10 Best Purchases Frugal People Said Amplified Their Quality of Life

Gabrielle Reeder

What is frugality? By definition, frugality refers to saving money and approaching monetary transactions with mindfulness and care. However, frugality connotates a negative air. How often have you heard, “Oh, she's so frugal?” at a family reception? Maybe a friend speaks about their frugal parents. Or, perhaps you're aware of your spending habits, and your friends call you frugal.

Whatever the word means to you, sometimes frugal individuals spend more than they usually would improve an aspect of their life. Here is a list of ten items that enhanced the quality of life for self-proclaimed frugal individuals.

 1. All-Inclusive Apartment

The most recent comment on the thread spoke about the amenities included in a more expensive apartment closer to work. Instead of paying for a gym membership, gas for the commute to the gym, and work, this person saved more money while working out at home and walking to work.

2. Same Socks

Every time I do the laundry, I lose at least one sock. This infuriates me, but it's happened so often that I've accepted it. One person said they purchased a few packs of the same kind of socks, so they avoid that vexing realization that they've lost yet another garment and never have to wear mismatched socks again.

3. Sonicare Toothbrush

These toothbrushes reach thousands of spins a minute, removing layers of plaque a manual toothbrush won't ever reach. Many say their Sonicare toothbrushes saved their dental health and continue saving them money on dental work and dental treatment.

4. Quality Coat

If you live in cold climates or travel in frigid temperatures, you know the importance of having a good coat. Sometimes, you're short on time or money (or both), and you throw the cheapest coat in the cart, not realizing the lack of warmth it evokes until you're snowboarding in upstate New York. I've been there. Well-made coats retain body heat and comfort you in freezing temperatures.

5. Air Fryer

Have a bag of stale chips? Don't worry! Throw a handful of crisps into the air fryer for an afternoon snack. Air fryers gained popularity in recent years. These healthier fryers cook vegetables, meats, and leftovers without extra oil or preservatives. Someone said they now eat their leftovers and conserve money on takeout thanks to purchasing the game-changing device.

6. Deep Freezer

Freezers attached to refrigerators have limited space. Deep freezers offer more space for bulk storage and prolonged meat storage. Deep freezers work well for hunters or those who purchase meat in bulk.

7. Prescription Sunglasses

About 20 people praised investments in prescription sunglasses. What was the top comment? The ability to safely drive while seeing the road! While that comment was frightening to read, several users agreed with the statement.

8. Stationary Bike

Gym memberships are hit or miss. If you don't like working out with strangers looking at you or paying to use machines some outdoor gyms offer for free, you won't like gyms. One user shared their best purchase: a $25 stationary bike. Accessible in all weather conditions, stationary bikes provide fabulous cardio exercise and improve mental health.

9. Bidet

Bidets aren't available in public restrooms in the US like in Europe and other continents; however, Amazon and other online or department stores sell bidets ranging from $20 to $500. According to a few users, bidets improve bathroom cleanliness.


Someone wrote that LASIK is the best purchase they've ever made. The quick procedure corrected their vision, and they experienced an elevated quality of life. The surgery paid for itself, considering patients no longer need to purchase contacts or glasses.

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  1. Deep freeze also offers the opportunity to take advantage of extraordinary sales and markdowns in the meat section. Fresh meat is often marked down as much as 50% when it will expire in the next day or two. Buy it, wrap each piece individually, pop in a freezer bag, and toss in the freezer as soon as you get home. Then, as needed pull out just what you need and put in the refrigerator in the morning for use that evening.


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