15 Epic Things to do in Croatia For Summer of 2024

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Not surprisingly, visiting Croatia is a dream of many of us with its coastline of fine sand beaches, historic structures, and beautiful national parks. 

Visitors can choose from many epic things here: hiking, trying affordable water sports, visiting bars, exploring the castles, and picturesque drive-through towns. 

If you are traveling to Croatia anytime soon, check out our list of amazing things to do here and how to make your trip worthwhile. 

15 Interesting Things to do in Croatia

woman on the wall of Dubrovnik
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Croatia has something for everyone, from beaches to ancient places and all that a tourist demands for a lovely vacation. Here is a list of some top-notch activities you can enjoy in Croatia. 

1. Admire the Plitvice Lakes National Park’s Waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
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Walking through Plitvice Lakes National Park and its sixteen lakes and waterfalls make this experiment a dreamlike experience. This travertine landscape has developed over generations into a vibrant world of small lakes and streams sheltered by beech forests, mesmerizingly pure waters reflecting every shade of blue and green. You can reach Kozjak Lake by following the footpaths, many of which are elevated wooden walkways. Here, an electric boat awaits you across the lake's glassy water.

2. Visit the Capital City – Zagreb.

zagreb, croatia
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You're probably going to land in the capital of Croatia. If Zagreb is where your trip begins and ends, there are many stunning historical sites for you to see. Anybody interested in architecture and history will become lost among the magnificent Austro-Hungarian and Gothic structures, despite this thriving city being landlocked. Other well-known places to visit are Zagreb’s Upper Town, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Lotrscak Tower, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

3. Diocletian's Palace in Split

Diocletian's Palace
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Croatia's second-largest city after Zagreb, Split, was built inside the massive Diocletian Palace's historic Roman walls. The palace has four monumental gates, three of which are accessible from the land and one of which initially opened directly onto the water.

It is square, more fortress than a palace, and once served as the residence of the Emperor's garrison. The exquisite Peristyle inside the fortifications, where the Cathedral of St. Domnius with its elegant bell tower is located, is among the sights to be seen. While concerts and other forms of entertainment are offered during the day, it's nice to visit and appreciate the illuminated ruins at night. 

4. Explore The Old Town Of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia
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One of the most entertaining activities in Croatia is wandering around Dubrovnik's picturesque Old Town with its maze of narrow streets and homes. It is simple to understand why this historic city, famous as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is quickly rising to the top of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations. Due to its lengthy and extensive history, Dubrovnik has numerous historical landmarks, such as the impressive City Walls. Another epic thing to do in Croatia is the Game of Thrones tour. 

5. Take a Boat Ride Through Kopački Rit Nature Park.

Kopački Rit Nature Park
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The vast marshes of Kopacki Rit Nature Park, located in north-eastern Croatia near the Serbian border, offer some of the most tranquil scenery in the country. Go on one of the boats that leisurely glide through this serene natural reserve, where the Danube and Drava rivers meet. The birdlife is exceptional for a truly relaxing experience.

6. Sailing Around Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park
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The Kornati archipelago, which covers an area of around 320 Square kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide, comprises 89 scattered islets of various sizes. The islets are rocky, barren, and have little productive soil; they are essentially deserted, but a few simple stone homes are scattered around. They are used as seasonal seafood restaurants and holiday retreats. Private sailing boats are the best way to explore this breathtakingly beautiful coastline. 

7. Explore the Korcula Island

Korcula Island
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The red clay roof tile architecture, which significantly impacted Korcula and its population, reflects its Italian past. Buses, ferries, and aircraft can all be used to get to the island. Korcula, a charming village with amazing views, is situated on the southern Dalmatian coast. Marco Polo, a famous merchant explorer known for his Silk Road exploits, was also born in Korcula. 

8. Discover Pula's Roman Arena

Pulska Arena
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The historic city of Pula, situated on the Adriatic coast in Croatia's famous Istria region, is among the most significant things to do in Croatia. A great day excursion for anyone vacationing in other parts of the country, Pula is widely recognized for its Roman architecture and wonderful beachfront environment, including many outstanding beaches. 

The remaining Roman structures are less spectacular or large than the Pula Arena (Pulska Arena).

