14 Best Things to Do in Travelers Rest SC On The Weekend

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things to do in Travelers Rest

Have you ever had the chance to explore Travelers Rest, SC yourself? Situated between the Blue Ridge Mountains, on the route connecting Boone and Asheville, NC, and just before the bustling city of Greenville, SC, lies the charming town of Travelers Rest, SC. 

The town got its name from its proximity to the North Carolina Mountains. Its well-suited name harkens back to its historical role as a rest stop for weary travelers on their way to the mountains. Travelers had to relax in town during the winter and wait for the mountains' snow to melt before heading north.

Today, Travelers Rest offers a range of Upstate experiences, outdoor adventures, great cuisine, and wineries for tourists, adventure lovers, food lovers, and craft beer enthusiasts. 

So, if you're planning a trip to this charming destination, here are some of the best things to do in Travelers Rest. Read on to explore!

1. Visit Trailblazer Park

Location: 235 Trailblazer Dr., Travelers Rest, SC 29690 

Trailblazer Park is a popular public park in Travelers Rest, SC, near Furman University in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This urban green space serves as a hub for various cultural and recreational activities for locals and visitors. 

Trailblazer Park is home to a variety of cultural events, such as concerts, festivals, and open mic nights. If you're planning a trip between May and September, don't miss the free Trailblazer concerts. The park also screens movies and TV shows, offering a fun and family-friendly entertainment option under the open sky. Additionally, visitors can participate in various recreational activities, such as biking trails and space for the kids to ride their bicycles.

2. Visit the Farmer's Market

Location: 235 Trailblazer Dr., Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Exploring the Travelers Rest Farmers Market is one the best things to do in Travelers Rest if you find yourself in town on Saturday. This market is much more than just a place to buy food. It provides guests live music, yoga classes, cooking demos, food truck delights, and other activities. This local gem showcases the work of skilled artisans, including textiles, pottery, fashion items, woodcrafts, and more.

This market is open every Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm from May to September. In addition, there is a Harvest market every Thursday night in October and a special holiday market in December that you won't want to miss. Don't forget to pick up some fresh honey as a delightful souvenir.

3. Copperhead Mountain Distillery

Location: 14 South Main Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm & Sunday, 11 am – 4 pm 

Copperhead Mountain Distillery is a must-see for spirits connoisseurs. The distillery offers a wide variety of mountain-crafted spirits and moonshine tastings inspired by the rich beer and wine traditions of German, Italian, and Irish heritage. 

If you're unsure about your preferences, feel free to ask for advice from their knowledgeable staff, who are glad to help. Furthermore, the store sells various merchandise items, allowing you to bring home a souvenir from your visit.

4. Explore the History Museum of Travelers Rest

Location: 3 Edwards Street, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 

Learn about the fascinating history of the Travelers Rest at the Travelers' Rest History Museum. This iconic museum unravels the rich tapestry of this charming town's history.

Housed within a building that was formerly a grocery store for many years, this historical gem took on a new purpose in 2010 when the building's owner generously donated it to the Historical Society. It was then relocated to its current location, where it still stands as a historical landmark. 

You'll find many artifacts and exhibits that shed light on Travelers' Rest's history here. Immerse yourself in the area's stories and historical significance as a cherished resting point for travelers. Whether you're a history buff or simply curious about the past, the Travelers Rest History Museum provides an interesting peek into the town's history.

5. Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve 

Location: Mccauley Road, Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690.

Visit the Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve in Travelers Rest, a place historically known for respite and solace by weary travelers. Spanning 179 acres, this land is dedicated to protecting the endangered bunched arrowhead plant species, which is found in only two counties in the US. The preserve is home to more than 750 nationally endangered arrowhead plants. These plant species are highly sensitive to water pollution and water level fluctuations, requiring dedicated conservation efforts for their survival.

Furthermore, the heritage preserve is a haven for various bird species, making it an attractive site for birdwatching. It is open to the public and offers hiking adventures. Dogs are not allowed on the property, so keep your furry companions at home even though it's an enjoyable spot for nature lovers.

6. Play Golf at the Cherokee Valley Golf Club

Location: 450 Cherokee Valley Way, Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Cherokee Valley Golf Club offers a unique and memorable experience in a beautiful, natural location.

The 18-hole course winds through rolling hills, woodlands, and creeks, offering a challenging round of golf and spectacular views. It caters to golfers of all skill levels, with well-maintained fairways and greens.

However, golf isn't the sole attraction here. The club also has a pool and fitness center, perfect for unwinding after a round of golf. When hunger strikes, you'll find dining options to satiate your post-golf craving. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or simply seeking a relaxing day on the course, Cherokee Valley Golf Club has something for you.

7. Enjoy the Fall Bluegrass and Harvest Market Festivities

Location: 235 Trailblazer Drive, Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690

The Fall Bluegrass & Harvest Market is a delightful autumn event that combines the lively sounds of bluegrass music with the charm of a harvest market. It's a seasonal festival that captures the essence of fall, bringing together local artisans, farmers, and musicians for a fun day.

Take leisurely strolls through the bustling harvest markets beneath a large pavilion. Here, you'll find an eclectic combination of vendors offering everything from handcrafted artisanal products to fresh, locally sourced produce. Local families and food trucks create an environment of communal harmony. Meanwhile, the soft tunes of bluegrass music create a dynamic backdrop to the festivities, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it won't come again.

