10 Hard Truths About Becoming the Person You Never Thought You Would Be

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When you’re growing up, there are some things that you consider a no-go territory. As life unravels, you start to change and become the person you never thought you’d ever be. The uncharted path of adulthood is a long and arduous one, and with it comes unexpected plot twists that mold you into someone unrecognizable. Here are some hard truths that you need to confront.

1. Grunting When You Get off the Floor

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With so much desk work and spending time glued to our screens, aches and pains are inevitable, even at a young age. Looking at people who would moan every time they got up from a sitting position was something none of us wanted to do. We imagined a fit lifestyle where everything was just effortless. Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to have to deal with this at some point.

2. Being Emotionally Insensitive

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Back in the day, being goofy, positive, and full of life came easy. When you’re slapped in the face with life and reality, it becomes pretty challenging to maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude. Being caring and kind shouldn’t be this hard, but the truth is that it is because we’re all burnt-out cogs in a machine.

3. Loneliness

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One of the problems plaguing modern-day society is being very connected in the digital world but being entirely disconnected in real life. As humans, we yearn to belong and feel loved and accepted, but at the end of the day, being left with your own thoughts makes you realize just how lonely you really are.

4. Anger and Frustration

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If you characterize yourself as an angry person even though you were never hot-headed before, then congratulations, you’re officially an adult now. As you go through the grueling path of growing up, you begin to see things for what they are, which automatically makes you feel frustrated and full of rage. With atrocities happening across the globe, there’s just no other way.

5. Looking For Cheaper Alternatives

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Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t something only moms are known to do. When you’re knee-deep in debt or living off minimum wage and just trying to make ends meet, looking for cheap alternatives to branded items shouldn’t be surprising. I mean, have you looked at the economy? Jeez. As old as this makes you feel, this one isn’t all bad.

6. Using Corporate Lingo

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Have you ever looked at someone using typical corporate words and thought they were being extremely obnoxious? Well, now you’re one of those people, too. The more you advance in your career, the easier it becomes to succumb to the capitalist trap and become more corporate-sounding. Try not to make it your entire personality, though.

7. Using Curse Words

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If you’ve been afraid to curse as a child, then you were definitely raised right. But with the passage of time, curse words seem to flow out of your mouth like there’s no tomorrow. You begin to understand the need for them. To be fair, some people really do deserve it and more.

8. You’re Becoming Your Parents

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As much as we argue with our parents, the older you get, the more you start to understand them and turn into their carbon copies. Sometimes, time is really what anyone needs to realize why their parents did what they did. It’s only natural to pick up things along the way, but the only difference is that somewhere along the way, you stopped fighting it.

9. A Homebody

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When your raging 20s come to an end, so do most of the parties, wild nights, and crazy adventures. That’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities anymore to do that, but you start to prefer the comfort of your own house over them. Living the life of a twenty-year-old frat boy has its ups, but I’m just too old to deal with what comes after.

10. Sleeping at Nine

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This might be the most crucial point in our list because, boy, it really stings. Judging older people going to bed early and classifying them as dull and sad was one of the many things our young brains used to think about, but sadly, the tables have turned, and you’re that adult who needs a good night's sleep to avoid passing out in the morning.

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