9. Spend A Day In Sibenik

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Sibenik has been around for almost a thousand years and is likely one of the Dalmatian coast's most underestimated and underrated cities. The city has withstood and survived several wars, wind, wave beatings, and high temperatures over many centuries, despite its somewhat turbulent past.

The fact that Sibenik is entirely made of stone has increased its tenacity. One of the tremendous things to do in Croatia for those who want to experience something unique is to spend a day in this serene coastal city.

10. Experience The Charm Of the Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival
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One of the most loved carnivals in Croatia is Maskare, sometimes called Croatia Carnival. It takes place every February and is one of the most entertaining things to do in Croatia during the off-season. No matter their age, people from every area, city, and town in the country participate in Maskare. It is a custom that dates back to when people donned ugly masks to ward off evil spirits. It is a brilliant way to join in a Croatian tradition that dates back hundreds of years through this carnival.

11. Enjoy the Blue Cave Grotto

Blue Cave Grotto
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Visiting Blue Cave is an experience of a lifetime located in the Bay of Balun in Bievo on the Dalmatian Coast. Make reservations in advance to skip lines at this natural attraction. 

Consider traveling only on guided trips during the off-season. The entry ticket is $12. On the southernmost point of Vis Island is the Green Cave, which offers a self-guided swimming option if the Blue Cave is out of the question.

12. Sip Superb Wines in Pelješac.

picking grapes for the wines in Pelješac
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Soon after beginning to travel along Peljesac, the long finger-shaped island that deviates from the Adriatic coast north of Dubrovnik, you will find yourself surrounded by shady hillsides home to vineyards. Watch for the signs urging you to visit the area's boutique vineyards and sample some genuinely excellent wines. Red wine is king in this region, especially the hearty privacy mali and dinga grapes.

13. Spanjola Fortress, Hvar

Fortress Fortica Spanjola Hvar
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One of Croatia's most magnificent medieval fortresses is in Hvar Town, offering breathtaking views. The Spanjola Fortress, constructed in the 16th century, was initially intended as a defensive structure. Antiquities and exhibits that give a fascinating glimpse into life under Venetian domination are now housed in the fortress. You will have beautiful views of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast and the historic center of Hvar from the fortress's highest point.

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14. Admire Zadar’s Public Art

Sun Salutation in Zadar
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Zadar, the oldest city in Croatia, has a rich history, with evidence from the Roman, Byzantine, and Renaissance periods harmoniously blended. But as you stroll down the waterfront and hear the Sea Organ, a Nikola Bai art project in which the tide plays underwater pipes, the modern world seems to mix in flawlessly. Sun Salutation, a massive circle of glistening panels that shine at night, is right next to it.

15. Visit Trogir Town

Trogir Town
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Croatian tourist destinations are essential to the UNESCO World Heritage. Trogir, a charming old village, has a beautiful setting and a perfect location. It is famous as the City of Masters and deeply connects to Greek and Roman history.

For those who enjoy fish, it is famous for culinary explorations. It's the ideal location for a delicious Italian pastry or a fantastic cup of coffee. It boasts a lengthy stretch of yachting marina cafes, like the one under the palms facing the canals. Moreover, Trogir is home to many top-notch Italian eateries that offer affordable, authentic pizza, seafood, and pasta.

Best Time to Visit Croatia

things to do in Croatia
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The Adriatic Sea's warm waves entice countless tourists during Croatia's busiest travel months of July and August. There are boat parties and medieval festivals, and the upscale resorts are crowded with yachters since the alcohol flows freely. Although the afternoons are scorching hot, the lines at attractions are at their longest, and hotel prices are increasing, it's still a lot of fun. Zagreb empties as inhabitants leave for the shore, and temperatures are more significant in the interior.

Croatia is Full of Exciting Places

Happy woman enjoys view of old town (medieval Ragusa) and Dalmatian Coast of Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik. Blue sea with white yachts, beautiful landscape, aerial view, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Croatia is the favorite place of many tourists and is one of the top destinations to travel to. The fantastic things to do in Croatia listed above are the ones you should experience while on your holiday to this spectacular country. Without any wait, book your tickets and fly to this amazing place. 

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