10 Frugal Living Hacks That Can Help Save Thousands With a Few Lifestyle Changes

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“A penny saved is a penny earned!” You may not realize it, but the little things we do daily can add substantial savings over time. It can be easy to focus on the big areas of life that we want to change, but frugal living is all about consistent, small changes over time. Here are ten things you can start doing today to create big savings in the future. Here are ten frugal life hacks that members of an online forum swear to save them money.

1. Bundling Up

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When winter comes around, it's time for many of us to turn up the heat and try to stay warm. But with rising heating costs, a hefty bill might be looming in the mailbox at the end of the month. Instead of turning up the heat at the first sign of fall, bundling up in a cozy sweater and warm socks may be a better option. Even though you may be slightly uncomfortable while you adjust to the cooler temperatures, your wallet will thank you later.

2. Space Heater

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Even if you've acclimated to cooler temperatures, chances are sooner or later, you will have to turn up the thermostat. Utilizing a space heater is a great way to save money on your bill. New space heaters are more energy efficient than many traditional heating systems, such as baseboard heaters. You can heat one or two rooms quickly, move it around your home, and turn it down when you're not in the room.

3. Tempting Purchases

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When you're tempted to make an impulse purchase, such as clothes, something off Amazon, or a piece of technology, put it in an online shopping cart where you will not see it. Then, wait at least 24 hours before looking in the cart. When you do this, you'll be able to figure out if you actually want it or not.

4. Not Wasting Food

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To save money, one forum participant claims that at the end of each week, he takes items about to go bad out of his fridge and creates a meal out of them. By doing this, you not only get the most out of what you buy but now know what you should not buy again since you did not eat it.

5. Selling Unwanted Things

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While this does not create long-term savings, selling things around the house is a great way to start making extra money to add to your piggy bank. You may not even realize it, but many items around your house could be sold for a reasonable price. With the money you get from that, you could invest it into something to help you profit even more.

6. Using Your Food

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When going out to eat, you not only do not know precisely what is going into your body, but you are spending way more money than just making it yourself. While cooking your favorite meals at home may not be the most convenient, you know what you are eating, can control your portions, and are saving money as well.

7. Ordering Water at Restaurants

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This may be the number one rule for saving money when eating out. Ordering just water can save you big money since some restaurants will charge you three or four dollars just for one soda. Free refills aren't included most of the time, so you'll be spending a lot of money.

8. Planting a Garden

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Planting a garden is a fantastic idea, not only for your health but for your wallet as well. When growing your plants, you get the most fresh food you can get, with no preservatives. So not only will your immune system thank you, but you can replant the seeds and grow the food repeatedly, year after year.

9. Manual Transportation

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Walking, scootering, or riding a bike are free or cheap transportation methods that can save you a lot of money! When considering this option, it's essential to factor in not only gas but repairs and maintenance costs as well. Your wallet will be happy, and with all that exercise, your waistline will be, too.

10. Air Drying Clothes

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Air-drying clothes is a fantastic alternative to drying clothes in the dryer. You not only save money on electricity, but it also helps preserve the fabric and saves money on costly dryer maintenance and repairs.

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