These 24 Countries Are So Affordable, You’ll Never Want to Travel to Expensive Places Again

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Finding an excellent place to travel too can be challenging, especially when we look at the prices of flights, accommodations, and food. For many people that enjoy traveling, there cannot be a better way to enjoy travel than visiting some of the cheapest countries in the world. These countries will be easy on your wallet and offer many great adventures to experience and enjoy. 

So here are the 23 Cheapest Countries to visit while on a budget. 

1. Thailand

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Thailand is known for its beauty, great food like pad thai, and the affordability of visiting there. Many expats go there to retire because money can go a long way there. The street food is cheap, and you can find great accommodations on a budget. Head up north to Chiang Mai and enjoy the relaxed feeling or even go to the islands of Phuket and enjoy scuba diving. There is something for everyone, and it is economical. 

2. Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
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Turkey is a massive country with many things to do and see, but many items that people flock to see, like a hot air balloon ride, can cost you lots of money. If you stick with cheap food, affordable accommodations, and good intercity transportation, you can make Turkey a cheap country to visit. With seeing the Blue Mosque of Istanbul and eating the fantastic street food, Turkey is super affordable. 

3. Albania

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Albania is an untouched beauty. It has coastlines as beautiful as Greece, but without the price tag. Many people are starting to discover Albania and see how wonderful this Balkan country truly is. It could be the cheapest country to visit in Europe, with affordable rooms and cheap eats. It may be time to book a visit to Albania.

4. Mexico

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Mexico is a country full of adventures, beautiful beaches, and of course, delicious food. Some people may fear the dangers, but do not worry, the people are friendly, and it is very affordable to travel there. Food can cost a few bucks per meal, and accommodations can be a great bargain. Just enjoy a relaxing time down in Mexico.

5. Guatemala

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One of the best places in Central America to visit is Guatemala. It is full of lush jungles, incredible Mayan ruins, volcanoes, excellent hospitality, and affordable food. Staying in hostels also makes it cheap, but Guatemala is full of so much and is a great place to visit on a budget. 

6. Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
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Visiting Portugal is becoming an expat thing to do. The reason is that the culture is excellent, the healthcare is terrific, and the country is so affordable to live in and visit. Portugal has many fantastic things to do, and the significant part is that the food and transportation are very cheap. You can visit places like Lisbon and then off to Porto and enjoy the relaxed feeling of living in the southern part of Europe. Portugal is a place that is easy on the wallet with a laid-back feel. 

7. Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
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Vietnam has much to offer to tourists. From the beautiful beaches to the islands of Ha Long Bay, you will find it hard to leave after spending time there. One of the best parts is how affordable everything is. The Pho is excellent and costs just a dollar or two, and then the Vietnamese coffee is so cheap and delicious. You can get away with spending like $35 a day visiting Vietnam. 

8. Malaysia

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If you are looking for a beautiful and affordable place, do not skip Malaysia. It has one of the more developed economies in South East Asia and affordable items everywhere. You can go to Borneo and get certified as a PADI Open Water SCUBA diver for a very cheap. Check out this beautiful place and save your money for the adventures.

9. The Philippines

El Nido The Philippines, one of the cheapest countries to travel in Asia
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If you want to see beauty on a budget, you must go to the Philippines. The archipelago is full of beautiful sights, fantastic food, and great hospitality. Transportation from one spot to the next may cost money, so bargain, look for deals, and take an adventure on a motorbike. With the costs of hostels being $7-20 and food can range from $5-15 a day, it is no wonder people flock there for a good vacation. 

10. Bolivia

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Bolivia could be one of the most overlooked countries on this list. It is one of the most affordable countries in South America, having such a contrast of adventure activities that you can handle. You can mountain bike down the deadliest road in the world, see 11,000 square kilometers of salt flats, adventure through the jungles, visit volcanoes, and so much more. The food is so tasty and cheap it will keep you coming for more. Take a trip to this South American country. 

