that Belgrade is situated where the Sava and Danube rivers meet is among the city's most distinctive features. It also offers a variety of water-based activities, such as boat tours and river cruises, in addition to lovely waterfront vistas.

Exceptional cuisine and beverages are another reason to visit Belgrade. You can choose from various options at reasonable pricing.

14. Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Slovenia is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. You could spend massive amounts of money visiting some of the beautiful resorts around the country, or you could be budget minded and spend where the locals spend. On average, a pint of beer ranges around $3, while you can get a glass of wine for around $2 at lunchtime.

There is plenty to see and do, and take advantage of the free walking tours and affordable public transportation and visit this small European country's little towns and cities. One of the best places to chill would be Lake Bled, full of fun and excitement.

Bottom Line

Traveling and exploring Europe is a dream of all. But what if you have a limited budget? Do not worry; jot down the names of the places that will make your trip wonderful and affordable, and start exploring.

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