These 10 Shocking Items Are Trashed Way Faster Than You Think

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People's behavior can sometimes shock us, especially regarding their disregard for perfectly functional items. From extravagant celebrities to everyday individuals, here are ten unbelievable stories of things used only once and then discarded that we've collected from a popular internet forum.

1. Grill

Hand of young man grilling some meat and vegetable-meat skewers on huge gas grill (Shallow DOF)
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One person's regular drive turned into a lucky find when they spotted a new gas grill on the curb. However, they couldn't pick it up immediately, and it was gone when they returned. A year later, the same house had another brand-new-looking grill out for disposal.

Determined not to miss out again, they swiftly retrieved their truck and successfully obtained the grill. It turned out that the homeowner replaced their grill annually, providing an unexpected source of high-quality grills for the fortunate passerby.

2. Computers

Man working on computer
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Another person made a Facebook post in a local group saying, “Please give me your old computers for free.” Six weeks later, he had about 45 laptops and 15 desktops—a couple of iMacs. The wildest ones were the work computers. Some were just two years old. When the people stop working there, the company locks the hard drive. $25 fix, and you got a good 2019 Lenovo.

3. Clothes and Car

Man giving car
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Allen Iverson (former NBA star) refused to carry luggage. He bought clothes in every city, leaving them or giving them away. Yes, he went broke (but still has some endorsement money now, plus a trust fund a sponsorship deal paid him with). They say he couldn't find his car at the airport once. So he just left it and bought another.

4. Kids' Motorized Cars and Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn care
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Someone wrote that he and his sister used to go around the wealthier neighborhoods at garbage night to find stuff to sell and make money during the summer. The number of lawnmowers, kids' motorized cars, and lawn care equipment was insane. Most needed a little work, new spark plugs, and little $10 things here, but they always turned a profit.

5. Crates With Brand New Equipment

Wooden crates
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A person shared that he worked under contract for a company that would throw away the craziest things. He worked for the dunnage area (trash service for the factory), and they'd often throw away crates with brand-new equipment never used. He looked up a few items that weren't even used and were worth 10k each!

6. Wood

Raw wood drying in the lumber warehouse
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Have you seen how expensive lumber is right now? An individual mentioned that he knew a contractor once that claimed he would never use lumber or wood that had nails in it before. I wonder if he's changed his tune?

7. Furniture

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According to a commenter, brand new couches, bed frames, a dining room set, so many clothes lightly worn and some still with tags. His mom cleans houses for millionaires, and they throw away so much stuff just because they are decluttering or renovating.

8. Bikes

Woman going in bike
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Well, this is a new one. A user confessed that bicycles were purchased for everyone during family camping trips. However, after their vacation, the bikes were abandoned, left behind without a second thought. Donating the bikes to someone else who could have benefited from them was a missed opportunity.

9. Underwear

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I've heard this from people about socks, and now we have underwear. A person added that her daughter's roommate only wears her underwear once. She's a server at Applebees, so not super rich or anything.

10. Food

Woman taking fruit from freezer
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Finally, someone shared that he once had a neighbor who would go through her freezer and throw out anything that had been there for more than a week. Eggs, mustard, ketchup, fruit, veg, or anything there for more than a week was tossed in the trash.

What is the most shocking thing you've witnessed someone use once and toss without hesitation?

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