Job Zen Unleashed: Stop Dreading Your Workday With These 11 Tips

Stephanie Allen

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Going to work isn't something you necessarily like, but you have to do it because you need money to survive. If you're the kind of person who enjoys going to work each day, consider yourself lucky. Other people not only dislike going to work, but they also dread it. When one such worker asked an online community for advice on handling their fear of going to work, they replied with excellent tips to cope with the issue.

1. Isolate the Problem

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If you feel a knot in their stomach every time you think of going to work, then it's time for them to determine the source of that feeling. Is it feeling obligated to go in? Is it the commute or the people you work for and with? Or is it something else? Find out the source of the feeling and decide if it's something you can fix at that job.

2. Focus on the Positive

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Instead of dreading going to work each day, look for the positive aspects of your job. Are there things about your job that you like? In what ways is your current job better than other places you've worked? How does your job meet or exceed your expectations? What opportunities and benefits does your company have to offer?

3. A Sign of Burnout

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Not wanting to go to work can mean job burnout, meaning you spend more social, mental, and emotional energy at work than you get back. If this is the case, then find a better balance between your work and home lives. When you have free time at home, participate in a hobby that interests you. It replenishes your energy and gives you something else to focus on.

4. Make Small Changes

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Make small changes to prepare for the workday, such as laying out your clothes the night before, taking a hot shower in the morning, playing your favorite music as you get ready, and listening to a relaxing or meditative podcast during your morning commute. These small steps put you in a better frame of mind for tackling your workday.

5. Look to Advance

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If your current position with your company makes you unhappy, look for opportunities to advance. See if your company offers a management trainee program. Pay close attention in meetings and take notes of pain points and action items. Develop solutions and present them to your boss. Even if it doesn't move you up the corporate ladder, it's an accomplishment you can add to your resume.

6. Find Meaning in Your Work

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You'll find happiness if you find something meaningful in your job. Think about your role within the company and how it helps others. Does what you do benefit customers, clients, or other business partners and make their lives and jobs easier? Viewing your position from that perspective lets you feel better about your occupation. Your place in the company matters and is valuable to others, even if you don't see it.

7. Seek Fulfillment Elsewhere

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If you believe that work should fulfill your financial and emotional needs, you may be disappointed. Some people can find both in their careers, and that's great. But it's also okay if you don't. All that means is you must find emotional fulfillment from something else. Do your job to the best of your abilities, but feed your interests and passions outside of work, and happiness follows.

8. Set Goals

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When you feel like your only purpose for going to work is to earn enough money to pay your bills, it's understandable why you dislike going into the office. Having a larger goal to work towards can help change your mindset. Do you want to buy a house or a new car? Do you want to go on your dream vacation? You'll feel better about your career when you see yourself working and saving towards those goals.

9. Journal Your Thoughts

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An excellent way to discover the source of your work dread is to record your thoughts and feelings in a journal each day or as often as possible. Getting your thoughts out instead of keeping them in may help you feel better. After several days, review what you have written down to identify patterns contributing to your fear about going to work.

10. Have a Mental Health Check

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People who suffer from anxiety may experience a sense of dread when it comes to going places, including work. Even if it's not anxiety, it might be something else to address in therapy. Getting a mental health evaluation identifies if there's an issue that's causing you to dread your workdays and gives you the tools to manage it effectively.

11. Look for Another Job

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When all else fails, and your feelings of dread do not improve, it's time to update your resume and find a new job. If going into the office bothers you, look for full-time remote work opportunities or employment with a hybrid work schedule. Look for a job that will challenge you and that you will look forward to doing each day.

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