The 15 Best Things to Do in Greenville, SC

Steve Cummings

Things to do in Greenville SC

If you are looking for a place with food, outdoor activities, shopping, museums, and good breweries to visit, then look no further than Greenville, South Carolina. 

Greenville, SC, is one of the fastest-growing places in the U.S.A., where significant industries like BMW and Michelin are flocking. If you are looking for an excellent place to visit or even a place to move to, Greenville, SC, is a great place to go.

The city is located in the foothills of South Carolina, within an hour away from Clemson University. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are just a short drive away.

The city is full of beautiful people, museums, fantastic food that can fill your stomach for days, and the best state parks within driving distance.  

Not all of these things will be for everyone, but this is just a good glimpse into the many things you could visit and see in Greenville, SC.

Here are a few of the best things to do in Greenville, SC.

15 of the Best Things to do in Greenville, SC.

Greenville has many places to see and things to do. The food and shopping scene is a big one for many people, but venture over to the numerous museums, natural parks, and the zoo if you are looking for family-friendly items. With so many fun things to do in Greenville SC, there is something for everyone. 

1. Falls Park On the Reedy River

Falls Park Greenville
Falls Park on The Reedy River

The iconic Falls Park in downtown Greenville is one of the best places to visit. You can take a walk along the 345-foot Liberty Bridge and take photos for your Instagram there. They will have movies and Shakespeare in the park during the summer, where they have many plays. 

Falls Park is a place to walk around, take a picnic, have some romantic dates, and enjoy the fantastic scenery surrounding the Reedy River. It boasts a romantic feel around it with some of the older mills and factories that have been renovated in the area. A trip to Greenville will not be complete without walking around this beautiful park. 

2. Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is an iconic 20-mile-long path that connects downtown Greenville to Travelers Rest. Many people go here to walk, run, and even ride bikes as the trail follows the Reedy River. 

Go where many people have ventured to see as you can see the picturesque landscape change from the city to more of the little town of Travelers Rest. As you go down this path, there will be many nearby places, such as breweries, bike shops, and much more. 

3. Main Street (Go Shopping)

Shopping for many people is a great time. You are looking for great deals, new trends, and seeing things through the windows of so many different shops. 

Greenville’s Main Street boasts some of the best shopping in the foothills area of South Carolina. The iconic Mast General Store is a place to begin, but then as you walk down Main Street, you are greeted with many stores that will open your eyes and invite you in. 

4. Show at the Peace Center

If you are looking for more culture, the Peace Center is a beautiful place to catch shows, performances, and theater. It has been known to host The Lion King, Wicked, and Hamilton. 

The Peace Center is a cultural hub in the middle of Greenville, hosting 2100 guests, and a sizable theater can host 400. It is not only a place for Broadway, but it also hosts the Greenville Orchestra. 

If you want an appealing cultural night in Greenville, check out the Peace Center and see its many hosting events. 

5. The Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo is not any ole zoo, but it is a beautiful place for kids and families to enjoy the exotic wildlife. The animals bring nature and wonder alive as you see primates, the flightless Penguins. It is a beautiful trip to take as you enjoy a fun-packed day of seeing animals. 

The Greenville Zoo also has many events that bring people from all around. They have adult events like Sipping Safari and Brew in The Zoo. The Breweries and wineries have gathered together for fundraisers and fun, as you can buy tickets to enjoy drinks, have fun with friends, and see the zoo. 

6. The Amazing Food Scene

Greenville has the scene if you are foody and enjoy being around some of the best food. It is full of beautiful restaurants with some of the best food around.

You may think that Charleston boasts about food, but Greenville has places like Gather Greenville, where you can try many different types of food from all around the city such as burgers, Mexican, Cheesesteaks, and Cuban food.

Main St is full of delectable restaurants boasting cuisines from everywhere. Then you have some of the best BBQs around sitting in Greenville.

The great thing about the food culture in Greenville is that there are so many chances to eat. In the Fall, there is a food festival called Fall For Greenville where food vendors from all over give you a little taste of it all as you can try many different places all at once. 

The Breweries often have food trucks that rock up, giving you the chance to drink beer at the local breweries and venture outside to taste the tasty food. 

There are restaurants such as Side Wall Pizza, Trio Bistro, The Lazy Goat, Willy Tacos, Soby’s Sandwich shop, etc. Those restaurants are just barely touching the surface of the great food scene in Greenville. 

Come hungry and leave happy in Greenville, SC.

7. Craft Breweries Everywhere To Enjoy

Craft Breweries have been popping up in Greenville more and more. It is as if they are trying to compete with Asheville, NC, “Beer City.” The fantastic thing is that you cannot go wrong with finding some of the best beers in town. 

