10 Things That Cost a lot of Money But Should Actually Be Free

Do you ever wonder why some items you pay for cost so much? Is it a product of greed, or is it something else? Looking at things that cost a lot makes you wonder about your budget and if you are saving enough. Here are ten things that cost a lot but should actually be free. 

1. Dying

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The cost of living can be expensive with food, shelter, and clothing, but to think that dying would be costly is not really in our thoughts. First, you must pick up the body, then either bury it or cremate it, which all costs money. Why can't it be free?

2. Hospital Parking

hospital parking
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If you are going to the hospital, you may be a doctor, nurse, or even a patient who will pay for most things. Why is the parking not free or even validated? The costs of going to the hospital for most people will be high. Even if you work there, why must you pay to park? 

3. Sports Stadiums

Sports Stadiums
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A lot of sports stadiums are paid for by taxpayer money. Some sports teams own their stadiums and can do as they feel, but then numerous teams ask the city to pay for it. So shouldn't the taxpayers be allowed to use the stadium when they want? 

4. Tax Preparation and Filing

tax preparation
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In many other countries, the government sends you a summary of your taxes. You can quickly pay them and know how much you owe. In the U.S. can be tricky because many companies have lobbied to have a complicated system, so you must hire a CPA, use tax software, or try them yourself. 

One poster said, “What's hilarious is people can file their taxes wrong, and then the government can say ‘actually you owe us this much money.'” That poster has a point. If the government already knows how much you owe, why don't they tell you? 

5. Insulin

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A life-saving drug for many people with diabetes should be free. In the past, drug prices had skyrocketed to the point many people needed to choose to either pay for food or their insulin. Now companies like Eli Lily or capping their prices at $35. That may be due to several states like California opting to produce their insulin and give it out for free. 

6. Healthcare

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Healthcare is such a profitable sector of the U.S. economy; it would be affordable for everyday people. As we see, many plans increase yearly with higher deductibles and less quality of service. People must choose to see the doctor or pay for their next meal. 

Many people in other countries may complain about their healthcare but would instead stick with their system than have the American system. Some countries also offer privatized insurance, which is quite affordable compared to the American system. 

7. Therapy

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A poster mentioned, “Just had the conversation with my girlfriend yesterday. Imo, only the rich can afford therapy. The poor – middle class has to suffer through it.” Mental illness can strike anyone, and health insurance should be able to cover that. People need help with many facets of life, and it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get the help you need. 

8. Menstrual Products

Menstrual Products
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Sanitary products and other products that keep people clean should be something that is given away for free. At many health clinics, women can get hygienic products. It is a shame that they can cost so much. 

9. Education

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Public education in school often has no costs, but when you get to Universities, the prices skyrocket. In many countries around the world, education costs are much lower, allowing students not to walk away with mounds of debt. That could be why so many other countries have less stress and more happiness. 

In recent years, school tuition has gone through the roof, causing a massive student loan debt disaster among the younger generations. Even medical professionals walk away with mounds of debt, while in other countries, they leave debt free and can work with and enjoy their professions. It is something that needs to change.

10. Water

drink more water
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Many people would like water to be free. It is the source of life. Yes, you can dip your cup into a river or a lake and drink freely, but the diseases in the water could make you very sick. Water that comes from the tap is exceptionally cheap. With the city's work to clean the water, you can get it cheaper from the tap than a store. One poster said, “You're paying $60 for 2000 gal from your city, or you can pay $1960 a month for that same amount from the store.”

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