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Welcome to The Frugal Expat!!

My name is Steve Cummings, and I live with my wife in Taipei, Taiwan working as an English Teacher, while trying to save for Financial Independence. 

I have been quite interested in finance ever since I decided I wanted to travel the world. There was a realization that I needed money to travel, so I read a ton of blogs about travel and finance.

Upon realizing that I was 30 years old, and had not thought too much about saving and investments, I started to invest and save. 

I then took off for an adventure to travel, meeting my wife in the process, and eventually teaching my friends and others about finance. If you are wondering where to start, you can start with the very first post. 

Here are the top 10 Posts from 2020:

1. The Magic of the 4% Rule

2. Double Your Income with Compound Interest

3. The Simplicity of Index Funds

4. Yotta Savings vs Ally Bank. Who wins?

5. What is Your Net Worth?

6. Budgeting Using the 50/30/20 Rule

7. A Lazy Portfolio Using the KISS Method

8. The Importance of a Savings Rate

9. A Crazy Summer. July Net Worth

10. What's the Deal with VTSAX

Every Monday, I will posting new content about finances.

As a disclaimer: these are thoughts that I think about. I am not a financial advisor. This blog is to help to try to help people think differently about money. Take a look, leave a comment, and have some fun reading.

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Financial Independence

Saving and Budgeting

Spend less than you make, avoid debt and invest the rest.

Here you can check out our Archives for more content and articles. This is a great place to start your learning adventure.

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