These 10 Things Were Once Affordable for Everyone, But Now Rich People Have Ruined Them for the Rest of Us

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When I worked at Barnes and Noble, my coworker boasted a sticker he drew that in bold letters read, EAT THE RICH. Our manager asked him if he should remove the sticker, but he ignored her, facing every wealthy customer with a smug smile and a puffed-out chest. He believed the rich ruined bookstores, quality time, and shopping malls. According to the world wide web, here are ten other things people think the one percent ruined for the rest of humanity. What do you think?

1. Housing

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“Used to be the only people buying houses were those that were intending to live in them. Now you have rich people looking into investing in real estate, and guess what? RichRich houses are poor investments. So rich people are buying up all the affordable housing driving up the price and creating scarcity,” a commenter writes.

2. Trucks

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According to several respondents, owning a decent work truck is no longer reserved for the working class. Now, trucks double as mammoth vehicles starting around $50,000 with luxury accommodations.

3. Everest

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“There are now simply just way more people climbing it, so it's not as adventurous or amazing as it used to be, not to mention how crowded it might be or the litter. Climbing it used to be enough for most, but now you have to have some sort of record like youngest or thinnest or something,” one laments.

4. Colorado

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A Colorado native shares they got priced out of their hometown thanks to a giant wealth gap caused by thousands moving and driving up the housing costs. The respondent expressed that their friends also relocated since housing and skiing were no longer affordable.

5. Thrifting

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Thrift shopping used to consist of perusing for vintage and older, well-maintained secondhand gems at low prices. Now, thanks to the wealthy, thrift stores compete with retail prices and no longer care about mint condition items.

6. Concerts

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To go to most concerts, you must wait in a presale line for a slim chance of getting a ticket. If you miss the presale, you won't have the opportunity at an affordable pass. Face value tickets may average around $60, but with all the extra fees added, many tickets go for above $100.

7. Tacos

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“Went to a taco food truck. They put like one hundred ingredients on one taco and charge $20. I would rather go to the Mexican place down the street and get a plate of 4 tacos for $10,” a contributor bemoans.

8. Burning Man

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The annual week-long festival in Nevada focuses on community, acceptance, and art. At one point, the festival served as a counterculture celebration for anyone interested. These days, to get tickets to Burning Man, you have to sign up months in advance and pay over $500 for a single ticket, not including parking or food.

9. Theme Parks

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Pre-Covid, every socioeconomic status had an equal opportunity for a fast pass, and you were limited to around three per day. Today, all you need to do to skip a line is flash some cash.

10. The Internet

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“Back when the internet was just losers who had no other place in society, everything was cool. You knew the only people online were people who genuinely wanted to be part of the community and subculture.

Then the rich people found out about it, and now it's nothing but ads, subscription fees, data gathering, and rich people pretending to be hip,” a hipster grumbles.

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