10 Songs That Were Nearly Perfect, Except for One Sour Note

Abdul Wali

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Everyone has songs in their playlists that they consider just shy of being masterpieces. We all know the kind. Everything is perfect in these songs until one funky tune or mismatched vocal messes things up. The result is a beat drop or an ending note that leaves a sour taste in listeners. Listen to any of the songs below to understand what we're discussing.

1. “Stay the Night” – Peter Cetera

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Peter Cetera is a nostalgic favorite of many, with several hits under his belt—fans of his music praise his artistic voice for adding flavor to each track. Yet, people can't help but be put off by how he sings one verse in this song. His voice changes in an otherwise excellent piece as he sings, “One thing I can tell you, perfectly clear, we're gonna have a very good time.” Something about it irritates even his most loyal fans.

2. “Down With the Sickness” – Disturbed

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Many can't help but feel the lack of need for the monologue in the song. According to the listeners, the monologue adds no value to the music. It can stay just as intense even without it. The radio rendition cuts the spoken section from the song and is the definitive version.

3. “Some Nights” – fun

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At release, this song had the potential to be a fan favorite. However, an autotuned sequence ruins the flow near the end. It doesn't help that the song leans into this portion the most. Unfortunately, fans were left wondering what could have been if that part had been cut or remixed.

4. “ET” – Katy Perry

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Who doesn't like Katy Perry? She's a literal pop star icon. Yet many agree it would've been better if she was the only one singing “ET.” Kanye's verse within the song seemed only off-putting. While there isn't anything overly wrong with the verse, it strays from the rest of the song's vibe. Adding Kanye West to the song was an interesting choice, to say the least.

5. “Hooked on a Feeling” – Blue Swede

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“Hooked on a Feeling” is incredibly catching yet has a monotone beginning. The song starts with a chant of “uga chaka.” If the chant were toned down more, it wouldn't seem as annoying as it does. It doesn't even match the rest of the melody, either, but it is an iconic part of the song.

6. “Hold Your Head Up” – Argent

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Don't get us wrong, this song is fantastic! However, with its lengthy six-minute runtime, it feels like it overstays its welcome. Most listeners are bothered by this mainly because of the unnecessary repetition of the lyrics. The last three minutes are just them singing, “Hold your head up.”

7. “I'm Not in Love” – 10CC

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This is an achingly beautiful song. However, it stops the listener cold when a woman starts whispering, “Big boys don't cry,” in the song's middle. The untimely mismatch of the whispering might ruin the moment for several listeners. The rest of the song flows perfectly.

8. “Wild Thoughts” – DJ Khalid

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Even though DJ Khalid is the producer of this song, he rarely steps into the limelight. Instead, he is overshadowed by Rihanna and Bryson on his own song. Fans expected more from the producer than the simple name-drops at the beginning. The song, in its entirety, is alright but lacks Khalid's touch.

9. “Two More Years” – Bloc Party

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“Two More Years” has mesmerizing melodies that entrap listeners throughout its runtime. It has something for everyone and is one of those songs that can easily be universally loved. The problem? This song doesn't translate well onto the radio. The radio edit cuts important segments and verses entirely. The remainder is a song that lacks substance and is a shadow of the original.

10. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – Bonnie Tyler

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This is yet another example of a song not meant for the radio. The radio edit completely removes the second verse of the song. While that may seem insignificant in hindsight, the second verse is the heart of the track. Arguably, the most thoughtful lyrics are in the second verse. Without it, the song lacks the emotion the original so easily conveyed.

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