11 Things Japan Does Better Than the Rest of the World

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Kyoto, Japan

Have you ever been to Japan or wondered why so many people visit? Japan is known for excellent food like Ramen or Sushi. They have some of the most dense cities in the world, with everything working very functionally. Society brings about order amid a chaotic world. What are some things Japan does better than the rest of the world? 

Here are 11 things Japan does better than the rest of the world. An online forum ranked some of these, and here they are. 

1. Clean Streets

clean streets
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The streets are immaculate. If you walk around Japan, you may notice a lack of public trash cans, which may be a little concerning for the foreign traveler, but many Japanese will take their trash home or find the nearest trash can to drop their trash off. At a young age, many Japanese learn about doing chores at school, like sweeping and cleaning up their schools. It builds responsibility, community, and pride. 

2. The Trains

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In the world, people complain about buses being late, and traffic making them late, but you can always depend on Japanese trains. They are usually on time and efficient. Many posters have commented that Japanese trains can be delayed, but they enjoy the efficiency of the trains and how great they are. 

3. Cheap Excellent Food

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Japan has the most 7-11s in the world, and these convenience stores have great options for food. The great thing is that the food is nutritious and affordable. Even if you want to avoid getting food at 7-11, you will find many options of food all around that are cheap and very tasty. The great thing is that most of the food is very nutritious and healthy. 

4. Vending Machines

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Vending machines in Japan are on a whole other level compared to the rest of the world. There are vending machines for food, soup, beer, coffee, sandwiches, and eggs. There is a vending machine for almost anything. They make life so convenient. 

One poster even remarked, “On my first visit to Tokyo I was impressed to find, on a street near my hotel, a pristine vending machine containing half-size bottles of whisky. In the US it would be smashed and looted within minutes.”

5. Security of Belongings in Public Spaces

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In Japan, people will not steal things that do not belong to them. It is part of their culture of learning about community and responsibility. People may leave items in a place on accident and come back, but those items are still untouched. It is great to feel safe in a country without worrying about people and theft.

One poster was shocked, “Went to watch a football game and left my whole handbag (including cash, passports everything) outside the stadium on a seat. Didn't realize until after the game finished, but there it was still on the same seat as whole crowds walked past it. Nothing touched.”

6. Quiet Public Transportation

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Have you ever been on public transportation and you have those annoying passengers with loud blasting phones? In Japan, public transportation is very quiet. Most people need to be blasting videos on their phones. They will have earbuds to listen to them. Many people do not take phone calls either. It is good to have a quiet relaxing ride while you are going to work or coming home. 

7. The Toilets

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An experience that you will never forget is going to the bathroom in Japan. The toilets make life so much more pleasant in Japan. They have bidets to clean you up, heated seats, and even music to cover up any bodily functions that may be happening. One poster listed his favorite things about toilets, “Bidets – air drying, seat warmer, toilet seat cleaner, music to cover up any bodily function noises (so polite).”

8. Life Expectancy

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Japan is known for its life expectancy. There are a couple of Blue Zones in Okinawa where people constantly live over a hundred years old. It is fantastic to see that the Japanese lifestyle has led many people to live a long and fruitful life. 

9. Wacky Game Shows

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You are missing out if you have never watched a Japanese game show. These game shows are ridiculous. Game shows may be used to show people winning prizes based on their knowledge, but Japanese game shows punish the losers of the games, which makes it very entertaining. One poster commented, “While your game shows reward knowledge, we punish ignorance.” 

10. Queueing

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Queueing happens in many countries, but Japan takes it to another level. They queue, or line up, everywhere. At shops, bus stops, and even the bathrooms, there will be a nice orderly queue for people waiting to enter the place. The politeness even overflows onto the bus and the train. People leave seats open for the elderly and the disabled, showing their respect for others. 

11. Convenient Stores

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Convenient stores make everything convenient in Japan. The food is good; you can send things to other people, receive packages, pay bills, and even do your laundry at select convenience stores. It is truly a place that makes life convenient. 

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