10 Terrible Tech Gadgets You Should Never Buy

Steve Cummings


Have you ever bought a gadget that looked cool but was a complete waste of money? We've all been there. With the constant upgrading of new gadgets and technology, it's easy to get caught up in the hype and make impulsive purchases.

However, not all tech gadgets are created equal – in fact, some can be downright terrible. This article'll look at 10 tech gadgets you should never buy. Instead, you can invest in more useful and reliable devices that will enhance your life.

1. Gold-plated HDMI Cables

HDMI cables
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Have you ever seen those shiny, gold-plated HDMI cables? They look premium, promising superior quality and performance. But here's the catch – digital signals, which HDMI cables transmit, aren't improved with gold plating.

Your audio and video quality won't be any better than with a standard cable. The only thing that's sure to be superior is the price tag. Spend your money wisely – don't fall for the golden charm. 

A regular, reliable HDMI cable can serve your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Overpriced Printer Ink Cartridges

Color ink for printer
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Printer ink cartridges are notorious for their high costs, particularly those from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Many believe they must stick to the specific brand cartridge for their printer, but that's a myth.

Affordable, compatible cartridges from third-party manufacturers can work just as efficiently. Some retailers even offer services to refill your old cartridges, offering significant savings.

Avoid getting trapped in the cycle of buying overpriced cartridges. Explore your alternatives, compare prices, and make an informed decision – your wallet will certainly thank you for it.

3. Cheap, No-Brand Power Banks

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We all love a bargain, but cheap isn't always cheerful when it comes to power banks. No-brand power banks may seem like a steal, but they often fall short on performance and safety. They may not deliver the promised charge, leaving you stranded with a dying phone.

Worse yet, they can overheat or even explode due to substandard components. So, while saving a few bucks is tempting, investing in a reliable, reputable brand is smarter. Your devices and your safety are worth it.

4. Smart Fridge

Smart Fridge
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The idea of a fridge that can order groceries sounds cool, right? But in reality, smart fridges are often more gimmicks than game-changers. They come with a hefty price tag and features you probably won't use daily.

Plus, their technology can become outdated quickly, unlike a traditional fridge that has served its purpose for years.

And don't forget that repair costs can be sky-high if the smart functions fail. So, before splashing out on a smart fridge, consider whether you need your fridge to be a digital assistant.

5. Digital Photo Frames

Digital frame
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Digital photo frames may seem like a modern way to display your memories, but they often prove more trouble than they're worth. They consume electricity around the clock, require constant updates, and the picture quality can be hit or miss.

Plus, we already have numerous ways to view our digital photos with smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. So why invest in a one-trick pony? A traditional photo frame does the job without adding to your electricity bill or your list of gadgets to manage.

6. Overpriced Headphones

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High-priced headphones promise premium sound quality, but the truth is that many mid-range options deliver comparable performance. Brands often hike up prices for features that make little difference to the average listener, like gold-plated connectors or designer logos.

Plus, expensive headphones are often bulkier and less durable than their cheaper counterparts.

Before you spend your hard-earned money, consider your needs. If you're not a professional DJ or audio engineer, a pair of reasonably priced, well-reviewed headphones will likely serve you just as well. Remember, an exaggerated price tag doesn't always mean better value.

7. PCs or Laptops with Lower-end Specs

Lenovo Laptop
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You might be tempted to save money by choosing a PC or laptop with lower-end specs, but it's not a wise move in the long run. These devices often struggle with multitasking, slow down significantly over time, and may not support newer software or updates.

They're also not suitable for gaming or any heavy-duty tasks. Instead of settling for a cheap, underpowered machine, consider investing in a device with robust specifications. It'll serve you better, last longer, and provide a smoother, more enjoyable user experience.

8. Virtual Reality Headsets for Smartphones

VR headsets
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Virtual reality is exciting, but smartphone VR headsets often fail to deliver a satisfying experience. The graphics are usually poor compared to dedicated VR systems and can be uncomfortable to wear.

Furthermore, many apps aren't optimized for VR, leading to glitches and poor performance. Battery drain is another significant issue, as VR apps consume much power.

Rather than wasting money on a crappy experience, save up for a proper VR system or stick to enjoying your games and media on your smartphone's regular screen – remember, not all tech trends are worth jumping on.

9. Wireless Charging Pads

wireless chargers
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Wireless charging pads may seem like a cutting-edge convenience, but they're not as impressive as they appear. Firstly, they're not wireless – you must still plug the pad into a power outlet. They also charge your phone more slowly than a wired charger does.

Plus, your phone needs to be precisely aligned on the pad, which can be finicky. And let's not forget, they're typically way more expensive than traditional chargers. 

So, unless you need a wireless charger, sticking to the good old cable is a more efficient, cost-effective option.

10. Overpriced Phone Cases

Phone Cases
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Spending big bucks on a designer phone case might make your phone look fancy, but it's often a waste of money. Many high-priced cases aren't any more durable or protective than their lower-priced counterparts.

Some are purely decorative and offer little to no protection from drops or scratches.

Remember, a phone case's main job is to protect your device, not to be a fashion statement. Plenty of affordable, sturdy cases on the market will do just as good a job – if not better – at keeping your phone safe.

Tech Products That Could be a Waste of Money

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So there you have it! These are the 10 tech products that you shouldn't waste your money on. It's your money, and you should spend it wisely on products that enhance your life and provide value. Do your research, read reviews, and consider your needs before making any big tech purchases. With some caution and intelligent decision-making, you can avoid falling for gimmicks and save a ton of money.

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