Ben Rice

Couples arguing outdoors

Unveiling 10 Brutally Honest Truths About Marriage We Often Keep Hush-hush

Ben Rice

American marriages have been on the decline for a long time. Data on show that in 2021, six people ...

Man chained to laptop

Daydreaming About Quitting Your Job? Here Are 10 Things To Consider First

Ben Rice

So many people work jobs they don’t like or even hate, so looking at the grass on the other side ...

Upset woman in airport

10 Travel Hurdles That Caught Explorers off Guard on the Road

Ben Rice

Some people say they love travel, but actually, they hate traveling, and when you go through the oft-dehumanizing charade of ...

African female seeing bills

10 Most Outrageous Charges That People Found Hidden in Their Medical Bills

Ben Rice

Dealing with the medical industry in some countries can be a Kafka-esque experience; sometimes, people have no idea what is ...

Group of people shocked

12 Unbelievable Events That Prove Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Ben Rice

Movies and television are most people's favorite forms of entertainment, but real life has far more interesting stories to discover, ...


10 Jobs That Are So Glamorous on TV, But Really, They Just Stink

Ben Rice

Investing years and thousands of dollars into a career is arguably life's biggest decision, influencing much of what follows. However, ...

Woman during job interview

10 Strategic “Weaknesses” to Share With Confidence in a Job Interview

Ben Rice

I once attended a job interview where the boss threw me a curveball for the first question. He asked me, ...


10 Big Things It Takes To Become a Millionaire According to the Internet

Ben Rice

The word millionaire: is it losing its value or gaining more? I often consider this question because while those with ...

National Anthems

10 Countries That Have the Best National Anthems in the World

Ben Rice

It is hard to decide what makes a national anthem great. Therefore, I have chosen a simple formula to judge ...

10 of the Worst Types of Coworkers You’ll Ever Work With

Ben Rice

Working in an office is rewarding at its best, but at its worst, we must spend far too many hours ...

Family in beach

Crafting the Perfect 3-Week South East Asia Itinerary for You and Your Teenager

Ben Rice

When I read the words in a recent online post, “I am planning on traveling from the US for three ...

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