Daydreaming About Quitting Your Job? Here Are 10 Things To Consider First

Ben Rice

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So many people work jobs they don’t like or even hate, so looking at the grass on the other side of the river is common. The grass may look greener, but there are many things we must consider before jumping ship. Here are recommendations for anyone in this position because you're not the only one facing these thoughts.

1. Don’t Rage Quit

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As close as you might be to the edge, it’s important to keep perspective. As miserable as you feel now, it won’t compare to the despair of unemployment. Start searching for opportunities while you are still employed — the thought that a new job is coming one day may motivate you to get through each day.

2. What About My Resume?

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Your current job may not be something you are proud of, so putting it on your resume may cause concern. Sometimes, relations with supervisors can sour, which makes asking for a reference a problem. Some vindictive bosses will spite ex-employees for daring to leave. If a new employer likes you, it won’t matter if you leave this job off the list.

3. Stay the Course

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While it can be soul-destroying, keeping your head down and hustling for employers you don’t respect, you cannot let this show. Learn the art of deep breathing before approaching any potential confrontation. Set yourself a target for keeping the job — two years in a position looks better than six months.

4. Benefits Make All the Difference

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Many workers remain employed in jobs that bore them, which is not as bad as feeling miserable, though unfulfilling. Some people choose low-skilled jobs they don’t care for simply because they get their family’s medical insurance covered. Sometimes, the mentality is about survival for others’ benefit.

5. Assess What You Want

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Those who master long-term thinking use action planning to identify a path for their goals. Are you stuck in a low-skilled job? Look for night school classes or online courses to learn new skills and plan the road. Writing an action plan with identifiable, realistic outcomes will turn daydreams into tangible reality.

6. Write a Personal Statement

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Sometimes, stepping back from the everyday to appraise who you are and where you are headed makes sense. A personal statement should include everything you have achieved, making connections to the job or life you want. Begin with listing why you want to make a change, identify a career you could realistically begin, and then use it to evaluate what to do.

7. Make a Pros and Cons List

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A simple method for deciding what to do is to assess the implications of where you are professionally. Of course, the pros list may outweigh the cons; however, the inverse means you are best staying put for now. Moreover, seeing your current benefits will help you overcome any discouragement.

8. Talk to Somebody

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Naturally, there will be certain bosses who are unapproachable, so even talking to a friend may help you. Thankfully, employers are becoming more progressive with staff wellness, and many companies employ counselors, so finding a good listener may be possible. We will never know how things could turn out if we sit silently.

9. Ask Yourself Some Questions

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A personal brainstorming session can be liberating and may help uncover any forgotten elements in your career path. How did you get here? What do you want to change? How would a perfect working day look? When we have time to reflect, we may uncover some truths about ourselves — what if the job isn’t the problem?

10. Where Are You Physically and Mentally?

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Stress is highly corrosive to one’s mental health and physical well-being. A poor lifestyle will affect your work, personal, and family life. If you are overstressed, are you doing everything to alleviate it, such as sports or gym work? We must be the best versions of ourselves before making rash decisions.

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