Greenville boasts 15-16 different breweries and tap houses to taste all the fantastic beers coming out of Greenville. You have Swamp Rabbit Brewery, Birds Fly South, and 13 Stripes as some of those go-to stops. If you are into beer and are already in Greenville, take a moment to visit these many breweries and taste what Greenville offers. 

8. Gather Greenville For Some Food and Drinks

Within walking distance of Fluor field, there is Gather Greenville. Gather Greenville is the Shipping Container restaurant, entertainment, and gathering place for Greenville. It boasts a place where people can come together, eat food from different restaurants, and enjoy an adult beverage. 

Thirteen shipping containers have restaurants and craft beer. There is space for the kids to run around, and you can sit with friends and relax and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere. 

9. Fluor Field

Fluor Field is the home of the Greenville Drive baseball team. If you are looking for something to do, going to Fluor field offers many things that are not just baseball. They will have events like a craft beer festival. Plus, right around the corner is the Gather Greenville. 

So spend a night enjoying a terrific baseball game with friends and family, and then head off for a night of drinks and food at the Gather Greenville. There is so much to offer at Fluor Field. 

10. Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Bon Secours Wellness Arena is full of entertainment and events. It is the home of the Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey team. There is a chance to watch some entertaining hockey while within the wonderful downtown Greenville blocks. 

Not only is Bon Secours Wellness Arena a place for hockey, but many other events happen there as well. You will have the opportunity to catch many different concerts and events. Once in a while, they will also host March Madness basketball games, allowing many people from all over to watch some of the best basketball in the college season. 

There is just so much happening here. So take a chance to check out a concert, a hockey game, or walk around the area. 

11. Paris Mountain State Park

If you are a hiker and looking for the outdoors without wanting to drive to North Carolina, you can take a trip to Paris Mountain State Park. Paris Mountain State Park is a small hill in the middle of Greenville. It is called a mountain, but the elevation only goes 2,000 feet. 

Paris Mountain is a beautiful state park where you can go hiking, explore, and even do some swimming and paddling in. There are about 15 miles worth of hiking trails and an 8-acre lake where visitors can go swimming, fish, and kayaking or canoeing. There are boat rentals in the park as well. 

12. Caesars Head State Park

If you are looking for a place to hike that is more adventurous than Paris Mountain, then take a trip to Caesars Head State Park. It is not precisely in Greenville, but it is a beautiful trip. 

Caesars Head State Park is in the same area as Jones Gap State Park. You will find many different trails, hikes, and beautiful sights. The area is great for outdoor adventures and spending a day enjoying nature. 

There is a state park entrance fee, but besides that, pack up the car with a picnic lunch and your favorite hiking shoes, and enjoy a day in nature at Caesars Head State Park.

13. Greenville County Museum of Art

If you are looking for something more appealing like art, then the Greenville Country Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in Greenville. It displays art from all around the south. 

There are numerous art collections and exhibitions on impressionism done by artists from the south. 

If you are an art lover, then the Greenville County Museum of Art will be a place to enjoy some time observing and looking around at the numerous pieces being displayed. 

14. Roper Mountain Science Center

The Roper Mountain Science Center is a place for all ages to learn, enjoy, and have fun. They have an arboretum, which many people can walk through. You can visit the planetarium to look at the wonderful planets in our solar system and discover new things about the sky and space. 

Then there is the butterfly garden full of wonder. 

Roper Mountain Science Center is a learning lab for kids. It brings about the wonder and enthusiasm to show kids many things, from churning butter to playing with butterflies and seeing the planets in space. It is a great place to take kids to learn about the world around us. 

15. Watch Improv Comedy At Alchemy

At Coffee Underground, there are improv comedy shows pretty often on the weekend. Alchemy Comedy Theater puts on numerous shows performing improv for all to see. 

Most of these improv actors are from the Greenville area. They will do some fun sketch comedy to create a fantastic atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

Grab a coffee from Coffee Underground, grab a seat, and enjoy a night you will not forget.

Final Thoughts:

If you are searching for places to travel to in the South Eastern part of the U.S., look no further than Greenville, South Carolina. You cannot go wrong with stopping in Greenville. There are numerous places to go all over the south, such as Savannah, Asheville, and Gatlinburg. The South East is full of amazing towns with great features that are family friendly and fun for all.

There are numerous things to do in Greenville, SC, and just having this guide can help you create a fantastic itinerary for your next trip. So stop by, eat some food, drink some beer, and enjoy a little place called Greenville. You are sure to walk away with many memories and great experiences. 

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