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10 Things That Frugal Individuals Swear Made Life Better

Saad Muzaffar

In a world where consumerism often encourages us to splurge, a community of frugal individuals has discovered that intelligent investments ...

Open Your Eyes! 12 Unforeseen Expenses That Are Stealthily Draining Your Wallet

Saad Muzaffar

How one spends their money is a personal choice. If a seemingly absurd purchase can bring you joy, it may ...

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11 Facts About Life That Sound Made Up, But Are Completely True

Saad Muzaffar

If you’re a geek like me, then you might be curious to know about a lot of random titbits that ...

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12 Bizarre, the Unexpected, and Downright Strange Things People Have Seen on City Streets

Saad Muzaffar

The hustle and bustle of people in the streets is pretty average for city life. Yet, sometimes, you’ll find the ...


10 Best Good Paying Jobs for Dumb People According to the Internet

Saad Muzaffar

Some of us are gifted in one domain but not others. You may be good with practical tasks but not ...

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10 Effective Strategies To Handle a Patronizing Person

Saad Muzaffar

What’s the worst kind of person in the world? The one who appears to help but has a condescending tone ...

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10 Hard Truths About Becoming the Person You Never Thought You Would Be

Saad Muzaffar

When you’re growing up, there are some things that you consider a no-go territory. As life unravels, you start to ...

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Ears to the Wall: 11 of the Most Peculiar Conversations Overheard by the Curious

Saad Muzaffar

When eavesdropping, accidentally or otherwise, we never know when we may strike gold. From the silliest to the darkest, members ...

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Balancing Friendship and Freedom: 10 Tips for Coping With Unsupportive Friends as a Digital Nomad

Saad Muzaffar

As cliche as it sounds, friends are the family you choose for yourself. But, sometimes, those friends can prove to ...

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Surprising Splurges: 12 Things Frugal Folks Secretly Invest Big Bucks In

Saad Muzaffar

Frugal folks are infamous for their savvy spending habits, but did you know there are some things even they wouldn't ...

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10 Jobs for Lazy People Who Want To Make Money Without Working Too Hard

Saad Muzaffar

If you're smart but somewhat lazy and let your procrastination get the best of you, you're not alone. However, all ...

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