Cracking the Code: 10 Tips For Finding Great Vegas Hotel Deals

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Everyone enjoys the occasional visit to Sin City (some more so than others), but just like many things in life, it can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks to use to ensure you will never pay more for Las Vegas hotel rooms than absolutely necessary. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal surefire ways to score unbelievable Las Vegas hotel deals!

1. Don't Travel During Big Events

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When planning a trip to Las Vegas, use your head: It will be more expensive when you want to visit during big events! Events like the Super Bowl, significant sports playoff games, concerts, and conventions can increase the cost of hotel rooms fivefold in many cases. The obvious solution is simple: Go to Vegas when these events aren't happening! You'd be surprised how affordable hotel rooms are during off-peak months like November and December. (And guess what? It's just as fun during these months, too!)

2. Download Games on Your Smartphone

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I have a confession to make. I haven't paid for a hotel room in Las Vegas in over ten years, and it's all because of one app: MyVegas Blackjack. It's a standard casino game that uses fake money you can eventually cash in for real prizes. Yes, you read that correctly. Over the years, I've made millions of “fake” dollars that I've cashed in for very real Vegas hotel stays, discounts on concerts, shows, buffets, and more. In 2015, I memorably cashed in 1.5 million “fake” dollars for a four-night cruise to Mexico. I have never spent a single actual cent on this game. I don't know how it works; it just does. So do yourself a favor and download MyVegas Blackjack today!

3. Stay Off-Strip

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By staying a few blocks away from the Las Vegas Strip, you can save your hard-earned money and instead put it toward endless drinking and gambling! “I always stay at The Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino,” reveals one frequent visitor. “It's simple, very cheap, and they charge zero resort fees. The train is really close to the Mardi Gras and goes straight to the strip 24/7. There is also a bus right there, but even if you choose to walk, the strip isn't far away at all.”

4. Use Credit Card Rewards

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Maximizing and utilizing credit card rewards is the secret to all frugal travel. It doesn't matter if you're visiting Las Vegas, Costa Rica, or your hometown; credit card rewards frequently lead to cheap or even free hotel stays. Credit cards from Chase, Capital One, and American Express have extensive reward programs that earn points with every purchase; you'll be shocked at how much free money you'll receive with regular use!

5. Book Airfare and Hotels Together

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Countless people are consistently surprised at the savings they encounter when booking airfare and hotels together under one booking. Major airlines like American, Southwest, and United have plenty of deals that frequently knock hundreds of dollars off the total you usually pay. “Look for flight and hotel packages on the airline websites,” reveals one woman. “Often, the hotel cost is greatly reduced.”

6. Travel With Friends

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Here's next-level advice: Never go to Las Vegas alone. Like most destination cities, it's always better to experience Sin City with your closest friends! In addition, you'll save money on hotel costs! “It's Vegas; nobody cares about packing four people into a room, so use that to your advantage,” advises one man. “If you experience Las Vegas the right way, nobody will sleep much anyway. I only travel with friends, and hotel rooms (even expensive ones) are cheap with only four people.”

7. Stay at Older Casinos

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I get it. We'd all love to stay at Aria or Bellagio every time we visit Las Vegas, but our wallets don't always allow it. However, we can all save an incredible amount of money by staying at older, less-popular casinos on the strip! Casinos like Circus Circus and The Luxor are a little long in the tooth these days, but they get the job done. Remember, you hopefully won't spend too much time in your hotel room anyway, so who cares where you stay?

8. Stay in Airbnbs

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In 2023, visitors to Las Vegas will have more options than ever before. There are many quality Airbnbs (some located off-strip and some located right next to your favorite attractions on-strip) found at rock-bottom prices; you must be diligent in your search. Like most Airbnbs, the earlier you book, the lower your cost will be, so don't drag your feet! Often, these Airbnbs give you a higher-quality Vegas experience than casino hotels offer.

9. Sign Up for Hotel Loyalty Programs

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MGM Resorts has a loyalty program that is surprisingly generous with its offers. By booking through your MGM account, which is free to sign up for, you can access exclusive members-only offers that can cut down hotel room prices by as much as 50%! In addition, by gambling at MGM-owned casinos, you can earn comps like free food, drinks, and even hotel stays. If you're not signed up for hotel loyalty programs, you leave money on the table.

10. Be Relentless in Your Search

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Sometimes, the best way to score a deal is to manifest it yourself. Be relentless in your search for deals. For example, why are you even reading this? You should be scouring the internet for Las Vegas hotel deals! All kidding aside, travelers are consistently amazed at the deals they find if they dedicate enough time to search for them. If you can't find a great deal immediately, don't give up hope: It's out there somewhere!

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