10 Legit Ways That Life in America Differs From the Rest of the World

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“How is life in the U.S. different from life in Europe or other parts of the world?” a user on an internet forum asks. Many users respond with various answers. Here are the best.

1. Higher Risk, Higher Reward

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One person answers that in America, gaining success is as easy as losing everything. In other countries, the risk and reward are lower stakes.

2. Individualization

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A commenter who's lived in Europe and the U.S. claims the U.S. favors a more individualistic society where everyone is concerned with their own well-being, while those in Europe stick up for each other and focus on community. As Taylor Swift sings, “You're on your own, kid,” in America.

3. Dining

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In Europe, having a two to three-hour dinner is normalized and the custom. Waitstaff's wages include tips, and they receive standard living wages from the get-go.

In America, most dinners run under an hour since waitstaff rely heavily on tips. Workers rush you out of the establishment and side-eye anyone who remains at the table after the checks are distributed.

4. Healthcare

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Going to the doctor is expensive. In the U.S., you need insurance to combat costs and receive adequate healthcare; however, having insurance demonstrates wealth disparity, placing those who need medical attention at a loss. Across the pond, society chips in to allow everyone equal access to healthcare, extinguishing the socio-economic gap for those who require medical attention.

5. Public Transportation

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Big cities in America, like Los Angeles and New York City, have widely used public transportation systems, but it is not the norm. Driving in America is more common than walking, while in other countries, citizens don't own vehicles, and they don't need to.

For example, while in France, I walked from my Airbnb to the Catacombs and took a train to the downtown area for a tour. In Amsterdam, I hopped on an aboveground metro that zipped patrons across the country.

6. Size

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Texas is bigger than any European country. Part of that is why transportation in Europe is easily accessible, and you can easily get from one side of the country to the next. In the U.S., you need to take a plane to get from one side of the country to the other, and if you don't fly, you spend days on a tiring road trip.

7. Food Diversity

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“Amazing diversity of food. I'm not just talking about fast food as some Europeans seem to think it's the only thing we eat. But like small outta the way family restaurants for anything from Thai to Serbian, Mexican to a place that serves only fancy types of mac and cheese.

We have a wide selection of food from many parts of the world while the average European doesn't even own Tortillas or has eaten good Burgers,” a U.S. resident chips in.

8. Work-Centered

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Many respondents express that Americans worry more about their jobs than people living in other countries. And because of this high level of exertion, Americans suffer burnout far more than those in other countries.

9. Vacation Days

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“The biggest difference, though, is that Europeans get a lot of holidays and vacations, while in the U.S., you are shamed for taking time off and can often barely find time to go to a doctor's appointment without missing 15 important emails from your boss and being thought of as a slacker,” a European resident shares.

10. Gun Violence

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Sadly, gun violence poisons schools in the U.S., causing parents to worry about their kids' lives every day. Obtaining a weapon is easier than buying a car in the States.

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