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Hi! My name is Steve Cummings, and I am the Frugal Expat. I am going, to be honest I have not always been frugal, and I have not always been an expat. Living life in Taipei, Taiwan has taught me lessons on how to be more frugal and learn how to invest my money to achieve a truly happier life.

The blog will show my journey as I take my family to Financial Independence. As my wife and I live our expat life, we are hoping to save and invest in our future. Financial Independence is part of that future.

Goal to help you

Through our journey to achieve Financial Independence, I plan to give tips on how to effectively create your own plan. There will be tips on how to save, invest, side hustle, and create a plan to achieve your number for Financial Independence. I will share with you guys our Networth in order to keep us accountable for our goals. Of course, the journey has its ups and downs. 

This blog will feature hacks on housing and credit cards. I will provide tips for investing, and making it simple. There will be tips for brokerage accounts, investment tools, and even some freebies, plus thoughts about saving on taxes. 

We are also travelers

Life is all about living a fun and fruitful life. My wife, Sarah, and I love living an adventurous life meeting new people, seeing different sites, and trying wonderful food. We do some travel blogging for our blog Cummings & Goings.

Living to work was never something we had dreamed about. We had always wanted to live a life of fun and excitement. Work happens to the means to pay for our life and give us that freedom. Money is a tool that we can use to create more time to achieve the life we enjoy.

The Frugal Expat life

My life consists of living in Taipei, Taiwan. My wife and I are both English teachers in Taiwan. We live in a modest minimalist home with a nice balcony to host gatherings with our friends. Oftentimes, we will host friends that are traveling to Taiwan. Our main transportation will be our bikes. Like I said, we are frugal people.

I tend to follow several finance blogs as well with their tips and tricks on how they achieved financial Independence and I hope that our tips and tricks can help you as well. 

Come follow us on our adventure. Join the journey. Asks questions so that we can help you achieve your financial success.

A Quote for You.

I like to end my posts with a quote. I adapted a quote from JL Collins “Spend less than you earn, invest the surplus, invest the rest”, and made it, ” Spend less than you make, stay out of debt, and invest the rest”

This quote shows what we will be doing with the Frugal Expat, and I hope you can join our journey.

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