These 10 Jobs Are So Terrible, You’ll Wonder Why Anyone Would Do Them

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Getting a new job can be very exciting, but not all jobs offer the same satisfaction or joy. Some, unfortunately, are downright terrible and should never be done by anyone, no matter how desperate they may be for work.

Sometimes you might hear from your friends and family members how their jobs are miserable and how much they hate them – it's these types of jobs we're talking about here.

This blog will share some of the worst jobs that no one should ever do. So if you are seeking employment or considering a career change, stay away from the following 10 terrible jobs.

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

crime scene cleaner
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Crime scene cleaners are responsible for tidying up areas where unfortunate events occurred, such as accidents or violent crimes. They handle the removal of blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials, ensuring the location is safe and clean.

This job can be pretty unsettling and emotionally challenging, making it unappealing to many people. 

Additionally, crime scene cleaners must follow strict safety rules to avoid getting sick from the substances they encounter. This vital yet difficult job requires a strong stomach and a great sense of responsibility.

2. Mine Worker

mine worker
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Mine workers labor deep underground to extract valuable minerals and resources that are essential in our everyday lives. The work environment can be extremely hazardous, with dangers like cave-ins, rock falls, and exposure to toxic chemicals or gasses.

These workers often face long hours, physically demanding tasks, and minimal access to natural light. 

Due to the high risk of injury and challenging working conditions, many people are reluctant to pursue this career. Nevertheless, mine workers play a crucial role in supplying resources for various industries, making their work indispensable.

3. Skyscraper Window Cleaner

window washers
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Skyscraper window cleaners are tasked with maintaining the sparkling appearance of tall buildings by cleaning their exterior glass surfaces.

This job necessitates scaling great heights, often utilizing scaffolding, harnesses, or suspended platforms. The fear of heights and the risk of falling or being injured by falling objects deters many people from pursuing this occupation.

Moreover, window cleaners must engage with challenging weather conditions, such as strong winds and extreme temperatures, making the work even more demanding and perilous. 

Despite these risks, skyscraper window cleaners contribute to the beauty of our cities' skylines by ensuring that architectural wonders remain dazzling and clean.

4. Sewage Treatment Worker

Sewage Treatment Worker
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Sewage treatment workers are crucial in maintaining public health and protecting the environment. They are responsible for managing and cleaning sewage systems to ensure waste is processed safely and efficiently.

This job involves working in unpleasant conditions, such as dealing with foul odors, handling waste materials, and sometimes working in confined spaces. These factors make the job unattractive to many people. 

However, without sewage treatment workers, our cities would face severe sanitation issues, leading to pollution, disease outbreaks, and a decline in overall quality of life.

5. Medical Waste Disposal Technician

Medical Waste Disposal Technician
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Medical waste disposal technicians manage and dispose of biohazardous materials generated in healthcare facilities. This includes used needles, contaminated equipment, and other infectious waste.

The job requires following strict safety protocols to prevent exposure to harmful substances and pathogens. Due to the nature of the materials they handle and the potential risks involved, many people might find this job unappealing.

However, medical waste disposal technicians are essential in preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring that hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and staff.

6. Pest Control Specialist

pest control
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Pest control specialists are responsible for identifying and managing infestations of insects, rodents, and other pests in residential and commercial settings. Their work often involves using chemicals to eliminate pests and prevent future infestations.

The job can be physically demanding, requiring specialists to crawl into tight spaces, climb ladders, and handle potentially dangerous animals. Many people might find this job unappealing due to the risks, the nature of the work, and the need to deal with pests.

However, pest control specialists play an essential role in maintaining public health by preventing the spread of diseases carried by pests and ensuring a comfortable living and working environment.

7. Embalmer

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Embalmers have the delicate and emotionally challenging task of preparing deceased bodies for funerals. Their work involves preserving the body's appearance and preventing decomposition through embalming techniques.

This job requires a strong stomach, as they deal with death daily, and a compassionate demeanor to interact with grieving families. Many people might be reluctant to pursue this career due to the emotional toll and the nature of working with deceased individuals. 

However, embalmers provide an essential service by helping families find closure and pay their last respects to their loved ones during difficult times.

8. Roadkill Collector

road kill
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Roadkill collectors are responsible for removing dead animals from roads and highways. These workers ensure that roads stay safe and clean for drivers and help prevent the spread of disease from decomposing animals.

The job can be physically demanding and emotionally challenging as they deal with the aftermath of accidents involving animals. 

Many people might find this job unappealing due to the nature of the work and the potential health hazards. However, roadkill collectors play a vital role in maintaining public safety and sanitation.

9. Crab Fishermen

crab fisherman
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Crab fishermen work in challenging conditions to catch crabs, a popular seafood delicacy. They often face long hours, intense manual labor, and harsh weather conditions while working on fishing boats. 

The potential for injury is high, and the job can be extremely dangerous due to the risks of drowning, equipment accidents, or hypothermia.

Many people are deterred from this profession because of the dangers and physical demands involved. Despite the risks, crab fishermen provide a valuable service by supplying fresh seafood to markets and restaurants.

10. Garbage Collector

garbage man
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Garbage collectors are responsible for collecting and disposing of waste from homes, businesses, and public areas. They play a crucial role in keeping our communities clean and preventing the spread of diseases caused by unmanaged waste.

The job can be physically demanding, as it involves lifting heavy bags and containers, and sometimes unpleasant due to the odors and mess associated with handling garbage. Many people might not find this job attractive because of the working conditions and the nature of the work.

However, garbage collectors are essential in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

Terrible Job No One Wants to Do

Japan Travel Experience Horror
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So there you have it! These are the 10 jobs that no one wants to do. Some of these jobs do pay a good wage, but all require hard work and dedication in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. So if you are looking for a simple and easy job, look elsewhere. But if you are good with the conditions mentioned and can handle the pressure, these could be the perfect jobs for you.

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