Don’t Overpay! 12 Things Costing a Fortune in the US, Dirt Cheap Abroad!

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Even though the USA is known for its freedom and opportunities, it can also be expensive to live in. As one of the world's wealthiest countries, almost everything here is more expensive than in other nations.

It makes sense because a country usually has a more significant demand when it becomes a superpower. This demand gets money from the citizens and companies in the country, leaving everyone with less purchasing power than in other parts of the world.

In this blog, we will be discussing 12 items that are expensive in America compared to everywhere else. If you are planning to move to the USA or are just curious about the cost of living here, read on.

1. College Education

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One of the most significant issues the USA has faced in recent years is the rising cost of higher education. College tuition fees have steadily increased over the past decades, making it difficult for many families to afford college.

In comparison, Europe and other developed countries offer more affordable university programs that anyone can enter. In the USA, it can cost you around $20,000 per year, whereas the same quality of education in Europe can cost you as little as $5,000.

2. Healthcare

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Healthcare is a necessary expense no matter where you live, but it's a major expense in the USA.

With healthcare costs rising, many families struggle to keep up with medical bills due to expensive health insurance plans or out-of-pocket expenses for uninsured people.

Even minor medical emergencies, such as appendix removal or dental surgery, can cost thousands of dollars. On the other hand, countries like France and Germany offer free healthcare for their citizens, making it one of the most essential social services available.

3. Prescription Drugs

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Prescription drugs are a part of health care, and it only makes sense that these are way more expensive in the USA than in other places.

In some countries, citizens can buy generic drugs at a much lower cost without worrying about insurance or waiting for refills.

Americans, on the other hand, have to pay hefty amounts of money for prescription medicines which often require previous approval from their insurance companies before they can get it.

4. Childbirth

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Again, we have to mention the USA's healthcare system. Giving birth is a costly procedure in America, and depending on where you live, it can cost you anywhere from $7000 – 15000 dollars.

This is ridiculously high compared to other developed countries, where childbirth can cost as little as $3000 in some places or even free in government-run hospitals. So if you plan to have a baby in the U.S., it's better to be prepared for this hefty expense.

5. Make-Up and Cosmetics

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Makeup and cosmetics are another category of products that are more expensive in the USA. Even though many brands are available, their prices remain high compared to other places.

This is largely due to taxes imposed by the U.S. government and marketing costs associated with each brand. Also, you must mention branded items, which cost more here than anywhere else.

6. Gym Memberships

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Gym memberships are high in the U.S., and it's not uncommon to see people paying up to $60 monthly for a single membership. This mainly depends on the city you live in, but gym memberships remain expensive in America.

If you are in New York or San Francisco, you can expect to pay up to $100 per month for a single membership at a good gym. This is why many Americans are adapting home workouts or simply exercising outdoors as an alternative.

7. Cars

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In the U.S., cars can be significantly more expensive due to import taxes and dealership fees.

The government sets import taxes on goods transported across international borders. When a car is imported into the U.S., these taxes can substantially add to the cost.

Additionally, dealerships also add their fees to the price of the vehicle, covering costs associated with preparing, advertising, and selling the car. These factors combined can make the final price tag of a vehicle in America much higher than in other countries.

8. Trains

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Train travel is often less expensive in Europe and Asia than the U.S. This is mainly due to extensive, well-established railway networks and government subsidies that lower ticket prices.

In contrast, the U.S. needs a more developed train infrastructure, leading to fewer routes and higher passenger costs. Furthermore, cultural preferences for car and air travel in the U.S. can result in higher prices for those who travel by train.

9. Fresh Produce

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Fresh produce, mainly fruits and vegetables, tend to be more expensive in the U.S., mainly if they're organically grown. This is primarily due to higher production costs, including labor, land, and transportation.

Organic farming requires more manual labor and stringent standards, increasing costs.

Additionally, American consumers often demand a variety of produce year-round, necessitating importing from other countries when certain items are out of season locally, adding to the overall cost.

10. Wine

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Like produce, wine is also more expensive in the U.S., mainly due to import taxes and tariffs. Most experts agree that these taxes make it difficult for wineries from other countries to compete with American producers, resulting in higher consumer prices.

Furthermore, marketing costs associated with promoting a wine brand can be substantial, further driving up prices for those purchasing bottles of wine in the U.S.

11. Cheese

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Anything related to dairy in the U.S. is expensive. Cheese is no exception, as it can cost up to twice as much in the U.S. compared with other countries like France or Switzerland, where cheese is a significant export.

This is primarily due to the government subsidies received by European cheese producers, making their prices significantly cheaper than those of U.S. producers who must compete without such assistance.

In addition, the cost of production for cheese is higher in the U.S., forcing companies to raise their prices to maintain profitability. This makes it more difficult for consumers in the U.S. to purchase quality cheese at an affordable price.

12. Taxes

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In America, the listed price of goods and services typically does not include tax. This is because sales taxes vary by state and even within cities. Therefore, the final cost of an item can be higher than the marked price once taxes are added at checkout.

In contrast, many other countries use all-inclusive pricing, where taxes are included in item prices. This difference can make goods and services seem more expensive in the U.S. compared to countries with all-inclusive pricing.

Be Mindful of Expenses in America

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Even though living in the USA can be costly, we must recognize that it offers a high quality of life and many other benefits that make this country an attractive destination. At the same time, it's essential to be mindful of the expenses one can expect while living in America and plan accordingly. Knowing these items are expensive upfront can help you prepare for any surprises.

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