Chris Phelan

12 Travel Inconveniences People Want To Wave a Magic Wand To Get Rid Of

Chris Phelan

While traveling is one of the most exhilarating things a person can do, it does come with its fair share ...

Woman taking photo in London

10 Beloved Travel Destinations That Influencers Are Ruining for Everyone Else

Chris Phelan

Most people love to travel, but not if it means constantly competing with social media influencers who are ruining everything ...

Bride, groom and guest giving pose

Guests First: 10 Ways To Make Everyone Feel Special at a Frugal Wedding

Chris Phelan

At any wedding, it's essential to make guests feel special. Even though it's ultimately about the bride and groom, many ...

10 Grueling Jobs That Made People Question Their Life Choices

Chris Phelan

It's a shame that jobs are necessary to make money in today's society because not all occupations are created equal. ...

12 Expenses People Admit Are Draining Their Wallets

Chris Phelan

Saving money is often easier said than done, and specific activities and expenses seemingly exist to extract as much money ...

10 Smart Tricks for Catching Z’s in Economy Class

Chris Phelan

Everyone knows that getting enough sleep during a flight is impossible, and flying in economy class only worsens things. So ...

10 Strategic Moves To Make at 18 for a Roadmap to Future Success

Chris Phelan

It's never too soon to begin planning for your financial future. While 18 may seem like a young age to ...

10 Signs You’ve Taken Saving Money Too Far

Chris Phelan

Living a frugal lifestyle has countless benefits, including having more money in your wallet and being a more responsible consumer. ...

Man having money

10 Simple Ways To Be More Frugal With Your Spending Habits

Chris Phelan

Completely altering your lifestyle to embrace frugality is daunting for many people. Everybody would love to save money, but it ...

Man working

The Art of Career Comfort: 10 Strategies for Scoring Those Coveted Cushy Jobs

Chris Phelan

Millions of people grind away at a nine-to-five pace daily and envy the lucky few with seemingly the cushiest, most ...

Eating out less

Dining Out on a Dime: 10 Savvy Tips for Enjoying Meals Without the Expense

Chris Phelan

Everyone wants to save money, and dining out is a constant pain point for millions. However, there are plenty of ...

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