12 Travel Inconveniences People Want To Wave a Magic Wand To Get Rid Of

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While traveling is one of the most exhilarating things a person can do, it does come with its fair share of downsides, especially dealing with the logistics of going on an adventure! Recently, experienced travelers met in an online discussion to reveal all the inconveniences they would love to make disappear with a snap of their fingers.

1. Long Flights

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Predictably, countless travelers would love to eliminate long-haul flights. Nothing is worse than being trapped on a seemingly-neverending flight. “I hate long flights!” expresses one woman. “I've always said I'd love it if airlines started offering flights that knock you out with gas in the cabin and then wake you up when you're there.” I weirdly love this idea, do you?

2. Delays of Any Kind

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Unfortunately, delays are part of the travel experience, but that doesn't mean travelers are okay with them! Not only can delays come when you least expect them, but they can also throw a monkey wrench into any travel plans. The prospect of eliminating delays is enticing to millions of frequent fliers. 

3. Southwest's Boarding Process

Southwest Airlines
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Although Southwest Airlines generally earns rave reviews across the board from satisfied customers, a vocal minority don't like their open-boarding process. Many fliers report people attempting to “save” entire sections of seats for their friends and family, making it challenging to obtain preferential window or aisle seats.

4. Sitting Next To Overweight People

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Although I don't necessarily subscribe to the following opinion, it is still prevalent in tourism. A fair amount of people are fed up with overweight people. “Honestly, obese people that spill over into multiple seats that refused to buy more than one drive me crazy,” confesses one man. “No one cares that you're fat; they care that you're literally spilling over and sitting on top of another human that fits inside their airplane seat. You know you can't fit, but expect your gut to be sitting on your neighbor's lap. They should force them to buy a second seat at the gate or deny them for not buying a second seat online. The entitlement is insane.”

5. Expensive Airport Drinks

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Sure, complaining about expensive airport drinks seems like a wholly millennial thing to do, but it's an inconvenience for millions of travelers annually. Count me in as one of many people who would love to pay standard prices for drinks instead of the inflated prices touted by many in-airport bars and restaurants. I feel ripped off whenever I want to enjoy a pre-flight drink!

6. Worrying About Pickpocketers

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For some travelers, safety is paramount, especially when traveling to unfamiliar cities overseas. “I constantly worry about pickpockets in some cities,” confesses one woman. “I'd like to be able to put my phone in my pocket or just stop to look at architecture and scenery without having the idea of theft in the back of my mind.”

7. Flight Turbulence

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All travelers agree: in-flight turbulence can range from mildly uncomfortable to flat-out terrifying. Although turbulence rarely leads to actual injuries to travelers, it's still something everyone would love to do away with for good. Airlines offering guaranteed turbulence-free flights is a dream.

8. Crying Babies

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Although most travelers are empathetic enough to realize that encountering cry babies happens occasionally, it doesn't change their desire to use their magic wands to eliminate them. Nothing can put a damper on an enjoyable, relaxing flight faster than a child's constant screaming and crying. Sure, everyone feels bad for the parents trying their best, but it's a situation everyone wants to avoid.

9. Uncomfortable Seats

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Travelers worldwide can agree: Airplane seats are the most uncomfortable chairs ever. Would it really harm the airline's bottom lines if they made them even ten percent more comfy? “The seats in planes are my kryptonite,” reports one man I can relate to. “I just can't sleep upright or at an angle. And my body literally hurts after a long flight. The premium economy chairs don't even cut it for me. I hope they engineer it one day where everyone can lie flat.”

10. Losing Baggage

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There's arguably nothing worse than going through the hassle of flying, reaching your destination, and being told your bags have been lost. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks to ensure your bags don't get lost regularly, many people would still do terrible, unspeakable things to eradicate lost baggage from the travel industry!

11. Long Security Lines

TSA checkpoints
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From baggage check-in lines to TSA checkpoints to customs to immigration lines, traveling essentially consists of moving from one neverending line to another, albeit very slowly! Unfortunately, in 2023, security and safety are still the number one priorities for travelers, so these long lines are here to stay. However, that doesn't change the fact that many would love to eliminate airport lines entirely.

12. The Entire Experience of Flying

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For many people, there isn't just one travel inconvenience they'd like to wave away with a magic wand; it's every aspect of traveling! “It's not even just the flight,” confesses one experienced traveler. “It's getting to the airport early just in case, getting through security, hanging around the airport because you came early (as instructed), and that people seem to forget any sort of courtesy getting on or off the plane. The whole experience is exhausting.”

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