11. Cambodia


Cambodia has many beautiful things to see, and it is very cost-effective as well. A whole month in Cambodia could cost you $1000. That means staying in basic hostels, but you can enjoy cheap eats like meat skewers and enjoy little towns as you see some fantastic sights like Angkor Wat. Spend less and see more in Cambodia.

12. Romania

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Romania, over the last couple of years, is becoming more popular, and that is due to the affordability of the country. The Medieval towns, Dracula, and so much more make Romania a place where budget travelers flock to enjoy more on less. 

13. Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Bosnia is often associated with the war that happened in the 90s. Now Bosnia is offering many travelers an affordable place to visit. Mostar is one of the crown jewels on your travels through Bosnia. It is a Medieval city with an iconic bridge that connected trade routes from Venice to Constantinople. If you are traveling in Southern Europe, like in Croatia or even through the Balkans, stop in on Bosnia. 

14. Nepal

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Nepal is someplace some travelers need to think about. It is located in the Himalayas and offers many opportunities to hike, have fun adventures, and travel on a budget. The country is full of many options to keep costs down, like street food, local food at restaurants, and visiting some of the local guesthouses. 

15. Indonesia

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Indonesia is full of many islands to visit and see, but seeing so many islands, the cost of travel can increase. If you are good with money, it can cost as little as $35 per day. If you want to save money and enjoy your time, pick one region or two and enjoy the affordable food, the fantastic accommodations, and the remarkable life of Indonesia. There is so much to see at such a great price. 

16. Cuba

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Cuba is like stepping into a time machine back to the 60s. So if you are looking for an affordable country to visit, hop on a plane to Cuba. Do it soon before all the resorts start coming and jacking up prices. Stick to the local run accommodations, and you will save enjoying this country. 

17. The Republic of Georgia

Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia is one of the more underrated countries in Europe. Food can be found as low as $3 in a restaurant, and accommodations are excellent and affordable. The great thing is that many people can enter Georgia visa-free for a whole year. Talk about a Nomad’s dream. So come check out this underrated beautiful country. 

18. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is a country on many backpackers’ lists. It has fantastic food that is dirt cheap. The transportation is affordable; make sure you get a local price on some of the buses. The accommodations can range from $8-20 a day, with food as low as $5. The tickets to safaris and other attractions may cost a bit more, but if you want to travel on a budget, work those in, and you will have fun seeing Elephants, Jaguars, and so many other beautiful things this country. 

19. Laos

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Laos may be one of the cheapest countries to visit on this list. It boasts beautiful scenery and inexpensive transportation. It is like a less touristy version of Thailand, and everyone wants to visit Thailand. You can go rent a motorbike and see many places for just a few bucks. Food can range from $3 to $10 daily, and accommodations will not break the bank either. 

20. Taiwan

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Being one of the largest economies in Asia, you would think Taiwan would not be on this list. Still, with the efficiency of transportation and food affordability, it makes this list. Food can range from $2-$3 for an excellent affordable meal, and transportation via bus or train can range from $5-10 between the different cities. There is much to see from mountains, beaches, islands, and the landscape. You must take advantage of this frugal destination. 

21. India

India, bucket list ideas

India is by far one of the cheapest countries on this list. With dirt-cheap street food, affordable accommodations, and beautiful beaches down south, there are many places to visit and discover. Be aware of the Delhi Belly from street food( food poisoning), and realize that the cheapest rooms are very basic. Besides those things, India is a great place to visit on a budget. 

22. Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic was once one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe, but it has slowly become a bit pricier over the years. It is still cheap and affordable, but as tourists flock to cities like Prague, prices have risen. Beer is still cheaper than water, and most of the accommodation and transportation is affordable. So if you are looking for a place with cheap beer, hearty food, and a great time check out the Czech Republic.

24. Estonia

Tallin, Estonia
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Visiting some of the Baltic States is a must-do if you are looking for more budget-friendly travel. Estonia is a great place to stop for those nature lovers. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring the little small towns of Estonia. The great thing is that transportation and food are very affordable. So enjoy this Baltic state on a budget. 

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