12 Bizarre, the Unexpected, and Downright Strange Things People Have Seen on City Streets

Saad Muzaffar

Woman scared on road

The hustle and bustle of people in the streets is pretty average for city life. Yet, sometimes, you’ll find the weirdest things happening, making you wonder how on earth this even got here. Here are twelve bizarre things that people have seen on the streets, as mentioned in an online discussion forum.

1. The Doll in the Tree

Creepy doll
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If you plan on sleeping alone tonight, you might want to skip this one. A couple was casually chatting outside when they saw an unusual object stuck to the tree. They went to inspect it closely and realized it was a plastic, unclothed doll that had been wired to the tree about 7 feet up from the ground.

But that’s not all. The wire was actually around its neck like it had been molded using pliers!

2. A Coffin

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What do you expect to find when you enter a garage sale? Certainly not what this person seemed to have witnessed. Standing in the middle was a motorbike, attached to it: a bright red coffin. Who knew selling coffins was a thing now?

3. An Unexplained Shadow

Scared man with shadow
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Are aliens and ghosts real? After reading this story, you might reconsider your stance on it. A man was sipping on some iced tea when a shadow passed overhead. He claims that he saw this shadow on the bottom of the clouds as it moved over him, continuing forward until it disappeared. This weird and uncanny encounter left him feeling slightly rattled.

4. Praying Dogs

Dog howling
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A foreigner visiting Turkey spoke about how she witnessed something that was equal parts beautiful and strange. When mosques used to call out for prayer, all the street dogs would look in its direction and howl along with it as if reciting it themselves. This left her speechless.

5. Random Keys

Woman with shining keys
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While walking down a narrow street, a woman found some shiny-looking keys in a ditch. She decided to uncover the owner, so she went on to Craigslist, studied the shape of the keys, found the company that used them, and had them returned. It turns out that when they fired an employee, he chucked them out of his window on his way home. Talk about dedication.

6. An Eerie Accident

School bus students
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If you stumble upon an accident, you expect people to be shocked, scared or feel any similar emotion, but the last thing you wish to see is kids laughing and being amused by it. When a school bus collided with an ongoing car, a man on the sidewalk rushed to see if the children were okay. When he peeked inside, the kids were all laughing their lungs out. Seems like the start of a horror movie.

7. A Moving Trash Bag

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A young boy and his mom were standing in the street when they saw a huge truck throw out a trash bag that seemed to be moving. So, they sprinted to see what it was, only to find out it was a tiny little black puppy! Humans can be cruel.

8. Half a Cell Phone

Person picking up broken mobile on road
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Imagine strolling around the city and you find not only a phone but it has been broken into two pieces. A person recalls how this happened to them. While talking to a relative on the phone, he discovered that the broken phone actually belonged to a family for whom the relative was a prosecutor! This has to be the biggest coincidence in all of history!

9. A Sloth Without Teeth

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On the streets of Panama, a person stumbled across what he thought was a boulder. When he looked down, he saw a cute little sloth until it hissed at him, showing his pink gums. You should Google a hissing sloth because, boy, are they bizarre.

10. The Man With the Twelve-foot Sword

Man with sword
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While trying to take a family picture, a person saw a man with a colossal silver sword that was a whopping twelve inches. While it could be a prop for a film, the way he was holding it up with pride seemed like he really believed he was a knight. When they saw the news the following day, several reports appeared to have been filed against him.

11. A Cadaver Hand

Man walking on road frightened
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Picture this: you’re rushing to get to work when you notice a human hand in the mud. Sounds like a terrifying and bizarre situation. One person recalls how he thought it was an actual hand, which frightened him to his core. When he finally mustered up the courage to go near it, it turned out to be a modeling hand from the doctor's office that was just down the street.

12. Designer Dog

Lowchen dog
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We’ve all heard about the rich and their habits of buying weird mixes of dog breeds. One person was taking his husky for a walk when he saw a strange-looking dog walking on the opposite side of the road. It looked like someone was walking around with a kangaroo on a leash!

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