10 Things Americans Had To Say About Making Puerto Rico the 51st State

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For the last few decades, the question of “Will Puerto Rico become the 51st state?” has been the topic of conversation among Americans. Unsurprisingly, citizens have plenty to say on the subject! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion and revealed their thoughts on granting Puerto Rico statehood.

1. Even Residents Are Split

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According to many Puerto Ricans, the island is split 50/50 between wanting to become a U.S. state and maintaining its commonwealth status. The only path toward statehood would start and end with an overwhelming number of residents wanting to join the union.

2. The Combine-the-Dakotas Plan

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Does anyone know why North and South Dakota aren't already combined? One enterprising person has a solution that would make Puerto Rico an official state. “We should stick with 50 states,” explains one man. “And since Puerto Rico has a higher population than several states, we should make it a state and combine the two Dakotas into one state.”

3. Politics Make the Situation Hazy

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Many people believe that, based on the current political climate in the United States, granting Puerto Rico statehood will become a hot-button political issue. As a result, Americans are already weary about Puerto Rico becoming a bargaining chip in the neverending battle between Democrats and Republicans.

4. Puerto Rico Has Faced Economic Hardships

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One person argues that the commonwealth needs to be in a healthier position to become a state, as economic hardships have plagued the small island recently. “Puerto Rico is not in a great place right now – things were very different in the 90s or early 2000s,” one woman says.

“The government has some very serious fiscal issues (and corruption scandals), the economy still hasn't recovered to mid-2000s levels, and the population has decreased every year for the past two decades.”

5. Some People Don't Care

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Sadly, it's a reflection on the current American state of affairs to report that countless people don't care if Puerto Rico is granted statehood. This type of lethargy is all too common in 2023. It's safe to say the people who don't care about this issue are the same who think you need a U.S. passport to visit Puerto Rico.

6. Why Stop at 51 States?

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Sometimes, you have to commend people for their cleverness. One man has a sly take on the situation, calling for two more states to be added to the union once Puerto Rico becomes the 51st. “All I ask is that we find two other states to add as well,” he says. “Make it 53. Truly a nation indivisible.”

7. Won't Someone Think of the Flag?

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Many people point out that adding Puerto Rico as the 51st state will cause logistical problems without clear-cut solutions. For starters, the United States would have to create a new national flag quickly — or at least figure out how to seamlessly place another star on Old Glory!

8. An Open Invitation

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The issue is cut and dry for many Americans. “They're already a part of the United States,” explains one woman. “If they want ‘full membership' to become a state within the union, I say: Welcome aboard.” I must say, in 2023, it's shocking to see this kind of acceptance so blatantly put on display.

9. The Military Aspect

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While being granted statehood has numerous economic, social, and cultural benefits, countless people think Puerto Rico joining the union is the logical next step. After all, their residents have served in the United States military for many years already!

10. Puerto Rico Has Much To Offer

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From the city of San Juan to the rainforests to the pristine beaches, Puerto Rico has plenty of awe-inspiring landmarks and locales that would fit right in with the rich tapestry of the United States. In the eyes of many Americans, why wouldn't we want the island to become the nation's 51st state? Puerto Rico has so much to offer!

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