8. Hike and Bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Location: 17 Pinsley Circle, Greenville, SC 29617

When listing the best things to do in Travelers Rest, it's impossible to skip the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a popular and scenic multi-use trail in Upstate South Carolina, extending from Travelers Rest to Greenville. Contrary to its name, this trail is a greenway that parallels Main Street and provides a variety of outdoor activities and opportunities to connect with nature.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail stretches for approximately 22 miles and is popular among cyclists, joggers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It meanders through woodlands, alongside rivers, and past quaint communities, allowing you to explore the area's natural beauty and culture.

You'll encounter various attractions along the route, including city parks, the historic railroad corridor, the scenic Reedy River, charming cafes, pleasant breweries, and much more. Whether you're looking for a stroll, an exciting bike ride, or a scenic escape, the Swamp Rabbit Trail offers a memorable outdoor experience for all. 

Don't have a bike? No worries – you can rent one from Sunrift Adventures, which is conveniently located near the trail's starting point.

9. Try some of the Tasting Room's Wines

Location: 164 S. Main St., Suite C, Travelers Rest, South Carolina, 29690

The Tasting Room, located in the heart of Travelers Rest, is a unique establishment—a boutique wine bar, shop, and venue dedicated to the world of craft beers and artisanal wines. You'll find a large selection here, with over 180 wines and around 150 craft beers.

In addition to its amazing retail offerings, The Tasting Room offers a lively setting in which patrons can enjoy by-the-glass wines and a rotating selection of draft beers. Guests can also delight in Weekly Feature wines and indulge in cheese and charcuterie combos. Furthermore, the venue hosts educational events, making it a diverse and fascinating destination for wine and beer fans alike.

Whether you want to support local businesses, explore high-quality beers and wines, or simply looking for a unique tasting experience, the Tasting Room is the place to go.

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10. Horseback Riding at JMG Ranch

Location: 522 Mush Creek Rd, Travelers Rest, South Carolina, 29690-8722

If you're visiting Travelers Rest, grab the opportunity to embark on an exciting western adventure at JMG Ranch. Prepare to saddle up and ride through winding river paths, up mountain peaks, and across swift-moving fords. If you've never experienced horse riding, the ranch offers guided trail tours led by experienced riders. After your journey, enjoy a hearty meal prepared over an open flame.

For more adventure, join their 2-3 day camping trips where you'll visit equestrian-friendly state parks and go on mountain rides. Whether you're new to the saddle or a seasoned trail rider, JMG Ranch invites you to discover the charm of these and other adventures. It's an invitation to connect with nature, experience beautiful landscapes, and make lifelong memories with horses.

11. Visit the Poinsett Bridge

Location: 618 Callahan Mountain Road, Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690

Visit the Poinsett Bridge, an iconic historical landmark, to step back in time. This stone bridge, named after Joel Poinsett, dates back to 1820 and is a testament to the region's rich history and craftsmanship.

Whether you're seeking a budget-friendly escape from the city's chaos or hoping to catch a glimpse of the supernatural, as some claim the bridge is haunted, Poinsett Bridge has much to offer.

The creek's inviting waters offer hours of fun and frolic for families with kids while hiking lovers can explore the nearby trails. A visit to Poinsett Bridge promises an unforgettable blend of history, natural beauty, and potential mysteries waiting to be solved.

12. Explore the White Rabbit Fine Arts Gallery

Location: 5 South Main, St, Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Explore the world of art at the White Rabbit Fine Arts Gallery, where creativity knows no bounds. As you step inside, you'll be greeted by a varied spectrum of artistic expressions, including acrylics and watercolors. It's the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for artistic inspiration.

What's more, the gallery is open all year, allowing art fans to indulge in their passion regardless of the season. The gallery also provides Signature Art Classes, allowing aspiring painters to refine their skills.

13. Shop at Sunrift Adventures

Location: 1 Center Street, Travelers Rest, South Carolina, 29690

Explore the shopping delights at Sunrift Adventures. This outfitter store is your go-to destination for all your adventure-ready essentials. Here, you'll find an appealing selection of items for your backpacking experiences, including kayaks, outdoor gear, and apparel. Sunrift Adventures also rents bikes if you want to explore the area on two wheels.

Whether you're looking for hiking gear, camping equipment, kayaks, canoes, or even clothing and accessories suited for your outdoor adventures, Sunrift Adventures has you covered.

14. Try the Sweet Honey of the Carolina Honey Bee Company

Location: 10 South Main Street, Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690-1810

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the Carolina Honey Bee Company, the perfect way to end your journey before heading home. This renowned honey producer offers a wonderful selection of honey products, making it a perfect place to pick up gifts for loved ones back home. It holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors.

With over a century of beekeeping experience, Carolina Honey Bee Company's owners are masters in crafting the finest honey for their customers. Some of their popular items are hand soap, body butter, or hot pepper-infused honey.

The Carolina Honey Bee Company sells live bees and pure, unprocessed honey sourced directly from their hives. Whether you're looking for fresh honey or want to become a beekeeper, they have many beekeeping supplies to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Travelers Rest, SC, is a world of charm and adventure for all. Whether you're looking for relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences, this charming town has all. I hope this list of the 14 best things to do in Travelers Rest will help you plan an unforgettable vacation. 

So, why wait? Plan your visit to Travelers Rest today and create memories in this beautiful South Carolina hamlet. Your next adventure is only a few steps away!

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