Delta Carry-on Size Policy: How Strict is Delta?

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Delta Carry-on size

Before flying, we often may find ourselves in a situation where we wonder if our carry-on is too big to take on an airplane. That is a thing that can happen even as a veteran flyer. The airlines have restrictions depending on the size of the plane and other factors.

Doing some research, here are some of my findings on the Delta Carry-on size. 

How Strict is Delta Carry-On Size?

With any airline, you must ask how strict is Delta on carry-on size? Are they like United's carry-on size or American Airlines' carry-on size?

We need to determine these factors before buying a particular carry-on bag. 

Beware when purchasing a good carry-on. When it comes to Delta carry-on size, they are pretty strict in their policy. If it looks too big, they will put it in the sizer to make sure it fits. 

Guidelines For Delta's Main Cabin Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Here are some guidelines to abide by with Delta carry-on size baggage. These guidelines will help you to avoid any unnecessary baggage fees.

Delta Carry-On Size:

Delta is like many of the American branded airlines with a baggage size limit of 22″ x 14″ x 9″, or 56 x 35 x 23 cm.

To ensure there is no stress going through the airport, be prudent and ensure that the bag is up to these parameters. That will include the handle, wheels, and any other accessory on the bag. 

It does not fit in the sizer; you will have to check the baggage, which can cost extra baggage fees. 

carry-on baggage size

Delta Personal Item Policy:

You can add one personal item to your trip with your carry-on. The personal item can consist of a laptop bag, book bag, or purse. The item must be small enough to fit under your seat. 

That is excellent news as a traveler. If your carry-on cannot keep everything you are bringing on the trip tight and secured, you may bring the additional personal item to stuff any other things you will be taking on the trip. 

There are no weight requirements as part of this item, which is excellent news since some budget airlines are known to charge for the weight of items. 

Delta Carry-On Liquids

Please abide by the Transport Security Administration rules regarding liquids with carry-on bags. 

Make sure that the liquids are in a see-through resealable quart-size bag, and the liquids do not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters of volume. 

If you make sure these restrictions are followed, you should be fine. 

Delta Carry-On Exceptions

If you are traveling with an infant, you will have some free items that can be checked or carry-on. 

  • Bring on an infant seat as an additional carry-on item.

Small dogs, cats, and household birds can also be carry-on items. Delta has some specific restrictions with these items here

How Strict is Delta with Carry-On Weight?

Delta does not have any restrictions that deal with the carry-on weight. All you need to worry about on these trips is the dimensions of the carry-on luggage. 

What If My Carry-On is Oversized?

Do not try to risk bringing in oversized carry-on luggage. The sizer is there is make sure the carry-on fits in the overhead bin. Delta will make sure it fits in the sizer, and if it does not, they will have you check the bag. 

Checked bags can have additional baggage fees and extra time added to your travels that you are not expecting. It is best to keep to the desired dimensions of the carry-on bag for more accessible travel. 

How to Avoid Checked Baggage Fees

Additional baggage fees can make your travels much more expensive. If you want to avoid these additional baggage fees, several ways to accomplish it. 

Have a Proper Sized Carry-on

It takes a little bit of time and shopping to find the right carry-on size, but this little purchase could save you time and money as you are traveling. 

Have Status with Delta

If you are flying a lot, sign up for Delta's frequent flyer program. The more miles you can receive, the more you can spend those miles on cheap or free travel. Having status with Delta can help save you money. 

Being in Silver or above status allows you to have one free check bag. That is a huge money saving on your trip. 

Own a Delta Airlines Credit Card

If status seems complicated to accomplish, you can open up a Delta credit card. Flying Delta has perks if you use their credit card. 

Even with the Delta Gold Card from American Express, you will get that free checked bag, plus priority boarding, which will give you access to more overhead space for your carry-on. 

As you are traveling, do not save money and time through the savings of baggage fees. It takes just a few minutes to research to make sure you have the best value at hand. 

Bottom Line:

Delta is one of the major airlines in the United States. It provides excellent service, fun, and enjoyment from points A to B. When flying, make sure you follow Delta carry-on size regulations. Following these rules will make your flight much more enjoyable. 

If you want to avoid those unwanted baggage fees, take a look at their credit card or any excellent travel credit card to help you travel hack and fly for free. 

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