10 Things People Associated With Wealthy People When They Were Kids

When we were kids, our perceptions of wealth were often shaped by the things we associated with the affluent. From indulgent treats to luxurious experiences, these elements seemed way out of reach for many of us. Members of an online forum were asked what seemed only available to the rich when they were children; do these answers ring true for you?

1. Cable TV

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One member mentions that growing up, they thought those with a wide range of channels and access to premium networks like HBO were the epitome of wealth. Friends who had cable seemed to live in a whole different world, able to watch the latest movies and exclusive shows.

2. Back-To-School Shopping

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As summer ended, the excitement of going back to school was accompanied by a trip to the mall. The wealthy seemed to have no limits when it came to new school supplies, strolling through stores, selecting stylish backpacks and trendy stationery. Meanwhile, the rest had to make do with hand-me-downs.

3. Ferrero Rocher

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For many, these spherical chocolates were the ultimate treat! Advertisements depicted elegant parties where these delicious hazelnut-filled chocolates were served on silver platters. For those from modest backgrounds, encountering one was like finding a hidden treasure reserved for special occasions only.

4. Viennetta Ice Cream

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In the realm of frozen desserts, Viennetta reigned supreme for most. Its delicate layers of vanilla ice cream and crisp chocolate were a sight to behold. One shares that they grew up in a home that rarely had ice cream; if they did, it was some basic one. This ice cream was a ‘’lofty, high society treat’’ for them.

5. McDonald’s

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Oh, those golden arches! A trip to McDonald’s was a rare occasion for some users, a moment of indulgence that felt like stepping into a different world. One forum member says that after months of pleading, they would get to eat it once a year. “The feeling of pure bliss every time I got to enter the play area was wonderful,” comments another member.

6. Polo Shirts

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Clothing has its own role in signifying wealth, and original Polo shirts were at the top of the hierarchy. With their iconic logo and timeless style, these shirts were a status symbol among kids. Seeing someone wearing a genuine one seemed to indicate a level of sophistication and privilege beyond one’s reach.

7. Red Lobster

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The mere mention of Red Lobster makes one mouth water. This seafood chain was seen as a fancy establishment where families celebrated special occasions or where well-to-do individuals enjoyed a leisurely dinner. For those who rarely had the opportunity to dine out, indulging in this food place felt extravagant.

8. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice
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Some share that pineapple juice was reserved for holidays or special recipes; hence, drinking it on a whim seemed luxurious. With its refreshing and exotic taste, this tropical nectar was a treat often associated with the well-off.

9. More Than One Bathroom

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In a household where sharing a single bathroom was the norm, encountering a home with two or more seemed like a mark of prosperity. The convenience and privacy of having separate spaces for personal needs were privileges that some could only dream of.

10. Ordering Freely

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For those whose parents were conscious of every penny spent, ordering freely from a restaurant menu was a luxury one rarely experienced. They became experts at choosing the cheapest options, making sure not to burden the parents with costly meals. The idea of having the freedom to order exactly what one wanted without worrying about the price was associated with wealthier kids who seemed to have it all!

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