Top 10 Countries to Retire Abroad For Americans

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‎Strasbourg, France

As the population ages in America and many retirees have money to spend, they are looking for ways to enjoy life. Many retirees have been looking in other countries to live it up as they see more affordable countries to live in. Countries are taking notice of this influx of American expats and have been creating incentives to attract more retirees. 

Here are 10 countries to retire abroad for Americans.

1. Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
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Portugal is the number one country for Americans to retire to. It is for a good reason that many Americans flock there. Portugal has an excellent healthcare system that is more affordable than the U.S. Several visa options allow expats to live there and roam around Europe. The lifestyle will enable people to live affordably and comfortably. 

2. Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
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With Mexico so close to the U.S., it provides an excellent opportunity for many retirees to go and enjoy the culture, food, great weather, and sunny beaches. The affordability of Mexico makes it super appealing to Americans, and it also helps that there is a huge American expat community in Mexico already. One last benefit is that Mexico borders the U.S. giving many Americans proximity to family and friends while living a low-cost life. 

3. Costa Rica

El Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is seen as one of the most popular American Retiree countries in the world with their peaceful retirement. You have terrific beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, with lush tropical forests in the middle. The culture is based on community, which allows people to feel welcomed. Healthcare is quite affordable, being Universal healthcare that comes with a small percentage of your income. With so many retirees already there, you will always be close to home. 

4. Panama

Panama City
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Panama is one of the cheapest countries for Americans to retire to. One can live a comfortable lifestyle for under $1200 a month ($1,800 for a couple). They have an excellent healthcare system that is super affordable, costing $20-$60 for doctor visits. The other great thing is the weather. Their tropical climate year-round allows retirees to enjoy themselves without any threat of adverse weather like hurricanes. 

5. Ecuador

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Ecuador is a retiree’s dream. Ecuador is full of senior discounts, from half-priced airfare back to the States to discounts on utilities and tax. It is considered the best tax-free retired country in the world. The country is also full of eco-diversity that is unmatched and allows a fun-filled retired life as you explore sites. 

6. France

Paris Eiffel Tower and river Seine at sunset in Paris, France. Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks of Paris.
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France is one of the top places to retire for Americans. With a rich culture, one of the best healthcare in the world, and affordability, it is hard not to mention France on this list. Many Americans can live in Southern France for cheap while enjoying the food, wine, and relaxing atmosphere. If you get bored, you can visit other cities with museums and other attractions.

7. Greece

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Greece is one of the top tax-free countries for retirees. With their golden visa program, you can work on your residency and enjoy the many aspects of Greek Culture. You can explore the many islands of Greece, live affordably, and enjoy Greek food and the laid-back culture. There are many historical places to visit, so come to Greece to enjoy life after work. 

8. Thailand

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Thailand is one of the cheapest countries for retirees to move to. The living is super affordable; you can get by with $1000 a month. The food is fantastic and affordable. Thailand is also filled with eco-diversity, from islands to mountains, with something for everyone. It is also super close to many countries in South East Asia for an affordable price. 

9. Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy
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Italy is among one of the best places to retire abroad for Americans. It provides a rich culture, affordable living in parts, and delicious food. Italy is also one of the most accessible places to move to as an American expat with their golden visa program or Elective Residency Visa. Each region of Italy has something unique to off to retirees.

10. Spain

Cudillero in Spain
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Many Americans are going to Spain for affordability, culture, and ease of living. Healthcare is very affordable compared to the U.S., and many retirees venture off to islands with fantastic weather and a chill island atmosphere. It is also a great place to go and visit many different locations within the country and enjoy the food and wine. 

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